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Men In Power


Recently I was handed a copy of Dan Brown’s book “The Lost Symbol”.

‘You’ll like this’, I was told, ‘it has a lot of the stuff you are interested in and talk about in your blog, like noetic sciences, the Masons, and Washington, D.C.’.

Indeed, it did, and it does.

The book is old enough now (five years) that you’ve had a chance to encounter it, and perhaps have read it. I’m going to assume that you have a high degree of familiarity with the book; this article is not going to be a detailed synopsis of it or its themes and ideas as Dan Brown and the mythical Harvard professor Langdon put them forth. Dan is interested in selling books; I’m not interesting in helping him. There are articles and reviews online. “TIME [that Luce propaganda vehicle of C. D. Jackson’s as described in the fifth essay of “A  Certain Arrogance”] said the plot was fun, if bruising, but “It would be irresponsible not to point out that the general feel, if not all the specifics, of Brown’s cultural history is entirely correct.”

Professor Langdon is an expert on symbology and is seen in other books by Brown, notably The DaVinci Code (about the genealogy of Jesus’ descendants) and Angels and Demons (allegedly about the Illuminati). Professor Langdon is rumored for about a dozen more appearances.  Yes, I’ve seen those two movies too (though no movie yet exists about The Lost Symbol).

I won’t touch upon the noetic sciences here, though indeed I am fascinated by them and have read some of the books about them or which border on their sub-topics of the power of the mind and quantum physics and forms of para-psychology that can be harnessed. I’m still trying them out in the dark recesses of my home but thus far have only extremely limited results. I haven’t manifested anything, discovered any secrets, or had any feedback from someone else or somewhere else. No goats have bleated in embarrassment. I can’t remotely see anything yet.

In the book, there’s a huge triple-isolated-and-secure lab with lots of results and lots of intriguing experiments run under the auspices and grounds of the Smithsonian complex (no huge red flag there, huh?).  I have read about the PEAR lab in Princeton.  Lots of key locations, buildings, monuments and people in Washington play a key role in the page-turner; actually, I read it at a very leisurely pace over a course of weeks, yawning and sleeping and blogging in the gaps.  I didn’t get to learn much about noetic sciences except that there is an institute devoted to them that you can find online and a few books noted (alas, which are already in my bookcase).

I was, however, fascinated with the idea that, at the central part of the plot, spiraling upward within it like a helical serpent (pun intended), are the Masons.

Freemasonry plays a major role in the book and we are taught and told some things about this peculiarly central society.  I’m not an expert on Freemasonry so I am hard-pressed to say much about them except that I do know they show up mysteriously and with alleged benign nature in the middle of the controlling leadership of the United Sates and the world.

If you were to ask a Mason or suggest to them that there was something nefarious or malignant about the organization to which they belong, you would be met with anger and more. It is entirely possible that on some levels, many levels, perhaps even all levels, Freemasonry is a productive, positive influence on men and society.


At this point, I should pause for full disclosure and note that my grandfather — the shop superintendent at Remington Arms who supervised the manufacturing process for a billion rounds of .30-caliber ammo, the fellow who was estranged from my father for reasons never known to me — was a 32nd-degree Mason (as was his father). My father never had anything to do with Freemasonry, and I didn’t even know about it at all until I was into my 50’s. I once was in an Elks club (BPOE) not as a member but as a guest enjoying one too many beers.  My father did belong to a fraternity (DKE). I never went near a fraternity despite their abundance of beer, girls and file drawers full of “study aids”.


But I do know that Freemasonry has harbored people who have been desirous of and successful at enriching themselves and controlling society, often with destructive or malignant results. One could use the word “evil”.  It’s entirely possible and likely that they were used as a harbor by people within a different set of goals.

In touching upon the topic of ritualized murder recently I said that I’d read a book in which a stone table was used for the sacrifice of animals (including the two-legged variety) played a major part. “The Lost Symbol” is that book.


So right away we have a situation in which people are going to react with bemusement, laughter, derision, or perhaps some other emotion. In that blog entry’s articles, there are allegations of human sacrifice (ritualized murder) by people in power.  A fortnight ago, they arrested a few folks in that famous port city on the St. Lawrence River noted foir its European flair and sophistication, a Grand Prix circuit, universities, a jazz festival, and Leonard Cohen. (3:14)

“The Lost Symbol” is about people in power. The CIA operative who runs a highly-secretive operation inside another highly-secretive operation, the small-in-stature Inoue Sato, Director of CIA’s Office of Security, regards the plot line as a matter of national security and has lots of resources to call on, including black Escalades, armed operatives, IT experts at the end of high-tech androids, black helicopters, and the portable kit for torture.

I don’t even know if the CIA has an Office of Security, though its undeniably plausible. Kryptos makes a cameo appearance, as do a number of pyramids, the US Capitol, the Architect_of_the_Capitol [who has formal and legal responsibilities and an official web site ] and the Washington Monument obelisk; I cannot discern any connection between the publication of the book, any of its contents, and the earthquake damage suffered in late August 2011. Praise God. Maybe someone up there knows. 


So Dan Brown’s book features a stone table and blood and a tattooed villain. The world has stone tables (there’s one nearby at Mystery Hill), ands lots of villains.  And the world has lots of people who sacrifice other people… in wars, covert ops, murders of cover-up, and SCADs. Scads and scads of people get sacrificed. Whole families, soldiers, villages, tribes, nations, even two tall skyscrapers half-full of office workers (some of them had called in sick or didn’t show up for work on time).


Real or not, some recent examples of sacrifice are played out for their shock value on international TV. The close-range shooting by several police officers of a non-threatening teenager, beheadings, et alia, along with the usual and nauseatingly-repetitve threats that traumatic events will be visited upon us… the same kinds of Tavistockian commentary that proceeded the sacrifice of half-a-million Iraqi children, and the invasion of Kuwait which led to “the highway of death” {watch the seven-minute video–F38WlGRY }.




Music: (1:02:17)

Published on Jan 17, 2011

Disintegration Loop 1.1 consists of one static shot of lower Manhattan billowing smoke during the last hour of daylight on September 11th, 2001, set to the decaying pastoral tape loop Basinski had recorded in August, 2001. Shot from Basinski’s roof in Williamsburg Brooklyn, this is an actual documentary of how he and his neighbors witnessed the end of that fateful day. It is a tragically beautiful cinema verite elegy…

The Slow Sublime and 9/11: Insecurity and Fear in William Basinski’s The Disintegration Loops

Ellis Jones

In the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, public response was characterised by an inability to accept the reality of the situation. Contemporary cultural theorists Jean Baudrillard and Slavoj Zizek have suggested that the bombing of the World Trade Centre in particular constituted a symbolic destruction of an entire construction of reality. William Basinski’s ambient music series The Disintegration Loops was released in this context, becoming part of a post-9/11 cultural discourse that allowed emotional response to take shape. This essay draws on Kant’s theory of the sublime (as expanded upon by Thomas Weiskel) in order to examine how the relationship between noise and silence in The Disintegration Loops offers a means by which to deconstruct the sublime ‘blockage’ of 9/11; it presents change as a dialectical process, rather than as an incomprehensible single event. 



I have been an at-least occasional and once-intensely serious student of those kinds of things — some people call them conspiracy theories — but there’s been enough investigation done on the major cases (as well as the history) to show that they are a conspiracy fact.

I’ve often noted Melanson’s book “Perfectibilists” and Kris Millegan’s research on Skull and Bones, whose foundation is Anthony Sutton, but this is not an article that is going to delve into the inner details of what happened in Dealey Plaza, on 9/11, et alia (although they may have a limited number of degrees of separation with the topics touched upon in Dan Brown’s book as they have been explored by others).


I do remember having done a lot of reading, and I am going to present some to that to you here now.


In simplest terms, we’d have to say that Dan Brown either didn’t do quite enough research, or chose to overlook a lot of material he may have uncovered, or perhaps he is engaged in benign cover-up or misdirection of the truth. Perhaps he’s formally engaged in a very subtle piece of misinformation and getting wealthy while doing it. There are several reasons one might make that argument, theoretically speaking.

First, he’s a graduate (and former employee of) Phillips Exeter, an elite prep school known as an incubator for the elites we’re going to talk about. [My father went there too, and wanted me to go as well, but I didn’t have the grades or the connections. I ended up at Mount Hermon, and they all-but-threw me out. I did meet lots of interesting people there, and had lots of interesting experiences.  Two six-and-eighteens, a Czechoslovakian French teacher who wept openly when he told us why the chapel bells were ringing that Friday in November, and more. I wrote a short story about what I learned there called Farragut’s Theorem. But I digress.]

Dan Brown didn’t go to Hermon; he went to Phillips Exeter Academy keeping august company with all those other folks whose names you can cross-reference with the elite controlling leadership, the membership roles at Skull and Bones, etc.

And he not only went there, he grew up on the campus.

His novels “feature the recurring themes of cryptography, keys, symbols, codes, and conspiracy theories.”

“After graduating from Phillips Exeter, Brown attended Amherst College, where he was a member of Psi Upsilon fraternity.”

Some famous alumni of PSU include:

Chester A. Arthur (President of the USA)

William Howard Taft (President of the USA)

Paul Martin (Prime Minister of Canada)

Nelson Rockefeller (Vice President of the USA)

William Cohen (Secretary of Defense)

John Paul Stevens (Supreme Court Justice)

Horatio Alger (Author)

Peter Coors (Founder and CEO of Coors Brewing Company, Owner of Colorado Rockies)

William Clay Ford (VP Ford Motors Company, owner of Detroit Lions)

Jay Berwanger (First Heisman Trophy Winner)

Dan Brown (Author of The Da Vinci Code and other notable works)

Psi Upsilon is one of the secret societies at Yale.

from a drawing by Miss Alice Donlevy. Pictured are: Psi Upsilon (Beta Chapter), 120 High Street. Left center: Skull & Bones (Russell Trust Association), 44 High Street.

“The Lost Secret” was, according to Wikipedia, “the fastest selling adult novel in history.[5] … Twitter postings on the day before the book’s release led [Institute of Noetic Sciences] director Marilyn Schlitz to purchase the book and read it in one sitting, into the early morning hours of the next day. She told NPR that she found 10 experiments conducted by the real-world institute referred to in Brown’s fictional account. NPR reported that after its publication “traffic to [the institute’s] Web site … increased twelvefold,” applications for membership increased and “journalists from places like Dateline NBC — not to mention NPR…” were seeking interviews with Schlitz.[18]. 

This, of course, suggests one of the secondary purposes of the book, a branch off the more mainstream objectives of creating higher acceptance of secret societies in government, diluting the degree of available information about them, and re-directing focus.


