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Barometers of Life 

Music video:

“Song for a Dying Planet”, Joe Walsh

“We’re killing everything that’s alive

And anyone who tries to deny it

Wears a tie

And gets paid to lie.” (1:58)


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Google Earth, Ma-ai and the Great Turn-Around

[This is a re-post of a blog entry written ages and ages ago, recovered from the archives, brushed off, edited to update and freshen, and re-presented.]

I finally got a round tuit and uploaded the full Google Earth to my new 27-inch HD monitored 2.8 gHz quad-channel Intel-chipped 4 GB RAM one terabyte ROM iMac OS X 10.6.8. 

[But since I wrote this, Google Earth has been radically improved and updated

and my iMac is now a 10.9.5. 

You can download the free 5.0 Google Earth]

I had previously played around with it on an old rehabbed Toshiba laptop long enough to be able to see my mother-in-law’s rust-red Taurus parked in my driveway. (Since then they have improved it tenfold as well (also apparently ‘erasing’ all the really interesting places, no doubt) but still leaving an entire planet 24/7/365 to explore. [Inside the software, there are now professional and business applications that weren’t there before, along with layered data, beginner’s and advanced users tutorials, and more.] And, since then, my mother-in-law’s Taurus was given to her nephew and went to the great rust heap where cars go to be recycled, and my mother-in-law has passed to the Great Beyond where, one might think, she too has been recycled.)

“…Wouldn’t it be nice (I wondered out loud back then) if we could, in an extended glance, survey the state of our world by checking out an array of gauges, dials, meters or other graphic indicators?

Such an array might lead to some synthesis of thought, idea, insight and action. It might generate further inquiry, or awareness, or collaborative action…. “

I actually wrote a blog entry that doesn’t exist online anymore called Barometers of Life On This Planet that undoubtedly was based on having seen something about “Barometers of Quality of Life Around the Globe”, a very expensive book

Without getting into the great global warming debate, it is easy to see that the planet Earth is radically in need of some help, some care-taking, and a whole lot of preventive maintenance.

Yesterday [ a long time ago ], after my inaugural look at Google Earth, I did a “fly-by” into the depths of the Straits of Hormuz (thereby alerting the NSA to my interests).

I had to withdraw in recognition of the power of this new tool.  I needed to re-group. [I figure that if they are going to watch everything I do, we should become exhibitionists of sorts, no?]  I needed to re-think my priorities; this could become as addictive as any video game.

I have long had an interest in geography, but this is ridiculous. The power of this thing as a tool for teaching, exploration, organization and coordination in a global 24/7 world is untapped.

Especially if and when it is “married” with existent tools like:

Translation tools:

Time Zone trackers:

Satellite tracking:

But see which tells us that

“All the power of Google Earth lies in the data that can be viewed with it. The maps in Google Earth are not typical cartographic maps. It is a photographic reflection of the land done with use of a satellite or a plane. On photos you can put subsequent layers of information in the form of vectors. The data is grouped into categories that can be displayed or hidden on the map. Most information on the map is based on data provided by Google company but it is also possible to add our own data and it can be done in such a way that the data will be accessible not only to us but also to other users of Internet.”

There’s much, much more there if you follow the links….

So one of the ways I need to step back is to pose the open questions:

How is Google Earth currently being used by the powers that seek hegemony, control, mastery of intrinsic assets of the earth, or for financial control and manipulation?  Can these be monitored, controlled or counter-acted by concerted action of a few?

How can Google Earth be used to help build simulations? My own paper on coalescing communities of support comes to mind: see; in addition, Dave Pollard had begun to design a collaborative simulation game designed around the concept of resilient communities: There is a long tail of such efforts.


As we move into an era of endless global chaos, war, and militaristic empire-building, can Goggle Earth be harnessed as a way of tracking events, locations, implications, sequelae, consequences, etc., or in building timelines, or in cataloguing news sources (video, print, a data base of actual reporters ( see, e.g., )?

Can it facilitate improved information flow at a time when many are repressing the free flow of information? Can it enable a reasonable approach to news, podcasting, video-sharing?


I’ve previously postulated that, while they watch us, we need to watch them, and we need to think like they do (as in learning a foreign language) so as to better be able to understand their advance thinking, planning, etc. in order that we may be be better able to respond, remain grounded, etc.

I’ve long tried to understand such things as situational awareness [a good read is Gonzalez’ book “Deep Survival”], tactical-decision-making under stress [the extensive TADMUS research conducted by the US Navy and its sub-contractors grew out of the Vincennes incident in the Straits of Hormuz], and the OODA loop in depth; it’s time we got “on their six” instead of having to react to what they do.

And we need to understand their weapons and take them away from them in the sense not of denial or interference so much as to comprehend how they work and thence to turn them against them or at least take their use away from them. The metaphor comes from the practice of aikido and is demonstrated in this video:


You’ve heard, I trust, of the concept of a “black swan event”: .