In addition to the cameo appearances noted above, the book also featured spiral staircases, a sensory deprivation tank with breathable liquid, Apotheosis  (the glorification of a subject to divine level), the idea that “we are all builders”, an explanation of the Elohim, Ma’Lakh [Moloch], quotes from Manly Hall, and “a severed right hand in the middle of the Capitol Rotunda in a recreation of the Hand of Mysteries.”





“… The Masons believe that the Bible is an esoteric allegory written by humanity, and that, like most religious texts around the globe, it contains veiled instructions for harnessing humanity’s natural God-like qualities—similar to Katherine’s Noetic research—and is not meant to be interpreted as the commands of an all-powerful deity. This interpretation has been lost amid centuries of scientific skepticism and fundamentalist zealotry. The Masons have (metaphorically) buried it, believing that, when the time is right, its rediscovery will usher in a new era of human enlightenment.” 



“… Since Masonry is itself a secret society, the Illuminati was a secret society within a secret society, a mystery inside a mystery, so to say. ….” 


The Bavarian Illuminati originated during an age replete with the growing belief in the acquisition of truth through observation and experience. The Age of Enlightenment was in full swing and by the end of the Eighteenth Century an explosion of natural philosophy, science, the resurgence of hermeticism and occult experimentation, all competed directly with the traditional teachings of the Church and the Jesuit monopoly in the Universities and Colleges.5 Numerous ideologies owe an intellectual and political heritage to this period: skepticism, rationalism, atheism, liberalism, humanism, reductionism, modernism, communism, nihilism and anarchism – among the most apparent…..

At about the same time Weishaupt was embarking on an academic career two important figures entered the world stage: Thomas Robert Malthus,8 born in 1766, a major influence on Darwinism, population control and the eugenics movement; four years later we see the birth of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, in Stuttgart Germany, the inventor of what would become known as the “Hegelian Dialectic.” “For Hegelians,” Antony C. Sutton reports, “the State is almighty and seen as ‘the march of God on earth.’ Indeed, a State religion. Progress in the Hegelian State is through contrived conflict: the clash of opposites makes for progress. If you can control the opposites, you dominate the nature of the outcome” (Introduction to the 2002 edition of America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones, no pagination PDF copy).

Revolutionary radicals were impressed with the proof-of-concept displayed by the ruthless conspirators in France. Malthusian and Hegelian dogma became equally influential for anarchists, communists, the intelligentsia and the new breed of revolutionaries that surfaced in the 19th Century: Young Hegelians such as Bakunin, Proudhon and Marx took up the cause in the “spirit of the times” to “destroy in order to build.”

More here: 


Saddam’s Freemason Handlers

Posted on 08/18/2014

This is Dean Henderson’s very recent article on banks involved with the funding of Saddam Hussein’s armaments, and their connection with the Italian P-2 Freemason lodge. The eleventh paragraph provides some context and connection to the other topics. 

Here’s a few slices:

“By 1981 Italian authorities had uncovered what one court document described as “a secret structure (that) had the incredible capacity to control a state’s institutions to the point of virtually becoming a state-within-a-state”.  In a search of Lucio Gelli’s home, police found a list of fellow Freemason collaborators that included three cabinet ministers, forty members of Parliament, forty-three military generals, eight admirals, intelligence heads, police chiefs of four major cities, industrialists, bankers, diplomats and celebrities. [8]

They also found a document titled The Strategy of Tension, which proposed fabricating terror to discredit the leftist Italian Red Brigades and to compel Italians to demand a more authoritarian fascist government.  The plan evolved from Gladio, a secret NATO strategy implemented after WWII that advocated an alliance between the mafia, CIA, Vatican and Knights of Malta.

In 1980 P-2 operatives bombed a Bologna train station killing 85 people, blaming it on the Red Brigades.  …. The Italian media reported that P-2 was financed through a Panamanian company called Amitalia and claimed that part of the purpose for the US invasion of Panama was to destroy documents connecting George Bush, the CIA and P-2 Freemasons to the Lockerbie bombing.

P-2 recruited high-ranking South American military officials, ran guns and drugs, and supported both extreme right and extreme left parties, utilizing this “strategy of tension” to create a climate of fear conducive to military coups which would bring “law and order” fascists to power. [10]

The Vatican’s Opus Dei had strong ties to P-2 and Patria y Libertad South American fascist movements.  The CIA and P-2 propped up the narco-terrorist regime of Alberto Fujimori in Peru during the 1990s, through their Peruvian surrogate the National Intelligence Service, whose acronym is quite appropriately SIN….. In 1968 the CIA began training police and right-wing death squads in Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina to attack leftist revolutionary groups.  The region became an Orwellian nexus of bloody fascist dictators and CIA/P-2 drug running.

The Argentine juntas were particularly brutal.  The CIA used August Ricord’s Corsican heroin mafia to infiltrate leftist movements.  In Argentina Ricord smuggler Christian David infiltrated the Tupamoros revolutionary group which kidnapped CIA torture experts Dan Mitrione and Claude Fry.  Mitrione was executed. [11] ….

The directorate that presides over the P-2 Freemasons who terrorized South America and armed Saddam through BNL is based in Switzerland at the Alpina Lodge.  Members of the Alpina Lodge Directorate include Stephan Delle Chiaie, Lucio Gelli, Club of Rome founder and depopulation advocate Aurelio Peccei and Henry Kissinger.

The Alpina Lodge is joined by every Swiss banker worth his salt.  The Alpina power-brokers are often referred to as the Gnomes of Zurich.  The Alpina Lodge, Banco Ambrosiano, P-2 and Lucio Gelli have all been linked to Priory of Sion through a pro-Nazi French group known as Alpha Galates. [13]

P-2 predecessor P-1 was founded by Guiseppe Mazzini, the 33rd Degree Grand Master Mason of the Grand Oriente Lodge in Rome, whose name is synonymous with mafia.  Mazzini’s P-1 did not consist of the illiterate Italian restaurant goons which the US corporate media likes to pass off as the mafia, ala The Godfather, The Sopranos, etc.

Rather P-1, P-2 and Freemason lodges worldwide – which house the real mafia – are chartered by the delicate tea-sipping white glove hands of the Duke of Kent in London – who answers directly to his cousin Queen Elizabeth II, the Bush family relative who presides over the British House of Windsor. [14]

Numerous Priory of Sion documents housed in the French National Library were published by the Alpina Lodge.  French journalist Mathieu Paolio claims to have seen these same documents in the Alpina library.  A short time after publishing a book detailing the Priory’s interest in the Merovingian bloodline, Paolio was reassigned to Israel where he was executed as a spy.

Other Priory of Sion documents which list genealogies for the Merovingian dynasty were held at Silver Triangle player Lloyd’s of London until 1979.  All Englishmen connected to the Priory are executives at a huge insurance firm known alternately as Guardian Assurance and Guardian Royal Exchange Association. [15]  All have aristocratic titles or are connected to international banking, the Churchill family or British Intelligence.” 

Note that three are three continuations:

Bush League Criminals & The Arming of Saddam 

Cargill, Kissinger & The Arming Of Iraq 

Chase Manhattan, God’s Banker & The Arming Of Saddam 


More here: 

If I haven’t lost you, the reader, as of yet..

if your eyes are not already spinning:

I recommend this article dated March 28th, 2005 by Philip D. Collins.

Immanentizing the Eschaton: The Gnostic Myth of Darwinism and Socio-political Utopianism 

I think it will provide clear historical examples that will resonate with recent and ongoing worldly events in Ferguson, Mo, the actions and issues of ISIS, the events in Gaza and the Ukraine, trans-humanism, and more. [See New Terror Narrative Emerging: ISIS Supports American Resistance.]

In other words, Immanetizing the Eschaton will take this discussion of Brown’s book and a string of apparently fantastic and almost unbelievable events of a sacrificial nature and bring them into sharp focus. “Both Auschwitz and the Soviet gulag are products of the same jihad. The secular theocracies that have waged this jihad have consistently been scientific dictatorships edified by Darwinism.”

“A core doctrinal precept of the religion is the alchemical mandate for the conscious engineering of humanity’s apotheosis. T.H. Huxley’s protégé, Freemason and Fabian socialist H.G. Wells, presented an allegorized depiction of the alchemical mission to achieve apotheosis in The Island of Dr. Moreau. Astute readers will recognize the character of Dr. Moreau as an instrument of the Masonic Craft. Like the practitioners of the royal art, Dr. Moreau “consciously emulates the evolutionary laboratory of the world” (Suvin & Philmus 65). Years later, Darwinian fundamentalist and high priest of scientism Carl Sagan would recapitulate this alchemical mandate for the emulation of nature’s “evolutionary laboratory.” In his 1980 book Cosmos, Sagan asserted that, through the blind forces of evolution, man had come to inhabit the position from which he could now consciously control and direct the evolutionary process (320).” 

“… Through defectors from the secret society itself to the confiscation of internal correspondences by the government, it was learned that the Illuminati’s sole raison d’être was infiltration and subversion – a conspiracy through-and-through. One did not need further “theorizing,” for the Illuminati was a concrete manifestation of everyone’s worst fears…..”

“… The Illuminati proved beyond doubt – perhaps for the first time in modern history – that cabals have indeed been conspiring behind the scenes; have been successful to varying degrees; have remained entirely secret for extended periods of time; and have had decidedly subversive goals of occupying or overturning the established order of the day. A present day equivalent to this phenomenon is the entire octopus of Propaganda Due and Gladio (even Ergenekon). (Dan Edelstein, your third respondent, rightly mentions the 19th Century Carbonari and the later Germanic cults that gave rise to Nazism such as the Thule Society. I would also include in this category the entire apparatus of 19th century revolutionary secret societies modelled upon, or inspired by, the Illuminati in one form or another: the Camorra and the Decisi; the Philadelphes, Sublimes Maîtres Parfaits and Monde; Young Italy, Young Europe, Young America, etc.; the Young Turks; the Decembrists; Speshnev and the Petrashevsky circle; the Society of the Seasons; the League of Outlaws and the League of the Just.)

Of all the secret societies during the Enlightenment, the Freemasons are (probably) the only group that has survived intact since then. It has millions of members worldwide; a closed system with its membership roster not available for inspection. Whether or not its professed aims are good or not, the Lodges of Freemasonry have been utilized, in some fashion or another, by revolutionaries since the 18th Century: the Illuminati; the Jacobins; the Carbonari; Buonarroti and his secret societies; Blanquists, socialists, communists, and anarchists; the Order of Mizraim and the Philadelphes; the Decembrists; the Young Turks; the Grand Orient of France and Italy and P2.

Secret societies are a necessary precondition to corruption. The ubiquity and inherent secrecy of Freemasonry lends itself to conspiracy, or at the very least, cronyism.

… while academia’s current agenda is to describe networks of power in terms of sociology or group psychology, and a concerted effort has been undertaken to diminish (to eradicate, even) the traditional meaning of conspiracy; it amounts to semantics…..” 

Jüri Lina, Architects of Deception, pp. 311-12:

Lenin was a freemason of the 31st degree (Grand Inspecteur Inquisiteur Commandeur) and a member of the French lodge Art et Travail (Oleg Platonov, “Russia’s Crown of Thorns: The Secret History of Freemasonry 1731-1996″, Moscow, 2000, Volume 2, p. 417).

On his visit to the Grand Orient headquarters on rue Cadet in Paris in 1905, Lenin wrote his name in the visitors’ book (Viktor Kuznetsov, “The Secret of the October Coup”, St. Petersburg, 2001, p. 42). Lenin was a member of the most malicious lodge of the Grand Orient, the Nine Sisters, in 1914 (Soviet Analyst, June, 2002, p. 12). Lenin also belonged to the Union de Belville Lodge.

The French freemason Rozie of the Jean Georges lodge in Paris hailed his masonic brothers Lenin and Trotsky (La Libre Parole, 6 February 1918).

Many of the bolsheviks, apart from Lenin and Trotsky, were freemasons: Boris Solovyov, Vikenti Veresayev, Grigori Zinoviev (Grand Orient), Maxim Litvinov, Nikolai Bukharin (actually Moshe Pinkhus-Dolgolevsky), Christian Rakovsky, Yakov Sverdlov, Anatoli Lunacharsky (actually Balich-Mandelstam), Mechislav Kozlovsky (Polish freemason), Karl Radek (Grand Orient), Mikhail Borodin, Leonid Krasin, Vladimir Dzhunkovsky, and many more. In the KGB archives, the historian Viktor Bratyev found a document according to which Lunacharsky belonged to the Grand Orient of France (Anton Pervushin, “The Occult Secret of the NKVD and the SS”, St. Petersburg, Moscow 1999, p. 133).


Lenin, Zinoviev, Radek and Sverdlov were also members of B’nai B’rith. This was confirmed by those specializing in the activities of B’nai B’rith, among them Schwartz-Bostunich (Viktor Ostretsov, “Freemasonry, Culture, and Russian History”, Moscow, 1999, pp. 582- 583).

And here, from the opposite camp:

[…] Lenin co-operated secretly with many forces that enabled him to usurp State power in Russia, including German General Staff through, for example, Alexander Lazarevich Parvus (Gelfand), shadow tutor of Lenin and Trotsky, big businessman, etc., this “Louis Cypher” of the Russian revolution whose connections with Geman military circles were revealed and published by a free mason P.N. Pereverzev. Allegedly French rite mason of the “L’Union de Belleville” (Paris) in 1902. Lenin was a fan and a close friend of the revolutionary pop-singer G.M. Montegus who occurred to have been a French police informer. Besides he was a member of the Masonic lodge “L’Union de Belleville” (Paris).

So, the Grand Orient’s Lodge “L’Union de Belleville” – if records still exist, and haven’t been suppressed – might have the proof. Here’s the minutes of the Lodge “L’Union de Belleville,” April 28, 1871, translated by Mitch Abidor for

Considering that questions of universal morality and humanity are the constant concern of Freemasons;

Considering that without straying from the philosophical and non-political sphere that is its place, Freemasonry has the right and the duty to intervene in all questions where the principles of fraternity are misunderstood;

Considering that in the painful period of crisis through which we are passing, which is desolating our fatherland and afflicting humanity, it is the duty of all Masons to affirm the principles that appear to it to conform to universal morality, and those most apt to make the ideas of universal solidarity prevail,

A solidarity that, the day it will exist, will prevent the renewal of all impious struggles among men and will cause the last seed of barbarism to disappear by reuniting all men in one family;

Considering that the proclamation of the Paris Commune, addressed to the French people, contains nothing that is contrary to Masonic principles;

Considering that it is thus the obligation of Freemasonry, which has always been at the head of the march of progress, to employ all the moral force at its disposal to make those ideas in conformity with its principles prevail;

Considering that it is the duty of each lodge to indicate, not only to Freemasons, but to all citizens the path of the just and the true;

The Lodge “The Union of Belleville” declares:

That it desires to stop the spilling of blood, while adhering to the program of the Paris Commune as contained in its proclamation to the French people;

Consequently, and in order to arrive at this result it invites:

All Freemasons of Paris and the provinces, and all citizens, to join with it to have the government of Versailles and the Paris Commune accept the following arrangement:

Recognition of communal rights for all great cities as well as the smallest towns;

General elections for all Communes and the Constituent Assembly; and

In order to proceed to these elections, which will occur in three months, the establishment of an administrative commission composed in two equal halves of members of the Commune and members of the Assembly of Versailles, named in elections by these two powers.

Such are the bases of an arrangement proposed by the lodge “The Union of Belleville” in order to put an end to the crime we are passing through, and for the success of which it invites all its brothers, Mason or not, to employ all their moral force and all the means placed at their disposal by the Declaration of the Rights of Man.

By order: For the Lodge “The Union of Belleville”
The Tit :.Sec:. The Ven:. Or :.
Voisin H. Fernoux

The very next day, according to the BC and Yukon Grand Lodge, 10,000 Freemasons mounted the barricades in support of the Paris Commune – a ragtag bunch of socialists, anarchists, communists and “workers” who adopted the “previously discarded French Republican Calendar during its brief existence and used the socialist red flag rather than the republican tricolore.”

Jüri Lina’s documentary goes into the Bolsheviks and masonry, particularly from 21:50 to about 23:10. [Imbedded at link]

And it seems Trotsky, too, was a fan of the Freemasons, the Illuminati, and the Carbonari:

It was during that period that I became interested in freemasonry. … In the eighteenth century freemasonry became expressive of a militant policy of enlightenment, as in the case of the Illuminati, who were the forerunners of the revolution; on its left it culminated in the Carbonari. Freemasons counted among their members both Louis XVI and the Dr. Guillotin who invented the guillotine. In southern Germany freemasonry assumed an openly revolutionary character, whereas at the court of Catherine the Great it was a masquerade reflecting the aristocratic and bureaucratic hierarchy. A freemason Novikov was exiled to Siberia by a freemason Empress.

I discontinued my work on freemasonry to take up the study of Marxian economics. … The work on freemasonry acted as a sort of test for these hypotheses. … I think this influenced the whole course of my intellectual development.

Leon Trotsky
My Life: The Rise and Fall of a Dictator
pages 124-127 

From Séance to Science: A Brief History of Social Control 

The article is an interview of Paul and Phillip Collins on the broad topic of epistemological cartels conducted in 2007 by the Administrator at and co-host of the Revolution Radio program. Bios for the brothers are at the end of the article at the link

What follows are generous excerpts; I encourage you to read the entire 29-page article and follow the trail to other articles by them, Terry Melanson and others. 

“… let’s examine one of the patron saints of our modern epistemological cartel, Charles Darwin. Technocrats, elitists, racists, and Freemasons surrounded Darwin. Such men shaped Darwin’s thinking and, in turn, his theories. As Miguel De Cervantes put it in Don Quixote, “Tell me what company thou keepest, and I’ll tell thee what thou art.” Proffering a form of elitism that was now premised upon biology, Darwinism affirmed this maxim.

Darwinism represented an attempt to scientifically dignify a Weltanschauung that was politically and socially expedient to the elite. Darwin sculpted his theory along the contours of his own Weltanschauung, which was strongly influenced by several questionable ideologues like T.H. Huxley (a racist, a Freemason, a fellow of the Masonic Royal Society, a member of an oligarchical dynasty, and one of the individuals responsible for the formation of the Rhodes Round Table Groups), Erasmus Darwin (Charles’ grandfather, a Freemason, a member of the technocratic Lunar Society, and a supporter of the radical, Illuminist-bred Jacobins), Harriet Martineau (a Comtean sociocrat, Positivist, an apologist for the corporate interests of the Whigs, and an advocate of eugenical regimentation), and Herbert Spencer (a theoretician of the technocratic social sciences and an advocate of Britain’s genocidal colonial warfare). All of these individuals acted as hosts for ideational contagions that were endemic to the ruling class. They, in large measure, shaped Darwin’s thinking. I guess you could characterize it as a memetic transmission belt of sorts.”


“… there was an inner circle within the Royal Society, which Adrian Desmond and James Moore characterize as “a sort of masonic Darwinian lodge, invisible to outsiders.” This inner circle was the X Club. Its members wielded a substantial amount of influence over every famous scientist at the time. All of its members except Herbert Spencer were secretaries or presidents of “learned societies.” T.H. Huxley presided over the group, which would manipulate the scientific press….. the X Club was presided over by T.H. Huxley, a Freemason and a participant in the formation of the Rhodes Round Table Groups. The Round Table Groups were devoted to the formation of a British-ruled socialist totalitarian world government. Out of the Round Table Groups would come the Royal Institute for International Affairs. The RIIA would establish a stateside branch here in the United States known as the Council on Foreign Relations. This organization has acted as America’s premiere foreign policy cartel and a major catalyst for globalization. Globalism, in the words of the late Malachi Martin, qualifies as “sociopolitical Darwinism.” It is premised upon the belief that global governance is the natural corollary of man’s alleged political evolution.

Mind you, T.H. Huxley was instrumental in establishing the organizational infrastructure that would lead to the modern network of institutions devoted to the promulgation of sociopolitical Darwinism. Given his Freemasonic heritage, Huxley probably embraced many of the technocratic Utopian ideas of the Enlightenment. He and many others probably viewed Darwinism as the scientific foundation for the oligarchical vision that they were hoping to tangibly enact. The crusade for a New World Order is neo-Gnostic in character. All modern sociopolitical Utopians seek to realize the Gnostic vision of an immanentized Eschaton. Communists, fascists, socialists, Transnationalists, Internationalists, and the like constitute secular Gnostics who envision an Eschaton (“end of days”) within the ontological plane of the physical universe. Darwinism promised to edify the adherents of this vision. Darwinism functions as a Gnostic myth, affirming the Gnostic claim of “self-salvation” with the metaphysical claim of “self-creation.”