Take a moment and do a fast review if you are unfamiliar with the term or its definition.

“…the “black swan theory” refers only to unexpected events of large magnitude and consequence and their dominant role in history. Such events, considered extreme outliers, collectively play vastly larger roles than regular occurrences.[1]”


Let’s coin a new term here and now: “a golden swan”.

A golden swan is an event, precipitated by an individual or more likely through small-group collaborative input, which announces, allows preparation for, intervenes in, blocks, or otherwise neutralizes a forthcoming black swan event.

For example, forecasting and predicting forthcoming false flag attacks has become a minor-league (and as-yet-unpolished) hobby of people that leaders of governments all over the globe would like to vaporize. Forecasting and predicting (and thus preventing) covert ops against humanity and socio-political structure may be too advanced… but we can certainly simply monitor global market events, or perhaps more. 



Just yesterday, I posted this:

{ “I think this is going to be the next 9/11.” }



And certainly Google Earth can be used to monitor “non-state actors”: “a wide range of such actors (including terrorists and international criminals), with additional focus on non-criminal nonstate actors: multinational corporations, NGOs (nongovernmental organizations), and philanthropic super-empowered individuals” [see ].

But let’s focus on those “super-empowered individuals”:

Super-empowered individuals—persons who have overcome constraints, conventions, and rules to wield unique political, economic, intellectual, or cultural influence over the course of human events—generated the most wide-ranging discussion. “Archetypes” include industrialists, criminals, financiers, media moguls, celebrity activists, religious leaders, and terrorists. The ways in which they exert their influence (money, moral authority, expertise) are as varied as their fields of endeavor. This category excludes political office holders (although some super-empowered individuals eventually attain political office), those with hereditary power, or the merely rich or famous.

“The core of the “super-empowered angry individual” (SEAI) argument is that some technologies may enable individuals or small groups to carry out attacks, on infrastructure or people, at a scale that would have required the resources of an army in decades past. This is not an outlandish concern by any means; many proponents of the SEAI concept cite the September 11 attacks as a crude example of how vulnerable modern society can be to these kinds of threats. It’s not hard to imagine what a similar band of terrorists, or groups like Aum Shinrikyo, might try to do with access to molecular manufacturing or advanced bioengineering tools.

But angry people aren’t the only ones who could be empowered by these technologies.

As a parallel, the core of the “super-empowered hopeful individual” (SEHI) argument is that these technologies may also enable individuals or small groups to carry out socially beneficial actions at a scale that would have required the resources of a large NGO or business in decades past…..” 


“Thinking about it for a moment, the question arises: Where are the “super-empowered hopeful individuals?”


If simulation and narrative are sides of the same coin, then enhanced global awareness must be on the flip side of global predation, slavery and victimization, and perhaps we need to take the shihan’s approach to enlightenment.

Don’t forget to enter, and get in as deep as you can before you turn your hips.


“There is a critical moment of surrender and decisive action when you move directly into the heart of an oncoming attack. Entering is not done aggressively or with the intent of striking back, but with the purpose of moving next to and then blending with the direction and force of the attack [or incoming energy]. Blending is a transition of body, mind and spirit that allows the defender to see the world from the attacker’s perspective, and from which can emerge empathy, compassion, and some form of non-violent or non-harmful resolution. The solution lies at the heart of the problem. Find that center, blend with it, and move from there.”

From Claiming Your Place at the Fire: Living The Second Half of Your Life on Purpose, Richard J. Leider and David Shapiro, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., San Francisco 2004.

“Living a vital and engaged life means that we never stop asking ourselves the question “What is the good life?”.

We define the good life as: living in the place you belong, with the people you love, doing the right work, on purpose.”

“As a spark for naming your own purpose, begin by looking over the following list of verbs. Pick the three that resonate most powerfully within you.

awaken — ignite — organize — create — teach — support — empower — develop — encourage — help — listen — inspire — seek — design — enhance — challenge — act upon — learn — heal — energize

These are the action verbs that will shape your purpose statement.”


Music video (5:58)

Peter Gabriel – Down To Earth 

(W/ LYRICS) Wall-E Soundtrack 


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Marines Put Microsoft Kinect To Work For 3D Mapping

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from the quick-map dept.

colinneagle points out this article about how the Marines are using a Microsoft Kinect to build maps.