“… we have sociology’s concept of the “social organism.” According to this sociological concept, the state is one enormous social organism and the citizens are mere cells. As such, citizens are subordinate to the collective. This is vintage collectivism, which was the political doctrine of both Nazi Germany and communist Russia. It comes as little surprise that Ernst Haeckel, Hitler’s mentor in social Darwinism, contend that each cell of an organism, “though autonomous, is subordinated to the body as a whole; in the same way in the societies of bees, ants, and termites, in the vertebrate herds, and in the human state, each individual is subordinate to the social body of which he is a member.

Of course, there is always an elite who occupies the developmental capstone of the physiological state. For Haeckel, it was the Aryan. For the sociopolitical Darwinian elite of today, it is whoever occupies their own layer of socioeconomic stratum. Darwinism was designed according to such elitist presuppositions. Haeckel said that natural selection was “aristocratic in the strictest sense of the word.”


“In your well written and informative article The Alchemy Of Warfare you make the following statements:

Darwinism was but one more permutation of an ancient occult doctrine of transformism. This occult belief originated in Mesopotamia roughly 6000 years ago and was actively promulgated by the various Mystery cults. It also comprises the ruling class religion of today. At the heart of the doctrine is the claim that man is gradually evolving towards apotheosis. Throughout the years, the religion of apotheosized man has recycled itself under numerous appellations. Darwinism was but one more installment in this seamless ideational continuum. In this series, I am going to examine one of the chief facilitators of man’s purported evolution: war.

In hopes of fulfilling their occult Darwinian doctrine, the elite intend this war to last for a very long time. After all, war is evolution.

Would you conclude that the primal ideals and understanding of eugenic methods and evolutionary theory has been with us since at least the times of ancient Mesopotamia, some 6000 years ago? For instance, there is much speculation and evidence suggesting that Neanderthal was heralded into extinction not only because of the nature of their environment, but also due to a “race war” with the emerging Cro-Magnon, and other competing tribes (some 75,000B.C.). Do you believe that the tactics of eugenics have been employed, in one form or another, since the dawn of human civilization?

Phillip: You are absolutely correct about eugenical practices dating back much further into human history. Sparta, for instance, employed hideous practices of infanticide and euthanasia in hopes of maintaining the “superior stock” for its militaristic society. Men like Charles Darwin and Sir Francis Galton would simply dignify such concepts with pseudo-scientific theories. Arguably, several scientific paradigms of the late 19th century were merely engineered to affirm the practices and doctrines of the ruling class. ….”


“… The global oligarchical establishment is a network based on the precepts of elitism. It allows elites to consolidate their power and interface with other elites that share common goals. That being said, there is a lot of factionalism involved. Old money hates new money, and old dynasties look at new ones as intrusive “Johnny-come-lately” prototypes. Carl Oglesby captured the situation pretty accurately in his book The Yankee and Cowboy War.

Freemasonry’s role in this arrangement is problematic. Some lodges are elitist conduits, others are not. Some subscribe to the occult ideas that make up the power elite’s religion, others could really care less about it.

There are lodges that had a period where they were quite active in deep political practices and covert politics, but then, later on, went dormant. Some lodges remain little more than fraternal lodges, while others become temples of religion and/or part of the deep political system. It is a mixed bag.”


“… The excellent investigative researcher Daniel Hopsicker has revealed that the 39 members of the Heaven’s Gate cult that committed suicide were staying at the mansion of Sam Koutchesfahani. Koutchesfahani was a retainer for the Shah of Iran, an arms dealer and an informant for the San Diego FBI at the time of the cult suicide. We also know that the FBI was running an Operation Heaven’s Gate in the San Diego area. To say this is all coincidence is to strain credulity. That whole cult suicide had many of the trademarks of a government mind control operation.

Jim Jones is an even more profound example. At a very young age, Jones had hooked up with a man named Dan Mitrione. Mitrione was a Navy veteran who became part of the Richmond Police Department. He would later go to work for the CIA under a cover of working for the Agency of International Development (USAID). After a U.S.-sponsored coup led to Goulart’s ouster in Brazil, Mitrione went to work there for the CIA teaching torture techniques to Brazilian police. I believe Mitrione was Jones’ CIA handler and probably taught Jones the advanced hypnosis techniques he used on his followers. Congressman Leo Ryan believed Jones to be a CIA agent. Ryan’s daughter even filed a lawsuit that named Jones as a CIA operative. But, the whole thing was covered up with what was labeled “mass suicide.” Personally, I am not convinced. National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski ordered the bodies at Jonestown stripped of all personal identification. Investigative reporter Joseph Trento has revealed that Brzezinski was recruited by Ted Shackley as a CIA asset during his years as a young Polish college student. Guyana’s chief medical examiner, Dr. Leslie Mootoo conducted a medical examination on the bodies at Jonestown and concluded that more than 700 of the people were murdered.

Manson was connected in several ways to the Process Church of Final Judgment. According to David Berkowitz, one of the Son of Sam killers who were associated with Process, the cult provided drugs for sex parties held at Roy Cohn’s Connecticut residence. Before his death from AIDS, Cohn admitted in an interview with former NYPD detective James Rothstein that he was running a sex/blackmail operation that employed children as a means of compromising pedophile politicians. CIA agent Edwin Wilson continued the very same operation. Sex and drugs are often employed to program people through abuse. It goes on and on. People wanting to know more might want to check out part two of our article The Deep Politics of God: The CNP, Dominionism, and the Ted Haggard Scandal.”

I just went the long way around the barn to basically say that the rabbit hole in regards to intelligence mind control projects and their connection to cults goes very deep. Probably deeper than we will ever know.”


“… Intelligence operatives employ psychological warfare strategies that originated with OSS social scientists. So, in a sense, social scientists have already acted as the priesthood for a new religious consciousness and an emergent theocratic order that is sociocratic in nature.”


“… the Power Elite and secret societies that act as oligarchical conduits have always sought to insert themselves into legitimate religious sects. The end result has been communist, fascist, and other subversive constructs entrenched in all or most religious movements. Hence, the duality we find in almost all religions. There is a dark side to almost all major religions. That dark side is almost always the result of some subversive influence. So, what the student of elite criminality, elite deviance, parapolitics, and deep politics has to do is learn to follow key power players from certain ethnic backgrounds without making blanket accusations. [Very important point- Ed(itor)]

The Israeli-Russian mafia is a prime example of what I am trying to say. This group is heavily involved in the diamond monopoly which, in turn, is involved in international terrorism. So, you cannot avoid examining the Israeli-Russian mafia if you are ever going to understand both the diamond monoploy and terrorism. The key is to not, in the process, label everyone named Sheingross or Goldstein a card-carrying member of organized crime rackets. That would be not only counter-productive, but extremely stupid.

With the dark side of Zionism, I always look to the influence of the Frankist movement, which may have been a front for Illuminists that were predominantly gentiles. The Frankist were, in fact, very irreligious, self-loathing Jews who believed that one achieves purity through carnal excesses and sin. Thus, we find Frankists practicing sex orgies and entertaining the idea of destroying both traditional Christianity and traditional Judaism. In other words, the traditionalist path was to be replaced with moral anarchy that would lead to social anarchy. Such ideas are foreign to orthodox Jews. As a matter of fact, orthodox Jewish rabbis referred to the Frankist leaders in Berlin as being comparable to the “whore of Samson.” But while such ideas were foreign to orthodox Jews, they were not strange or alien to the predominantly Gentile Illuminist movement. In his writings, Illuminist founder Adam Weishaupt called for the abolition of all ordered forms of religion. We did an interview over the subject of the Frankist on ‘Sphinx Radio’, which readers can listen to at the following URL.


“… Collectivism permeates the very etymology of “communism” and “fascism.” The appellation of “communism” comes from the Latin root communis, which means “group” living. Fascism is a derivation of the Italian word fascio, which is translated as “bundle” or “group.” Both fascism and communism are forms of coercive group living, or more succinctly, collectivism. The only substantial difference between the two is fascism’s limited observance of private property rights, which is ostensible at best given its susceptibility to rigid government regulation. In 1933, Hitler candidly admitted to Hermann Rauschning that “the whole of National Socialism is based on Marx.” Nazism (a variant of fascism) is derivative of Marxism. The historical conflicts between communism and fascism were merely feuds between two socialist totalitarian camps, not two dichotomously related forces.” 

See more here: 

Source of image 


Psychiatrist Colin Ross Provides Credible Evidence for the Existence of Satanic Ritual Abuse 

“… Understanding Joe Kennedy’s ties and relations equals understanding the occult elite and the way it functions. He dealt with people that were part of “Illuminati bloodlines” (as defined by Fritz Springmeier) such as the Rothschilds, the Astors, and the Sassoons. He was close to newspaper mogul and high level Illuminatus William Randolph Hearst, who later helped launch JFK’s career.

During Kennedy Sr.’s political career, he advised FDR, who was a 33rd degree Freemason and the first Honorary Grand Master of the Order of DeMolay. FDR, who was also advised by notable occultists Manly P. Hall and Nicholas Roerich, ordered the placement of the Seal of the United States (the Illuminati symbol of the pyramid with all-seeing eye) on the dollar bill.

Joe Kennedy Sr. was also part of several elite orders, such as the Knights of Malta and the Pilgrim Society, a highly secretive group that held within its ranks members including the Rockefellers, the Vanderbilts, J.P. Morgan, British Royals, various heads of the Skull and Bones society, Freemasons, Knights Templar and Presidents of the Federal Reserve Bank, and executives from major companies and mass media. In fact, the Pilgrim Society is probably the most influential “elite group” in existence (see a list of members here).”

Much more here, in three parts: 

“The world “Illuminati” is thrown around rather freely to describe the elite group that is secretly running the world. Most have a general idea of the meaning of the term, but are confused about the concepts and the ideas relating to it.

Is the Illuminati the same thing as Freemasonry? What are their goals? What are their beliefs? Why do they act in secret? Do they practice occultism?

Attempting to objectively research the subject can become an arduous task as most sources end up being either dismissive disinformation pieces that deny (and even ridicule) anything related to the Illuminati or, at the other end of the spectrum, espouse ill-informed fear mongering based on rumors and misconceptions.

In both cases, the researcher ends up with the same result: a distorted version of the truth.

Considering that Secret Societies are supposed to be, by definition, secret, and that history is often rewritten by those in power, obtaining the unbiased truth about the Illuminati is a challenge. This article does not claim to “reveal” or “expose” everything that is to be known about the Illuminati; it rather attempts draw a more precise picture of the Order by citing authors who have extensively studied the subject. Whether they are, at the end of the day, critics or apologists of the Illuminati, these authors base their thoughts on credible facts. Some of the most interesting documents on the Illuminati were written by initiates of Secret Societies as they understood the philosophical and spiritual undercurrent driving the movement forward. Using these works, we will look at the origins, the methods and the impacts of the Illuminati on world history…..”

Read the lengthy article here: 


An interesting example of the paradoxical overlapping of symbolism and meaning is that Isis, The Virgin, is the one who actually gave birth to Horus (the Sun), not Nephthys as one might expect. This is where the concept of immaculate conception arises. As it is inscribed on the front of the temple of Isis in the city of Sais: I, Isis, am all that has been, that is or shall be; no mortal Man hath ever seen me unveiled.




Horus, the Sun, is symbolic of Isis and Nephthys coming together in harmony and creating a Trinity or Triune Unity. The symbol of the Sun itself shows this combining of the infinitely large expanse of space (the night bark), and the infinite points of light within it (the day bark). We may also see Isis as the great energy locked within atoms (no man hath lifted my veil), and Nephthys as the great space between them (atoms themselves are 99.9999999999999% space). When we bring these two symbols together, of expanse and centeredness, or of expansion and contraction, we have the symbol of the Sun, a ‘Horus,’ symbolizing the individuated and differentiated Self as apprehended in Tipareth. (note that the 6th sphere is also a sphere of community and communion as seen in the Cup or Grail discussed on the Moon page. It is obvious that there are many “Horuses” in the world, meaning completely separate individuals, whole unto themselves. To come together in peace and take communion is perfectly symbolized in the catholic ritual of the same name). 


The Eastern Stars of Freemasonry also goes back to Egypt and the worship of the female deity Aset (Isis). The female is The Eastern Star because Isis, the wife of Osiris had to travel eastward to find Osiris’s body after his brother, Set, had Killed him. Osiris had to be resurrected for revenge through his son, Horus, who was also called “The Horizon.” 



Who or what is next?



Men in power are always interested in greater power.

DAN BROWN, The Lost Symbol

Read more at 


ITCCS: stone tables and blood

Separated From Life and Warmth


DublinMick reports:

Global Communique No. 2: August 16, 2014 – Brussels

Striking in the early hours of Friday, August 15, one of our trained Direct Action Units (DAU) in Montreal, Canada successfully disrupted the preparations for a child sacrificial cult ritual at a private residence in the fashionable Outremont district…. The DAU Commander who headed the action has issued the following report to our Central Office:

“At 0700 hours EST yesterday , 15 August, our Alpha team moved into action against the private residence in Outremont , Quebec that has been under surveillance by us since 4 August. We met no opposition or resistance from the single armed security guard at the said residence, who was immediately detained along with a male cult employee engaged in preparations for the upcoming midnight ritual.

“Under questioning, the private security guard identified the location of the ritual as within a small sub-basement chamber that was reconnoitered and filmed by our team. The chamber included two small prison cells with wall shackles, and a central sound proof chamber containing a stone altar awash with apparent blood stains that were sampled and bagged for analysis. An adjoining room held locked cabinets containing considerable child pornographic material, articles of children’s clothing that was bagged for analysis, metallic torture devices, ceremonial swords, and sophisticated film equipment.

“The male cult employee in our custody refused to answer any of our questions, but in the course of our action a second cult member arrived at the residence and was detained. This member, an older woman, was very unnerved by our presence and combat attire. She therefore admitted to the upcoming ritual that evening and identified three of its participants: a ‘local catholic bishop’ whom she refused to name, a Cargill corporation executive named Kerry Brick, and an American named Stephen Holding from Sun Valley, Idaho, apparently with Sinclair Oil, Ltd.

“This informant also claimed that the two children to be used at the midnight ritual were being held at a separate facility at McGill University, but she claimed not to know where. She said that the normal procedure was to deliver them in a drugged condition just before the ritual began, for security reasons. Finally, she confirmed that the cult members describe themselves as part of the Ninth Circle society and claim they all carry tattoos with a cult insignia of the said Ninth Circle. …”

DAU Alpha Team Commander, Montreal 16 /08/ 2014” 

There’s much more at DiblinMick’s link, including this:

“The Nazis became employed CIA agents, engaging in clandestine work with the likes of George Bush, the CIA, Henry Kissinger, and the Masonic P2 lodge. This is but one of the results of Operation Paperclip. Another umbrella project that was spawned from Paperclip was MK-ULTRA. .”A secret laboratory was established and funded by CIA director, Allen Dulles in Montreal, Canada at McGill University in the Allen Memorial Institute headed by psychiatrist Dr. Ewen Cameron. For the next several years Dr. Ewen Cameron waged his private war in Canada. What is ironic about Dr. Cameron is that he served as a member of the Nuremberg tribunal who heard the cases against the Nazi doctors.

“When it was at its height in drug experiments, operation MK-ULTRA was formed. This was the brainchild of Richard Helms who later came to be a CIA director. It was designed to defeat the “enemy” in its brain-washing techniques. MK-ULTRA had another arm involved in Chemical and Biological Warfare (CBW) known as MK-DELTA. The “doctors” who participated in these experiments used some of the same techniques as the Nazi “doctors”. Techniques used by Dr. Cameron and previous Nazi scientists include electro shock, sleep deprivation, memory implantation, memory erasure, sensory modification, psychoactive drug experiments, and many more cruel practices.

“Project Paperclip brought us MK-ULTRA. Paperclip ultimately brought in key players involved in the Assassination of Pope 1, October Surprise (sabotage of Carter’s peace talks), and a great many other things still classified to this day. The results of Project Paperclip were devastating, and very far reaching. I guess that is what you would expect from collaborating with Nazis.

“This research shows that the OSS/CIA that was formed in the National Security Act, the same agency that employed hundreds of Nazis, has been in alliance with the Vatican through various Agency connections such as Licio Gelli. The CIA/Vatican alliance that Assassinated Pope John Paul 1, JFK, and hundreds of dictators of 3rd world countries is the Illuminati.

The Bavarian Illuminati has been around for centuries in one way or another. It’s presence in the 20th century is the direct result of the Nazis. The Nazi connections to the occult and the Bavarian Thule Society were parallel to the American members of 33rd degree Freemasonry. When the Operation Paperclip was successfully executed, the Nazi element of the Bavarian Thule society was fused with the American members of Freemasonry to create the Illuminati.

“Operation Paperclip, MK-ULTRA, October Surprise, and George Bush are all facets of the Illuminati, a group whose ideals are rooted in the occult, and dedicated to world domination.”  [Emphasis added.]….”

There’s even more than that, but be forewarned… it’s grisly.

Frankly, what caught my eye was the reference to an apparent organization (complete with tattoos?!) called “The Ninth Circle”, so I ran that term in a search engine and found a lot of material, some of which links back to the same source and has been mirrored in many locations.

[What really struck me and triggered the inquiry was having been primed, as it were, from just having finished reading a book in which a stone table and sacrifice played a major role. I’ll have more on that book and the questions it raises some time later.]



The Ninth Circle, as I assumed, is a reference back to Dante. 

So I worked down the listings the search engine gave me and started working back up to the top of the page.


In the first one I read, an article posted at, it spoke of arrest warrants issued in advance of a “murder rite [that] was scheduled for Aug 15 2014 in the subterranean vault beneath Marie-Reine-du-Monde Roman Catholic Cathedral in Montreal, Canada.” 

That’s two years ago to the day. 

“… The Ninth Circle Satanic child sacrifice rituals were said to take place during the Springs of 2009 and 2010 in rural Holland and Belgium…..”

Well, if you’ve gotten this far, you understand that the allegations (with witnesses, affidavits, etc.) extend to prominent people… ranking politicians, royal family members, various church officials, etc.  This article provides more detail: 

By now, you might be thinking this is outrageous stuff and it may be: I wasn’t there.  

But when you read correlating information from totally disparate sources, some of them appearing to be quite benign and certainly less gory and dramatic (perhaps they are disinformation?!], you have to wonder.  And there are common law court documents, eyewitness statements, and simple forensic evidence. And governmental cover-up of that evidence, and brutal attempts to silence opponents and whistle-blowers.

“Ratzinger was an S.S. Chaplain’s assistant at the German Ravensbruck Concentration Camp during World War II. The children to be killed were supplied from prisoners at the death camp. The Nazi Waffen S.S. Division Knights of Darkness was established by Hitler in 1933 and embraced ancient pagan occult beliefs in human sacrifice.”

Well, you can always go and read some books by Peter Levenda. 

This article gets into the forensics, a memo, and more.  

“… Since the 2008 discovery of a child mass grave site at the Mohawk School, there have been 31 other mass child grave sites identified at native residential schools across Canada, in Holland and the United States. ….” 

Apparently, the Ninth Circle is “also known as the Corona Novem or Crown, since at least 1962.” 

This link 

is loaded with graphics, symbolism and more. 

“… In Ireland, Spain and Canada 34 child mass grave sites were discovered and appeared linked to Ninth Circle activities. The largest was the Mohawk Indian Residential School in Brantford Ontario where child remains were identified in 2008 before the Catholic Church, Canadian government and English Crown shut down the dig by professional archeologists.”

There are more links, and 

look for the references to Isis

[Oh, no, not the same thing as that group of masked black-clad villains scouring out Eretz Israel, is it?!]

“… Testimony was received from the sole survivor of a Knights of Darkness cult at the former Royal Canadian Air Force Base known as Lincoln Park in Calgary, Alberta. The Witness observed the ritual torture and killing of twenty abducted children by a former SS doctor and three other “Knights” working under cover as Canadian military personnel, between the years 1956 and 1958. Records of the SS doctor codenamed “Major Bob Armstrong” (SS number “091374 SS”) have been confirmed by Canadian government documents obtained by the Court from a former official of the Canadian Military Intelligence Agency, the NIS…..” (46 minutes of videos— no, I didn’t watch them) [More of the same, with many more links to other articles emanating from ITCSS,

the International Tribunal Into Crimes of Church and State.] 

Here you can catch a glimpse of the story about 

Vivian Cunningham: 

“… Irish Guards Regiment soldier Cunningham had innocently questioned a senior officer about Queen Elizabeth’s arrest warrant, only to be committed to a mental care unit in Stafford Ireland. He was injected with an atypical anti-psychotic drug olanzapine under orders of Captain Murrell and Doctors Khan and Sema. The Irish soldier was committed for six months to the St. George Hospital Psychiatric Unit with a “diagnosis” of suffering from an acute psychotic episode.”

psychiatric hospitalization without recourse, against the will of the individual

hmm, let’s see…Vladimir Bukovsky, Ezra Pound, … well, you get the idea..

“… The atrocity of close to 800 emaciated childrens’ bodies buried in a Irish Nuns’ septic tank represented the 34th child mass grave site linked this week to the Catholic Church…..”  The link has a video of 5:44… This story was previously reported in a number of locations. 