A military contractor has come up with something that has the U.S. Marine Corps interested. The Augmented Reality Sand Table is currently being developed by the Army Research Laboratory and was on display at the Modern Day Marine Expo that recently took place on Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia. The set-up is simple: a table-sized sandbox is rigged with a Microsoft Kinect video game motion sensor and an off-the-shelf projector. Using existing software, the sensor detects features in the sand and projects a realistic topographical map that corresponds to the layout, which can change in real time as observers move the sand around in the box. The setup can also project maps from Google Earth or other mapping and GPS systems, enabling units to visualize the exact terrain they’ll be covering for exercises or operations. Eventually, they hope to add visual cues to help troops shape the sandbox to match the topography of a specified map. Eventually, the designers of the sandbox hope to involve remote bases or even international partners in conducting joint training and operations exercises. Future possibilities include large-scale models that could project over a gymnasium floor for a battalion briefing, and a smartphone version that could use a pocket-sized projector to turn any patch of dirt into an operational 3-D map.

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interpersonal violence

Woman As Aggressor: The Unspoken Truth Of Domestic Violence

There’s something very important that we’re not talking about when we talk about domestic violence.

By Edward Rhymes

This writer approaches this topic with some trepidation, because it will run counter, in some areas, to the current debate regarding domestic violence. When wading in these highly-volatile and controversial waters, one finds that disclaimers – like life jackets – must be affixed to the body of the argument.

Violence Against Women vs. Domestic Violence

September 19, 2014 “ICH” – “Mintpress News” –  Women and girls make up 98% of victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation globally – although a 2008 report revealed that boys make up half of those who are sexually exploited, commercially, in the US.; in 2011, an estimated 19,000 rapes and sexual assaults – overwhelmingly against women – took place in the military; girls younger than 15 are five times more likely to die in childbirth than women in their 20s. Pregnancy is consistently among the leading causes of death for girls ages 15 to 19 worldwide and domestic violence against women, in the US, occurs every 15 seconds.

Add to those figures college/university campus date rape statistics; the high instances of sexual assault in South Africa; the Save Our Girls campaign in Nigeria and the list could go on and on. All these are glaring examples of epidemic-like violence against women. Nevertheless, although violence against women and girls includes domestic violence, not all domestic violence features women and girls as the victims. Sometimes, the woman is the abuser.

Let me be clear, the hesitance in speaking about female-initiated domestic violence is rooted in a very real concern about what the discussion can give way to: a dismissal and abnegation of the actual dangers women face. That still, however, fails to be a compelling reason not to discuss women’s role in domestic violence. For example, an honest discussion about the occupation of Palestine by Israel need not devolve into anti-Semitism. Neither does a hard look at real terrorism, by entities such as ISIS, have to degenerate into Islamophobia. So, conversely, a sincere critique regarding the totality of domestic violence does not have to be reduced to a capitulation to misogyny and sexist insensitivity.

Female-Initiated domestic abuse

Understand, women are still three times more likely to be killed or seriously injured by their male counter-part than vice-versa. Now, while those numbers suggest a more dire need, they do not connote that women are the only victims when it comes to domestic violence.

More than 830,000 men fall victim to domestic violence every year, which means every 37.8 seconds, a man, in America, is the victim of domestic abuse. The numbers are not inconsequential and the frequency is far from insignificant.

Jan Brown, executive director and founder of the Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men had this to say, “domestic violence is not about size, gender, or strength. It’s about abuse, control, and power, and getting out of dangerous situations and getting help, whether you are a woman being abused, or a man.”

In 2001, the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health collected data about the health of a nationally representative sample of 14,322 individuals between the ages of 18 and 28. The study also asked subjects to answer questions about romantic or sexual relationships in which they had engaged during the previous five years and whether those relationships had involved violence.

From this information they found that of the 18,761 relationships, 76% were non-violent and 24 percent were. Of that twenty-four percent that were violent, half had been reciprocal and half had not – reciprocal meaning there was hitting by both partners.  Although more men than women (53 percent versus 49 percent) had experienced nonreciprocal violent relationships, more women than men (52 percent versus 47 percent) had taken part in ones involving reciprocal violence.

The statistic that was undoubtedly the most striking, was in the committing of violence in relationships, more women than men (25 percent versus 11 percent) were responsible. In fact, in the 71 percent of nonreciprocal partner violence instances, the instigator was the woman. This flies in the face of the long-held belief that female aggression in a relationship was, more than likely, predicated on self-defense.

Further, while injury was more likely when violence was perpetrated by men, in relationships with reciprocal violence it was the men who were injured more often (25 percent of the time) than were women (20 percent of the time).

Great Britain’s Office of National Statistics also showed that while 1.2 million women experienced domestic violence, 800,000 men did as well – in the UK, men comprise forty percent of those who suffer from domestic violence. The Department of Psychology at California State University, Long Beach, compiled a bibliography that examined 286 scholarly investigations; 221 empirical studies and 65 reviews and/or analyses that demonstrated that which we are reluctant to discuss. And that uncomfortable reality is that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners.

Let’s put this in perspective, a significant amount of the findings regarding male-as-victim intimate partner violence, came about as result of studies and surveys that were aimed at understanding domestic violence against women.