Much, much more at this link, including an hour and three-quarters of video: 

More of the same:  [One hour video]


Court Documents: 


Robots and Artificial Intelligence

Starwood Hotels Trials Robots That Make Deliveries to Guests

August 12th, 2014

Via: CNBC:

Look out Rosie the Robot, Starwood Hotels’ Aloft brand has a taskmaster of its own.

His (or her?) name; A.L.O. pronounced “el-oh”, the hotels’ first Botlr (short of robotic butler.) Standing just under 3 feet tall, A.L.O. comes dressed in a vinyl-collared butler uniform and will soon be on call all day and night to fulfill requests from guests.

Forget your toothpaste? Need more towels? How about a late-night chocolate bar? All guests of the hotel have to do is call the front desk, where staff will load up the Botlr with requested items, punch in the guest’s room number and send it off to make the delivery, navigating hallways and even call for the elevator using Wi-Fi.

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Here’s an idea for an awesome dogfighting aircraft. Make it small, light, and fast. Build it out of materials that are hard to detect on radar. Even give it a laser cannon.

Oh, and don’t put a human in the cockpit. In fact, don’t even closely tie the drone to human ground control. Because in an aerial knife fight, a computer-controlled machine will beat a human pilot.

That’s the idea behind a controversial proposal by U.S. Air Force captain Michael Byrnes, an experienced Predator and Reaper drone pilot. Byrnes is calling for the development of a robotic dogfighter, which he calls the FQ-X, that could blow manned fighters out of the sky.

“A tactically autonomous, machine-piloted aircraft … will bring new and unmatched lethality to air-to-air combat,” Byrnes writes in Air and Space Power Journal.

In Byrnes’ conception, machines have the edge in making the lightning-fast decisions necessary to win a close-quarters aerial battle. “Humans average 200 to 300 milliseconds to react to simple stimuli, but machines can select or synthesize and execute maneuvers, making millions of corrections in that same quarter of a second,” he writes.

Byrnes focuses on famed fighter pilot John Boyd’s classic observe-orient-decide-act decision cycle — the “OODA loop” — which predicts that victory in combat belongs to the warrior who can assess and respond to conditions fastest.

Like a fighter pilot trying to out-turn his opponent in a dogfight, the trick to OODA is quickly making the right decisions while your enemy is still trying to figure out what’s going on.

It’s a battle of wits in which computers are superior, according to Byrnes. “Every step in OODA that we can do, they will do better.”

Byrnes envisions a drone designed from the start to utilize the full potential of an unmanned dogfighter. The FQ-X would be constructed of advanced, difficult-to-detect “metamaterials.” It would have extremely powerful computers that could determine an enemy aircraft’s position from even the scantest of sensor data.

“The principle of ‘first look, first kill’ belongs to the aircraft with the most processing power and the best software to leverage it,” Byrnes writes.

The FQ-X would also have multispectral optics and computer vision software that would enable it to distinguish friendly from enemy aircraft. The drone would pack a laser or a cannon firing armor-piercing incendiary rounds.

To sweeten the robot’s victory, on-board machine-learning systems would analyze the encounter and transmit tips to other combat drones.

It should be pretty obvious we’re not talking about some plodding, prop-driven Predator drone being steered by humans sitting in a trailer in Nevada, but rather a fast- and high-flying robot jet that functions without much need for human guidance.

“With FQ-X, autonomy for the conduct of the engagement would return to the air vehicle to take advantage of its superior processing speed and reaction times,” Byrnes proposes.

But there’s a tension in robotic warfare between the machines’ incredible speed and lethality and we human beings’ natural desire for direct control. Inserting a man into the loop inevitably limits a drone’s potential.

Without human control, we effectively grant robots licenses to kill.

Byrnes suggests breaking a dogfighting drone’s actions into different phases, including searching, stalking, closure, capture, and kill. Operator control would vary with the phase. And in the heat of direct combat, when milliseconds matter, the robot calls most of the shots.

It’s a bold proposal — one the Air Force as a whole has showed little interest in pursuing. Only the Navy has openly discussed adding air-to-air missiles to jet-powered drones. Considering the bureaucratic resistance, Byrnes worries that the flying branch could eventually have no choice but to borrow dogfighting robot technology from the sea service.

“Aviators may dislike it, the public will question it, science fiction imagines harbingers of the Cylon apocalypse and we are uncertain about how to best utilize it within the context of a larger Air Force,” he writes.

“Nevertheless, the FQ-X concept is too dangerous to our current thinking to ignore forever.” 



Google search=robots+and+artificial+intelligence 

Google search=pros+and+cons+of+artificial+intelligence 


New Watson-Style AI Called Viv Seeks To Be the First ‘Global Brain’

Posted by Soulskill on Tuesday August 12, 2014 @08:10PM

from the siri-why-does-my-cat-throw-up-so-much? dept.

paysonwelch sends this report from Wired on the next generation of consumer AI:

Google Now has a huge knowledge graph—you can ask questions like “Where was Abraham Lincoln born?” And it can name the city. You can also say, “What is the population?” of a city and it’ll bring up a chart and answer. But you cannot say, “What is the population of the city where Abraham Lincoln was born?” The system may have the data for both these components, but it has no ability to put them together, either to answer a query or to make a smart suggestion. Like Siri, it can’t do anything that coders haven’t explicitly programmed it to do.

Viv breaks through those constraints by generating its own code on the fly, no programmers required. Take a complicated command like “Give me a flight to Dallas with a seat that Shaq could fit in.” Viv will parse the sentence and then it will perform its best trick: automatically generating a quick, efficient program to link third-party sources of information together—say, Kayak, SeatGuru, and the NBA media guide—so it can identify available flights with lots of legroom.

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Burger-flipping robot could ‘completely obviate’ the need for human employees

Are our jobs doomed? Report shows the potentially devastating effects of robots on the job market

28 jobs endangered by technology

Machines were going to usher in an age of wealth and enable humans to live in leisure. — RF

The New NSA-Funded Code Rolls All Programming Languages Into One

Twitter admits that as many as 23 million of its active users are actually bots

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Column by Glen Allport.

Exclusive to STR

Here’s a taste:

“… How long do we have? No one knows, in part because AI/ASI researchers are all over the globe in dozens of nations, and many efforts are being conducted in secrecy. Chillingly, much of the funding (perhaps the majority) is coming from military sources such as DARPA, with, one can only believe, the explicit intent to use machine intelligence to kill the enemy or to destroy the enemy’s infrastructure — which would, as we have sene in Iraq, kill thousands, millions, or (in, say, the United States or China) perhaps hundreds of millions of civilians. Another reason we can only guess at the time remaining in the Human Era is that for many types of thinking, machines are millions of times faster than humans and they never sleep. At the point where turning an AI into something a thousand times smarter than Einstein might take a human team decades, the AI itself might do the same job in minutes — and do it in the background, without people even noticing what was happening. We can say this with certainty: Time grows short…..”


Glen Allport co-authored The User’s Guide to OS/2 from Compute! Books and is the author of The Paradise Paradigm: On Creating a World of Compassion, Freedom, and Prosperity. He maintains This is one in a series of columns on the human condition.



The slice by Gordon Allport noted above helps humanity keep the focus and phyxation on how Robin Williams died in perspective. (6:20) (2:05:02)


Isn’t it ironic that this film won the Oscar for Best Make-Up, and that it cost an estimated one hundred million to make the movie?


Andrew Martin… you can lose yourself. Everything. All boundaries. All time. That two bodies can become so mixed up, that you don’t know who’s who or what’s what. And just when the sweet confusion is so intense you think you’re gonna die… you kind of do. Leaving you alone in your separate body, but the one you love is still there. That’s a miracle. You can go to heaven and come back alive. You can go back anytime you want with the one you love.

Rupert Burns: And you want to experience that?

Andrew Martin: Oh, yes, please.

Andrew Martin: [Very fast] Two cannibals were eating a clown. One turns to the other and says “Does this taste funny to you?” How do you make a hanky dance? Put a little boogie in it! What is a brunette between two blondes? A translator! Do you know why blind people don’t like to sky-dive? It scares their dogs! A man with demensia is driving on the freeway. His wife calls him on the mobile phone and says “Sweetheart, I heard there’s someone driving the wrong way on the freeway.” He says “One? There’s hundreds!” What’s silent and smells like worms? Bird farts. It must have been an engineer who designed the human body. Who else would put a waste processing plant next to a recreation area? A woman goes into a doctor’s office, and the doctor says “Do you mind if I numb your breasts?” “Not at all.” *makes ‘motor-boating’ noise. “Num-num-num-num.”

* * * * * * * *

UPDATED Friday August 15th, 2914 with this additional tidbit

from Kevin @ Cryptogon:

The Kilobot Project: A Low Cost Scalable Robot System for Demonstrating Collective Behaviors

August 15th, 2014

Here’s one for your This-Will-End-Badly file folder.

Via: Harvard:

In current robotics research there is a vast body of work on algorithms and control methods for groups of decentralized cooperating robots, called a swarm or collective. These algorithms are generally meant to control collectives of hundreds or even thousands of robots; however, for reasons of cost, time, or complexity, they are generally validated in simulation only, or on a group of a few 10s of robots. To address this issue, we designed the Kilobot, a low-cost robot designed to make testing collective algorithms on hundreds or thousands (“kilos”) of robots accessible to robotics researchers. Each robot has the basic capabilities required for a swarm robot, but is made with low-cost parts, and is mostly assembled by an automated process. In addition, the system design allows a single user to easily and scalably operate a large Kilobot collective, such as programming, powering on, and charging all robots. systems.

We are now using the Kilobot swarm to investigate algorithms for robust collective behavior, such as collective transport, human-swarm interaction, and shape self-assembly, as well as new theory that links individual robot capabilities to acheivable swarm behaviors. See our publications and movies to learn more about this research.

engineering humans

Someone who knew something about the cognitive sciences once asked me to take a free Myers-Briggs typology test and report out the results. You can take such an exam and have the results sent to you. 

An explanation can be found here: .

 I’m an intp

Part of my introspective process used while attempting to re-invent myself for purposes of employment and income was to take the Strengths Finder exam

That was years ago, so I don’t know if the process remains the same, but you had to buy the book (and presumably read it) and then enter the unique code found inside the back flyleaf. [This was probably an early effort at the great panoptic game now being played out, but I figured I should know about myself in depth.] 

These were, in theory, the very kinds of things that folks in the Human Resources Departments around the world might want to know about a candidate, but it didn’t turn out that way. 