These are not studies conducted by rabid anti-women men’s groups or right wing think tanks. No, they were conducted by organizations like the Center for Disease Control (CDC), National Institutes of Health (NIH), the American Sociological Association, Psychology of Women Quarterly, the American Journal of Public Health to name a few.

And yet, when these numbers are verbalized a resounding backlash occurs. Accusations are made like “you’re saying abused women are asking for it” or “you’re blaming the victim.” No, this writer is merely broadening the definition of abuser and victim. In other words, no person, regardless of gender, is asking for it and no victim, female or male, should be blamed for what is done to them.

If we are serious about addressing domestic violence, then its realities, in all of its incarnations, must be dealt with.

Mixed messages

This writer does not pretend to have all the answers when it comes to this issue, but this can be said with a great deal of certitude, confusing the very people you are trying to affect is not a sound strategy for change. If only one person in the relationship is supposed to exercise control; if both partners are not equally responsible in keeping a relationship respectful and violence-free, we will have succeeded in changing nothing.

We have seen, in the past few months that the NFL has a confused policy in regard to domestic violence; our court system, for quite some time, has had a confused policy about domestic abuse; but the confusion of those entities is a reflection of our societal misunderstanding of domestic violence and our muddled perceptions about gender.

Men are told in one breath to shed their machismo and their sexist leanings, and in the next they are being told to man-up and just take the blows being dealt to him by their female partner. Men are being told, rightly, that phrases like “you throw or hit like a girl” has chauvinistic underpinnings while simultaneously being told “it doesn’t matter if she hits you because, essentially, she hits like a girl and you can handle it big boy.” So while we, appropriately, recognize there’s usually more of a difference in the physical impact between male and females hitting each other, we completely disregard that a woman physically hitting (whether that be with hands, feet or objects) a man does have an emotionally, psychologically and, yes even physical, impact on him.

So in the ignoring the dynamic of female-initiated IPV, we reinforce sexist stereotypes of what women are and are not capable of. This then leads to two very important questions that are rarely asked: 1. Is a woman ever responsible for a physical altercation that takes place between her and her male partner? 2. Does a man ever have the right to tell a woman to not put her hands on him and have that respected by her? The statistical and anecdotal data says that question number one is barely acknowledged and question number two, by and large, is treated as an April fool’s joke.

The same protocols that are used to address domestic violence against women are used to deal with domestic violence against men; the research tells us that the same abusive behaviors and tactics that are demonstrated by men (physical, verbal, emotional, threats, intimidation) are also demonstrated by women. And the fear and shame that is felt as a result of being abused; the excuses made to cover up the abuse are not gender-specific. Additionally and anecdotally, there are some researchers that estimate that about twenty percent of men who call law enforcement to report an abusive spouse or partner, are, in turn, arrested themselves for domestic abuse.

There are signs, at least in the healthcare field;  that these perceptions about men being the victims of IPV (intimate partner violence) are beginning to change. The world-renowned Mayo Clinic has posted on their website helpful information for men who have been victims of domestic violence. This writer has practically lived at Mayo during this year and can attest that the same questions that were once asked only of women in regard to domestic violence, is now being asked of him with great frequency.

Courtesy of the NFL,  the topic of child abuse is also in the headlines – this too is domestic violence. According to governmental child welfare studies, mothers are almost twice as likely to be directly involved in child maltreatment as fathers. The statistics have borne out that it is mothers that are more likely to abuse or neglect their children than fathers. Interestingly, when former Minnesota Viking and NFL Hall of Famer, Cris Carter, spoke of being a victim of child abuse, he revealed that it was his mother that was the abuser. His central point about child abuse was well-received, but the fact that it was his mother was either largely ignored or was thought to have been of no consequence.

To be clear, I agree with those who say those numbers are as such because women are, usually, more involved with their children and as single-parent homes are on the rise and women are increasingly the single parent, they become over-represented in the numbers regarding child abuse.

Nonetheless, you could also say that although black males are over-represented in terms of homicide rates for various reasons (poverty, unemployment, education etc), the reasons why they are killed still don’t make them any less dead than other homicide victims. So it is with child abuse: the reasons why women are over-represented in the crime of child abuse, does not make the child any less abused.

And these abused children, half of which are male, live with that pain and become adults. And as men they are told, for the most part, don’t talk about your pain; don’t acknowledge that a woman hurt you; man-up and don’t cry.

And by so doing, we create the perfect conditions for a toxic relationship:  men who can’t verbalize their very real pain and an ethos that says women can’t really hurt or traumatize men.


In terms of domestic violence and/or intimate partner violence, the conversation is, overwhelmingly, about what we need to talk to our men and boys about. And this writer agrees, we need to talk to our boys and men about having respect for their partners in their relationship, but that’s only part of the problem. Our girls and young ladies need to be taught what appropriate behavior is and what non-violent conflict resolution looks like.

We are paying the price for not having this conversation with our daughters, because over the past 20 years or so we have been experiencing a disturbing trend. Meda Chesney-Lind points to this in her essay “Are Girls Closing the Gender Gap in Violence?” She writes, “Between 1989 and 1998, arrests of girls increased 50.3 percent, compared to only 16.5 percent for boys, according to the FBI’s 1999 report, Crime in the United States 1998. During that same period, arrests of girls for serious violent offenses increased by 64.3 percent and arrests of girls for “other assaults” increased an astonishing 125.4 percent. In 1999, the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention reported that the female violent crime rate for 1997 was 103 percent above the 1981 rate, compared to a 27 percent increase for males, prompting the statement that increasing juvenile female arrests and the involvement of girls in at-risk and delinquent behavior has been a pervasive trend across the United States.”

A later report stated that by 2000, that proportion had grown to 18 percent, and by 2004 it had risen to 30 percent. Even though arrest numbers remained higher for boys than girls during that period, arrest rates for girls increased while rates for boys decreased.

The voices in our world, which should include us all, that cry out for greater protections for women against sexual assault, human trafficking, spousal and/or intimate partner homicides must be heard. But we are taught by our mores, ideologies and politics, that we can only recognize one reality at a time. That if we talk about female-initiated domestic violence then it takes away from addressing violence against women.  That writings such as these only serve as distractions, smoke-screens and misdirections.

This writer doesn’t believe that. I believe that we have an equal stake and an equal responsibility in making sure our relationships are healthy. This writer believes that we all have an equal right to not have our persons assaulted or our personal space disrespected. By bringing this largely unknown and very uncomfortable truth to light, it means we are serious about addressing violence, period, in our relationships;  it means that we are sincere in examining all of its causes and effects.

We are constantly answering the question – though not nearly enough – across this country in our mayoral and gubernatorial elections; in our House and Senate Races, and 2016 tempts us with that question in a national general election, “is a woman every bit as capable as a man?” Granted, not all elections and appointments come down to gender, but we have been able to see woman as CEO; as leader and maybe, soon, we’ll even get to see woman as Commander-in-Chief.  That equality also demands that we be able to entertain the thought of woman as aggressor. 

The NFL and Beyond

Perpetrators of Domestic Violence

There Should Be No Debate about Corporal Punishment

By Laura Finley

September 19, 2014 “ICH” – “Counterpunch” – It is impossible to have missed the many news stories in the past few weeks focusing on NFL players beating their loved ones. And, while many have denounced the vicious attacks perpetrated by players against their girlfriends and children, it continues to shock me that they also have so many defenders. I have written previously about Ray Rice and other players who are perpetrators of domestic violence, so my focus here is on the issue of child abuse.

Minnesota Vikings’ star running back Adrian Peterson is facing charges in Texas for felony child abuse based on allegations that he beat his 4-year-old son with a “switch,” or tree branch. Pictures of the boy show a series of bloody gashes and welts from the attack. Peterson told police that “the whooping” he gave his son was what he received as a child.  It seems that Peterson may be repeat offender, as he was accused last year of beating another son who he said had been cursing. The boy’s mother, a different woman than the mother of the child beaten with the switch, filed a report with Child Protective Services but no charges were ever brought against Peterson. Although the Vikings initially planned to allow Peterson to play this weekend, he is now suspended, with pay, of course, while the legal case is pending.

While the Vikings have finally acted, Vikings sponsor Radisson has suspended its support for the team, Nike suspended its contract with Peterson, and Target has removed all number 28 Vikings jerseys from its stores, many have rallied behind Peterson’s alleged right to “discipline” his child. People from Peterson’s home town of Palestine, Texas commented that corporal punishment is common in East Texas, is considered a family matter, and wouldn’t impact their support for their hero.  NBC NFL analyst Tony Dungy described having grown up with this type of discipline and commented about the need to give players a second chance, implying support for Peterson. Former NBA player, current analyst, and ever-loudmouth Charles Barkley commented on CBS Sports’ “NFL Today” that “I’m from the South. Whipping is … we do that all the time…Every black parent in the South is gonna be in jail under those circumstances. I think we have to be careful letting people dictate how they treat their children.” NFL player Reggie Bush defended Peterson, claiming that he also “harshly disciplines” his 1-year-old daughter.

What galls me more than these supporters’ comments, though, is the fact that people are using this case to debate the merits of corporal punishment. While surely this form of so-called discipline can be administered in less overtly abusive ways than are alleged in the Peterson case, there really is no debate about whether it is the most effective way to punish young people for inappropriate behavior. It is not. Research is very clear about two things: 1) Corporal punishment can result in physical and emotional damage; and 2) there is always a better way to correct misbehavior.