But the results showed that I was a maximizer searching for people and organizations with strengths that I could nurture, refine, stretch and polish. The results said that I was self-assured, a learner drawn to the process of learning (not the end degrees and credentials) who thrives in dynamic environments

The results said (mirroring the Jungian test above) that I was interested in strategy and in “finding the best route through the clutter”. It said that the world was exciting to me because of its infinite variety and complexity. It said that I collect things … information, quotes, facts, books, words, tangibles. 

Here then are a few of the things that I’ve collected. 

The following material is based solely on material from within the period of August 7-10th, 2013, archived from my old blog at BlogSpot before I made the quantum leap over to BlueHost and WordPress.


Music video:

Chick Corea & Hiromi Uehara (7:14)


“The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American’s freedom and before I leave office, I must inform the citizens of this plight.”

-President Kennedy was assassinated on the 22nd of November, 1963 ten days after he made this speech to Columbia University on Nov 12, 1963. 


7 AUG 2013

Interview 713 – Leon Pittard on How to Grow Your Own Food

Posted by Corbett

Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Leon Pittard of joins us once again to discuss the process of getting off of the corporate farming food supply chain. We talk about Leon’s own gardening efforts, tips for developing nutritive soil, juicing, preparing and preserving homegrown foods, urban gardening, and motivation for those not blessed with a green thumb. You can follow Leon’s gardening progress at his YouTube channel, fairdinkumradio1.

30 minutes of video at link too…



Also from 8/7/13:

A correspondent wrote:

“… I just heard about a plan to develop bullet proof skin for soldiers which comes from the idea of goats with spider genes producing milk with silk proteins.  In fact scientists have continued their research without approval and have allowed many embryos to live past 14 days.   If you don’t think this is a problem, just look at what effect its having on the plants that are being engineered. 

We’re no molecular biologists over here, but have you ever seen the sci-fi flick Gattaca?

In that 1997 film, society is structured around eugenics as people are bioengineered to be ‘perfect specimens’, and one’s entire life and position in the world is based on their genetics. Those conceived naturally without genetic screening are proclaimed “invalid” and only allowed menial jobs, despite the innate talents and skills they may possess. Alternately, the 2011 movie In Time portrays a dystopic future where humans are genetically programmed to stop aging at 25 and could live forever — so long as they earn enough “time credits” to afford to stay alive; the poor perish swiftly under an artificially skyrocketing cost of living that times out their clocks, while the rich who steer the technocracy are gaming the system and living indefinitely.

Such nightmare scenarios place obvious restrictions on the natural right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Back in reality, alarmingly similar ends are being pursued.

DARPA, the Department of Defense’s research arm, has just put out a new solicitation for a project called, “Advanced Tools for Mammalian Genome Engineering” on the government’s Federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) site.

This project isn’t just for engineering any mammal’s genome, however; it’s specifically for the bioengineering of humans.

The proposal explains the project’s details:

“The ability to deliver exogenous DNA to mammalian cell lines is a fundamental tool in the development of advanced therapeutics, vaccines, and cellular diagnostics, as well as for basic biological and biomedical research… The successful development of technologies for rapid introduction of large DNA vectors into human cell lines will enable the ability to engineer much more complex functionalities into human cell lines than are currently possible.”

The project’s stated objective is to “improve the utility of Human Artificial Chromosomes (HACs).” (Gallows humor jokes about how DARPA wants to literally HAC(k) you can be made at any time.) A Wikipedia entry explains in relatively plain language what a HAC is and what it does:

“A human artificial chromosome (HAC) is a microchromosome that can act as a new chromosome in a population of human cells. That is, instead of 46 chromosomes, the cell could have 47 with the 47th being very small, roughly 6-10 megabases in size, and able to carry new genes introduced by human researchers.”

So DARPA and its team of associated scientists want to introduce an entirely new 47th chromosome into human genetics as a vector platform for inserting bio-alterations and wholesale genetic “improvements”  into our DNA.

The agency hopes that development of a new chromosome will allow a solution to the limitations of current “state-of-the-art” gene transfer technologies (including plasmids, adenovirus-, lentivirus-, and retrovirus-vectors, cDNA, and minigene constructs). The proposal explains that existing approaches must be improved due to known drawbacks in the scientists’ failure to control their results, causing a few minor major problems:

“These include random DNA insertion into the host genome, variation in stable integration sites between cell lines, variation in the copy number and expression level of DNA that is delivered, limitations on the number and size of DNA constructs that can be delivered, and immunological responses to foreign DNA. “

Yet these techniques are already in use? How reassuring.

Ever hear the term ‘playing God’? Scientists who work in these fields not only refer to themselves as “genome engineers,” but “biological designers” in their journal articles. This January 2013 piece in the journal Molecular Systems Biology introduces the topic with a chilling description:

“The phrase ‘genome-scale engineering’ invokes a future in which organisms are custom designed to serve humanity. Yet humans have sculpted the genomes of domesticated plants and animals for generations. Darwin’s contemporary William Youatt described selective breeding as ‘that which enables the agriculturalist, not only to modify the character of his flock, but to change it altogether. It is the magician’s wand, by means of which he may summon into life whatever form and mold he pleases’ (Youatt, 1837).”

It’s impossible to even compile an accurate listing of all the potential slippery slopes at play here, yet it is clear that this entails a momentous grasp at controlling life, which not only empowers an already dictatorial technocratic elite, but emboldens a delusional and destructive cadre intent on overwriting the existing species now on Earth.

Watch the 30 second promo video below where an investment firm (with their creepy all seeing eye logo) nonchalantly projects that within 50 years, science will displace natural life by a factor of 50-to-1 with artificial lab-created species – including plants, animals, humans, bacteria and viruses. 

[Oh, no, Mr. Bill, the investment firm (one of the well-known giants who guards your nest egg) has made the video “private” so you don’t have the clearance to watch it. Sorry, Cholly…]

Through DARPA, our government funds a laundry list of projects to gain technocratic control of the future that reads more like a summary of the latest sci-fi horror film plots. Case in point: just today Activist Post reported “Secret DARPA Mind Control Project Revealed: Leaked Document“.

When looking at one DARPA project to perfect mind control techniques — or a second DARPA project to study the human hormone oxytocin to ‘improve’ our response to government propaganda — or a third DARPA brain interface project that would literally turn soldiers into cyborgs, it’s creepy enough. However, when looking at all of these projects together as a combined effort… it raises chilling questions as to what kind of dystopic, technocratic future they are forcing us into.

These developments only include a small sampling of what we know is admittedly going on. Who knows what is actually taking place behind the scenes.

Exactly how many far-reaching and potentially disastrous implications of our government literally playing God are there? 

Bioethics: Human-animal hybrid embryos

(rabbis, bishops and professors put forth their views)

Possible types of animal/human hybrid embryos

  • Cytoplasmic hybrid embryos: embryos created through cell nuclear replacement using animal eggs
  • Hybrid embryos: embryos created by mixing human sperm and animal eggs or human eggs and animal sperm
  • Human chimera embryos: human embryos which have animal cells added to them during early development
  • Animal chimera embryos: animal embryos which have human cells added to them during early development
  • Transgenic human embryos: human embryos which have animal genes inserted into them during early development





Music video: (3:58)

Bassist Gary Peacock performing his original composition, “Liddledabllduya” with Carmell Jones on trumpet, Bud Shank on alto sax, Dennis Budimir on guitar and Mel Lewis on drums.




Disagree with U.S. Policy? You May be a ‘High Threat’ to the Pentagon

4 Minute Video

The Pentagon has a program that teaches federal workers to view colleagues as potential “insider threats” if they are vocally critical of U.S. foreign policy. Continue  



The Pentagon is looking to bolster its military options for Syria’s civil war by sending $2.7 billion in weapons to Iraq, despite the country being on the verge of civil war.

The weapons deal would include 681 Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and 40 truck-mounted launchers, as well as three Hawk anti-aircraft batteries with 216 Hawk missiles, according to Agence France Presse.

The sale is primarily viewed as a way to support a possible no-fly zone in Iraq, though it would also help to cut off Iranian supplies to Syria through Iraqi air space.

“This capability will provide Iraq with the ability to contribute to regional air defenses and reduce its vulnerability to air attacks and also enhance interoperability between the government of Iraq, the US, and other allies,” the Pentagon said in a statement.

Needless to say, arming Iraq might not be the best decision for Washington.

More here: 


Music video: (8:55)

Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock and Jack Dejohnette play Poinciana.

Live at Palais des Congres, Paris, 1999.


911 WTC Links To Russian-Jewish Mafia Revealed




9/11: Thy Shall Not Bear False Witness





Music video: (8:13)

Chick Corea – piano, Joe Henderson – saxophone, Gary Peacock – bass, Roy Haynes – drums. The performance took place during the Montreux jazz festival in 1981.

“Up, Up and…” is composed by Gary Peacock.


Before this dangerously authoritarian mindset has a chance to take hold of our collective imagination and animate our social institutions, it is crucial that all Americans think critically and ethically about the coercive forces shaping U.S. culture—and focus our energy on what can be done to change them. It will not be enough only to expose the falseness of the stories we are told. We also need to create alternative narratives about what the promise of democracy might be for our children and ourselves.*


AUGUST 12, 2013


* For my own personal alternative narrative,

see the pdf’s Mind Map and Mind Map Explained



Mind Map 2014 


Mind Map Explained




The Global Smart-ID is coming!

Sunday, August 11, 2013 19:51 

“… perfecting the art of biometric identity management…”

[Read it.]



Music video:

Chick Corea & Hiromi Uehara (11:42) 


A complex catastrophe (which may “magnify requirements for defense support of civil authorities”) is defined as: “Any natural or man-made incident, including cyberspace attack, power grid failure, and terrorism, which results in cascading failures of multiple, interdependent, critical, life-sustaining infrastructure sectors and causes extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage or disruption severely affecting the population, environment, economy, public health, national morale, response efforts, and/or government functions.”  


New Social Game for Google Glass Casts Players as Scavenging Ants
Damon Poeter
August 12, 2013 07:35pm EST

The developers of a new social game called Swarm for Google Glass say their hyped-up, GPS-reliant, social scavenger hunt could “provide a glimpse not only of the future of social gaming, but perhaps the future of social organization itself.”

Swarm, which developers Jon Lawhead and Daniel Estrada say is “designed to be a ground-breaking low friction MMOARS game for Glass, is being built exclusively for Google’s augmented-reality platform, outside development for which is still in its early days.

What’s an “MMOARS” game, you say? Aside from being eye chart-worthy, it’s a “Massively Multiplayer Online Augmented Reality Simulation,” per Lawhead and Estrada, so now you know.