First, numerous studies have documented the physical and emotional harm inflicted when children and teens are spanked, paddled, or beaten with other implements. From hemorrhaging to scarring to increased rates of depression, aggression, anxiety, feelings of hopelessness, drug and alcohol use, young people who have been spanked often endure long-term physical signs of the abuse. A recent study found children who were regularly spanked, defined as at least once per month for more than three years, had less gray matter in certain areas of the prefrontal cortex that have been linked to depression, addiction and other mental health disorders. A 2010 study published in Pediatrics found that frequent spanking when a child was 3, defined as more than twice in the previous month, was linked to an increased risk for aggressive behavior when the child was 5.  Studies have repeatedly shown that persons who were physically punished as children, like Adrian Peterson, are most likely to use those same tactics with their children. Some say that they have learned that violence is an appropriate method of conflict resolution. A Canadian study published in 2012 reviewing two decades of research on the subject found “…no study has found physical punishment to have a long-term positive effect, and most studies have found negative effects.” The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child issued a directive in 2006 calling physical punishment “legalized violence against children” that should be eliminated in all settings through “legislative, administrative, social and educational measures.” Thirty countries have banned physical punishment of children in all settings, including schools and homes. The American Psychological Association (APA) has strongly condemned the practice and supports non-physical forms of punishment.

Even if there are legitimate concerns that these studies do not conclusively prove that corporal punishment is damaging, there is always an alternate way to punish children who misbehave. The APA recommends positive reinforcement for good behavior and calls on parents to engage children in conversations about appropriate ways of resolving conflict. Parents magazine has written that the most effective forms of punishment teach young people how to control their behavior through internal measures.

Defend Adrian Peterson if you will, but can we please stop acting like there is some real debate about the issue of corporal punishment? “I-was-spanked-and-I turned-out-OK” is not a legitimate reason to continue a practice that has been so widely documented as potentially dangerous and for which there are a host of other effective, more peaceful, alternatives.

Laura Finley, Ph.D., teaches in the Barry University Department of Sociology & Criminology

Ed Note- The image and video embedded in this article by ICH, did not appear in the original.

The Facts About Spanking

The shocking science about the long-term effects of corporal punishment, essential viewing for every parent!

By Stefan Molyneux (17:07)

http://www.stopspank…ics You Need to



I was thinking about how 9/11 is frequently portrayed as my generation’s “loss of innocence” moment, similar to boomers experiencing the JFK assassination. I recall reading articles about how parents ought to broach the subject with their children to minimize the trauma. Thinking a bit harder, I was ten when videos of missiles colliding with buildings during the first gulf war were broadcast on CNN. A ten year old lacks the ability to critically interpret events of that nature, and even more importantly is actively assimilating what they see and experience as normal in order to prepare and learn coping mechanisms for the environment in which they will grow older. We’re constantly told that one war or confrontation will prevent the next, but it seems that each one grooms the next generation to accept such behavior as normal and inevitable.

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ISIS and McCain

September 17-18, 2014 — ISIL/ISIS: Another contrivance brought to you by Mossad, MI6, and the CIA – Part III 

McCain’s consorting with terrorists exposed

[Parts I and II are here: ]

WMR’s knowledgeable sources have revealed the extent of Senator John McCain’s links to the terrorist organization Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham [not Syria, as falsely reported by the corporate media] and the “Islamic State.”

McCain’s Middle East adviser Elizabeth O’Bagy, who falsely claimed to have had a PhD from Georgetown University, accompanied McCain on an unofficial trip to Syria last year where the two met with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi [circled in red at right] and Mohammed Nour of the Northern Storm Brigade of the ISIL-linked Al Nusra Front [circled in red at far right]. Standing next to Salim Idriss, the former head of the Supreme Military Council of the “Free Syrian Army” who now lives in exile in Doha, Qatar, is O’Bagy, wearing a head scarf and pink sweater.

WMR has learned that when McCain met with Nour, the Northern Storm Brigade had already kidnapped Shi’a pilgrims in Syria, as well as a Lebanese journalist. Had any other Americans met with documented terrorists such as Nour and al-Baghdadi, unlike McCain and O’Bagy, they would have been arrested and charged with aiding and abetting a terrorist group. Several Americans are now serving long prison terms for doing much less than McCain and O’Bagy and were entrapped in FBI sting operations merely because they were Muslims.

At the time O’Bagy accompanied McCain to Syria to meet in Bab Salama with the chief of ISIL and other terrorist leaders, including 20 Syrian rebel brigade commanders representing Al Nusra and the nascent ISIL, O’Bagy worked for Kimberly Kagan, the wife of arch-neocon Zionist Frederick Kagan of the right-wing American Enterprise Institute, and sister-in-law of Robert Kagan, a resident neocon scholar at the Brookings Institution, and his wife, Victoria Nuland, the neocon Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs at the State Department. Nuland was primarily responsible for funding and coordinating the coup in Ukraine that resulted in a bloody civil war between Russian-speaking eastern Ukraine and the Nazi- and Zionist-dominated central and western Ukraine.

O’Bagy and McCain have been at the center of neocon intrigue within the Obama administration. In fact, the neocons never lost their influence inside the State Department and the National Security Council after the George W. Bush administration. In some cases, their influence increased under Barack Obama.

Working under Kimberly Kagan, O’Bagy was the Syria analyst in the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), another neocon operation in Washington that has had undue influence over U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and elsewhere. After it was disclosed that she committed resumé fraud by falsely claiming to have a PhD from Georgetown, O’Bagy was officially “fired” by ISW but continued on as the Political Director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF) NGO, a George Soros-like nonprofit that seeks donations from other NGOs, including the neocon Freedom House and the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. SETF admitted to having “sub-contracts with the U.S. and British governments to provide aid to the Syrian opposition.” O’Bagy also served as a legislative assistant to McCain. The SETF is an extreme anti-Bashar al-Assad organization that has used Pentagon-grade psychological warfare tactics to demonize the Assad government and falsely blame him for atrocities carried out by Syrian rebels, including sarin and chlorine gas attacks in Syria.

O’Bagy’s operations security (OPSEC) left something to be desired as she voraciously sent out Twitter messages during her clandestine visit to Syria with McCain in 2013. After the visit was publicized, O’Bagy deleted her Twitter messages but WMR was provided copies of them by a knowledgeable source.

O’Bagy is most infamous for writing an August 30, 2013 Op-Ed in The Wall Street Journal that was cited by both McCain and Secretary of State John Kerry. The article, titled “On the Front Lines of Syria’s Civil War,” was cited by McCain during a Senate hearing as “an important op-ed by Dr. Elizabeth O’Bagy.” Kerry also cited the article in testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, calling it a “very interesting article.”

In the article, O’Bagy, who claimed to have made a number of trips to Syria to liaise with Syrian rebels, falsely stated that Syrian “moderates” led the fight against the Syrian government. The Op-Ed called for the United States to provide “sophisticated weaponry” to the rebels and enter the civil war militarily. Obama refused to follow this advice, a decision that earned him the scorn of McCain and other neocons. McCain continues to suggest that the Syrian “moderate” rebels have a chance to seize control of Syria, an indication that he continues to fall under the spell of O’Bagy and her neocon associates.

In the Tweets [whose unexpanded graphic images as jpg’s are linked above], O’Bagy takes responsibility for everything from McCain’s attire in Syria to the individuals with whom he met. We now know that these individuals included al-Baghdadi and Nour, as well as other terrorist commanders. O’Bagy also is at pains to distance her Syrian rebel allies from Abu Sakkar, aka Khalid bin Hamad, the rebel commander who was filmed eating the heart of a Syrian soldier. O’Bagy denies that Abu Sakkar was a member of the Free Syrian Army’s Homs-based Farooq Brigages, but independent news reports stated that he was a commander of the Farooq Brigades. O’Bagy misidentified bin Hamad as Faraouq Mustaqila, a familiar tactic of the neocons and no surprise from an individual who lied about having a PhD.

ISIL and the Saudis, Qataris, and Israelis

WMR has also learned that ISIL/Al Nusra is enriching itself from ransom payments for hostages being received mostly from Qatar, a member of Obama’s newly-formed “coalition” to fight ISIL. The most recent ransom paid by Qatar to ISIL was for 45 Fijian peacekeepers captured by ISIL’s Al Nusra allies in the Golan region of Syria bordering Israel. Qatar also paid ransom payments to Al Nusra-ISIL units for some Syrian nuns and captured Lebanese Army soldiers. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is, under Obama’s “coalition,” training so-called Free Syrian Army “moderates” to fight ISIL/Al Nusra and the Assad government. In the past,  the Saudis have conducted such training to radicalize Sunni Muslim volunteers for the Syrian civil war and funnel them to ISIL units in Syria and Iraq.

Israel has been transporting Al Nusra/ISIL terrorists across the Golan frontier into Israel, ostensibly for medical treatment,  but also, as reported exclusively to WMR, for intelligence and other military training. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s recent Twitter statement that “Hamas is ISIS” has much truth. Israel’s Mossad originally created Hamas as a more radical foil for Fatah, the largest group in the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Israel now likens ISIS/ISIL, which it has supported, to its other creation, Hamas. 


##### (11:00)

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to Investigative Journalist Wayne Madsen about the current situation with ISIS in the Middle East and how U.S intelligence agencies played a role to there rise. Wayne Madsen is an American investigative journalist, author and columnist specializing in intelligence and international affairs. He is the author of the blog Wayne Madsen Report.

To find out more about Wayne Madsen go to



See also:

The Islamic State and John McCain

Updated August 27, 2014





John McCain and the Zionist Crime Syndicate

August 27, 2014





And, oh dear me, the final word comes last night via Google News (even though it was written six days ago) from The Grey Lady herself, the noted Zionist mouthpiece formally known as The New York Times, which had an important walk-on role in that old cult movie starring Faye Dunaway and some handsome fellow named Redford entitled “Three Days of the Condor” ….