Players of Swarm have their daily movement tracked via Glass and can progress in the game by accomplishing tasks like marking or retrieving objects in public spaces, much like geo-caching contests. But the game isn’t about individual goals—instead, Swarm “simulates the experience of being a member of a functioning ant colony” and players can either add resources to their collective or siphon them off based on their actions, while also being forced to cope with the encroachment of rival colonies.

Colonies in Swarm leave general “trails” visible to rival collectives, which mark where their members travel, but only a colony itself can see a more granular map of where its own members are moving, which updates whenever a player leaves their home (example below). For privacy reasons, Lawhead and Estrada said the movements of individual Swarm players aren’t tracked. Rather, trails visible to members of a colony show the collected movements of all individuals in the same “caste,” or player class. 

That’s important, because the game assigns different roles to players, starting with the “Larvae” caste for newbies and progressing to more advanced castes with different abilities and responsibilities like “Soldiers” and “Foragers.”

After doing enough to advance past Larvae, players are able to switch castes if they choose, but it comes at the price of not being able to collect one’s own sustenance for 24 hours, meaning the caste-changing player must be fed by their colony during that period, taxing other players.

Swarm players who “die” through starvation during the game temporarily become “Ghosts” who don’t consume food but also can’t collect resources, complete quests (called “quarries”), or leave a movement trail, before re-entering the game at full strength after 24 hours.

Here’s the developers’ pitch to Google Glass owners who may be interested in signing up for Swarm:

“As you walk around your neighborhood, commute to work, or meet a friend for lunch downtown, you automatically collect resources and leave Trails that mark the environment with the color of your Colony. Crossing Trails left by another ant can signal the location of useful resources, Colony members in need, or rival Colonies encroaching on your territory. A direct encounter with another ant from your Colony might more evenly distribute your resources for the Colony’s benefit, but an encounter with an ant from a different Colony might result in a fight that leaves you without any food at all! Level up your ant and your Colony to improve your stats and dominate the map. For the Swarm!”

Lawhead and Estrada are developing Swarm as an open-source social game for Google Glass under Creative Commons and GNU General Public licenses.,2817,2423001,00.asp 




Adolph Berle, a key New Dealer, agreed to sit on the board of the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology, a foundation established at Cornell University by Nelson Rockefeller and Allen Dulles to conceal the funding of more illicit CIA mind control experimentation.

“I am frightened of this one,” Berle wrote in his journal.  “If scientists knew what they had laid out for themselves—men will become manageable ants.”


The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship: An Examination of Epistemic …

 By Phillip Darrell Collins, Paul David Collins

see page 193


Chapter Nine of “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate”


The Upside of Down: Catastrophe, Creativity and the Renewal of Civilization sets out a theory of the growth, crisis, and renewal of societies. Some kinds of crisis can open up extraordinary opportunities for creative, bold reform of our societies, if we’re prepared to exploit these opportunities when they arise. 


“Good” Arthur and the customer boycott

[Serial and final updates at bottom of page]

Customers Join Workers to Make Statement

The attorneys general of Massachusetts and New Hampshire sent a joint letter Thursday to Market Basket co-CEOs Felicia Thornton and James Gooch, spelling out employment laws in the two states about wages owed to fired employees.

“We are keenly aware of recent reports that Market Basket has terminated a number of employees and of reports today that more workers may face termination and replacement in the coming days,” Martha Coakley, of Massachusetts, and Joseph Foster, of New Hampshire, wrote.

“Whatever decisions you make in the coming days, needless to say our offices expect and will require compliance with our respective laws,” they added.

RELATED CEOs to Employees: Return to Work on August 4 Get to Know Board, Shareholders Board Says There Are Multiple Suitors Arthur S. Talked 2011 Deal How Grocer Keeps Prices Low More Market Basket Coverage 

Market Basket is advertising positions as it urges its employees to return to work by August 4. It has said it expects some employees not to heed that call as employee protests and a customer boycott to reinstall former CEO Arthur T. Demoulas continue to stall the company’s normal operations.

Thornton and Gooch responded with a statement to the press, saying:

“We have said several times that we hope sincerely that we do not discharge any employees. We want our associates back. We are focused solely on getting Market Basket stores back up and running for our customers and, importantly, for the many local vendors that rely on Market Basket to make their own businesses successful for the sake of their employees. We respect the Attorneys General position, and would of course follow all applicable laws.”

Coakley, who is running for governor of Massachusetts, is among the many politicians to have voiced support for Market Basket employees as events have unfolded across the company in the last two weeks.

A group of customers has raised more than $10,000 to publish a full-page ad in the Lowell Sun this weekend, telling the executives and the company’s board of directors they intend to continue to boycott.

A copy of that letter from the AG’s can be found here: 

[&&]{**}[##] (2:20) 


There are dysfunctional families, and then there are dysfunctional families. The Demoulas Clan — the founders of the Market Basket grocery chain whose explosive and public family feud over control of the company recently culminated in the ouster of the chain’s CEO, Arthur T. Demoulas — fits squarely into the latter category.

“I honestly think Shakespeare, in putting together King Lear, had nothing on the Demoulas family,” says historian Nancy Koehn of the Harvard Business School. Yet, she continues, the fierce show of loyalty from Market Basket employees protesting his departure — many risking, and in some cases, even losing their jobs in the name of putting Arthur T. back in charge of the company — suggests the mark of a CEO who was highly valued by his employees. Koehn broke down which business practices make employees loyal to a CEO.

1.Visibility. Successful CEOs frequently and regularly make themselves visible to their employees in a credible, non-gimmicky way. That means if you’re the CEO of a grocery chain, for example, your employees working the checkout line or bagging asparagus for customers should be able to pick your face out of a police lineup. Showing up once a year for the company holiday party doesn’t count.

2.Communication. Unlike children in the Victorian era, good CEOs should be both seen and heard. Communicating in a variety of forums on a regular basis  is key (and that’s genuine, face-to-face communication, “not emails or mission statements in bathroom stalls,” Koehn says.) [“Good” Arthur, as he is known colloquially, must have read “In Search of Excellence”.]

3.Singling people out. A good CEO doesn’t forget that employees are individuals. When Starbucks barista Sandie Anderson donated a kidney to a regular customer, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz made sure everyone knew it. “Do you know how much loyalty that engendered from his workforce?” Koehn asks.

4.Good wages and compensation. A no-brainer, for sure, but good wages and benefits send the message to employees that their labor is valued. [A 15%-of-wages-paid company-paid annual 401k contribution each year is unheard of in most of corporate America.]

5.Opportunities for advancement. Koehn points out that many of the people protesting Arthur T.’s ouster most vehemently had long histories of employment at Market Basket. “Don’t think that’s incidental to people’s sense of connection to Arthur T. Demoulas,” Koehn says. “You have to believe your future is tied up with a company. That is simply not true with huge numbers of public companies today.”

“These are just a short list of things you must be doing credibly and from your heart as well as your head,” Koehn concludes.

For more from Harvard historian Nancy Koehn, the James E. Robison Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School, on the continuing saga of the Demoulas clan and Market Basket, tune in to her full interview on Boston Public Radio, below.





One supermarket proved it can provide employees with a livable wage, annual bonuses, and a retirement plan. They can beat Walmart’s prices. They can turn a profit, too. So why was its CEO just forced out? 

[text follows, and the link has 188 comments]

“… Market Basket’s formula proves that executives and managers and cashiers can all profit, together. 

Employees get the benefits of a 15 percent profit sharing plan provided by Market Basket, while the groceries the store sells are less expensive, on average, than Walmart’s. As for the register: Market Basket rang in $4.6 billion in revenue last year, and is the 127th biggest privately owned company in America…. 

If this is, in fact, the story of the beginning of the end for the American middle class, here’s Part One…. 

Arthur S. has entertained a sale to the private equity behemoth Cerberus, which already owns such major grocery store chains as Shaw’s, Safeway, Star Market, Acme, Jewel-Osco, and Albertsons…. 

[T]he Market Basket formula does work. In a recent study of Massachusetts grocery store chains, the nonprofit Washington DC-based Center for the Study of Services found “DeMoulas Market Basket’s prices averaged about 22 percent lower than the average prices at the Shaw’s stores [they] checked and 10 to 21 percent lower than the prices at the Stop & Shop stores.” Despite paying starting full-timers $12 an hour and having many career employees on the payroll who make six figures, the survey found that Market Basket had, on average, lower prices than all of their competitors — including Walmart.

Despite such presumably tight profit margins, Market Basket pays its roughly 19,000 workers yearly bonuses that often equal up to several months worth of salary, plus invests the equivalent of 15 percent of every paycheck into a retirement plan. At the same time, the company is impressively profitable. Shareholders have pocketed in excess of $1 billion since 2000, while the business is currently the 127th biggest privately owned American company according to Forbes. In 2013, Market Basket reportedly rang in $4.6 billion in revenue.”

 * * * * *

* * * * *

Update: Saturday 8/2/2014 at 6:10 PM

The Market Basket standoff is entering its third week, and neither side seems prepared to give an inch. In fact, a group of eight managers fired last month is preparing to sue the company for wrongful termination.

Douglas Louison is their attorney.

“This was an intimidation attempt to show this could happen to everyone else,” he said.

Michael Coyne is dean of the Massachusetts School of Law and he’s says Market Basket has the right to terminate its employees.

“Legally, they can terminate the employees who are refusing to work and boycotting the company,” he said. “Legally, they can do it. From a business standpoint, from a public relations standpoint, on almost every other standpoint, the manner in which they are proceeding is virtually a disaster for the company.”  …”   





Update: Wednesday August 6th, 2014, mid-afternoon


“… In a recent column, Thomas Kochan, co-director of the Institute for Work & Employment Research at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, argued that this “broad-based, collective action is unprecedented in modern U.S. labor history,” and thus offers a number of important lessons on running a company, namely: “Corporate America better wake up and start listening to their employees, or they may find themselves listening to them through bullhorns and in the national press.”

Harold Meyerson, executive editor of the American Prospect writes that the anomaly of Market Basket’s success under Arthur T. lies in the effectiveness of what he calls “stakeholder capitalism.”

“The chain appears to have been that rarest of companies in contemporary American capitalism: a community of sorts, in which management has respected and rewarded its workers and consumers no less than its owners,” Meyerson writes.

Though Market Basket employees are not unionized, many labor groups have expressed solidarity with their fight. Massachusetts Jobs with Justice issued a statement vowing their support, saying that the Market Basket uprising “is an inspiring example of what workers can achieve when they stick together” when faced with “the ravages of corporate greed.” ….” 


 Update: August 14th, 2014 @ 1:30 AM Boston time


Gov. Patrick Calls on Market Basket Workers to Return