“… it has been vexing for Mr. McCain to be battling persistent — and false — Internet rumors that he not only helped invent the group but also knows its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed caliph of the Muslim world and America’s latest Public Enemy No. 1. 

The rumors are based partly on images of a Syrian fighter who resembles Mr. Baghdadi, seen in photographs with Mr. McCain — some originally posted on Twitter by the senator — during his visit in May 2013 to northern Syria. He met members of the Free Syrian Army, an insurgent group that opposes ISIS and that President Obama, in a speech Wednesday on his new strategy for battling ISIS, has vowed to strengthen.

Nurtured by conspiracy blogposts, social media and photo-altering tricks, the false rumors of Mr. McCain’s relationship with ISIS have taken on a life of their own…..”

A Threshold Not Crossed

Dale was apoplectic. Hannah was stormy.

Monday was a personal day.

My wife and I were called as grandparents to help with a sudden gap in child care coverage when my son-in-law was obliged to attend a work-related seminar on a topic that fell right into the bulls-eye of what he does professionally.

We rolled out of bed at 5:15 AM and prepped the house for a Realtor’s showing with a quick once-over, grabbed a commuter’s breakfast, and headed out on the highway. We got there with time to spare to see the older kid get on the elementary school bus and to take over in loco parentis for the young lady who hadn’t been pre-booked into day care because Dad was supposed to be working from home that day.

I fed the dog and the firebox and Nana took the youngster to a playground where Nana got worn out and the kid didn’t develop any appetite. She had to be coaxed to take even a single bite out of the Happy Meal she requested. But there were hugs all around.

On the way home, Nana grabbed a snooze and I turned on sports talk radio instead of the round-the-clock news/weather/traffic on Nana’s preferred Westinghouse/CBS channel.  I don’t normally listen to talk radio but Nana’s hearing prefers the more-limited hertz-range of amplitude modulation, and so we found our way into the Dale and Holley Show on WEEI.

And the verbal apoplexy was riveting.

I’d like to commend Dale Arnold, Michel Holley and Tedy Bruschi for stating the obvious.

Here’s the police report etc for the Adrian Peterson case.

Here’s the audio of the first part, which is the part I heard as I drove:

Now some might disagree with these fellows, and some might think that sports and the domestic violence events being discussed (Ray Rice, Ray McDonald, Greg Hardy) have roiled the world of American football (or not). And a lot of people would think that these fellows are still diverting attention from even more serious issues. And they’d have a point.  There’s still a threshold that media — and certainly sports media– can’t and won’t cross.

America is addicted to violence, or inured to it, and there are folks (I’m one of them) who think that we should take any opportunity we can to make a major point to this society through one of its primary fully-embraced diversionary socio-cultural outlets — which in itself is an exercise in controlled violence — circuses with padded gladiators in which concussions are numerous, bone-crunching highlights are celebrated, and intentionally injuring someone considered supreme if you can get away with it. We’re a nation utterly fascinated with unlimited martial arts in a closed cage, high-speed bumper-cars, bench-clearing basebrawls, and ice hockey punch-a-thons.

If you are a long-term reader of mine, you know that I was physically disciplined and physically and psychologically abused between the ages of six or seven until I was fifteen, not primarily by a dad with a belt (though that was present on rare occasions) but by a 5’10” broad-shouldered Pennsylvanian Dutch industrial-league softball player (my step-mother) who punched me, cuffed my about the head, twisted my ears, and once tried to run me off the side of the road in her car as I rode my bike. I pride myself — though I don’t think I’m exceptional or rare — for never having hit either of my two kids, or my wife, or anyone in or near my household. The idea that a parent continues to raise his or her children the way they were raised is a dried horse patootie. I studied widely in sports psychology by buying and reading books and have posted a lot of the by-product here.

So, on one hand, this mini-break-through and the pressure on the NFL is good.

On the other hand, it’s an opening that wasn’t taken.

There was a useful discussion about child abuse and the repercussions (mostly, the lack of them) for elite athletes for this type of behavior.  But it didn’t go far enough. Hazing of a sadistic and sexual nature is quietly brushed under the topical rug even though it takes place in rural and suburban white America.  We’re still failing to delve more deeply than we’re forced to about the Sandusky matter.

The NFL in America is part of the establishment. They embrace militarism. Some of the owners discipline their players for speaking out on issues of America foreign policy. The Army and the NFL pay lip service to violence prevention.

Personally, with the exception of the kind of institutionalized and establishment-based murderous sexual abuse regularly reported on at and covered up by people at high levels of government

I can’t think of a form of child abuse that is more ugly than the IDF thematic policies of targeting children for death.

Even our own President has a list of kids he’s killed by remote control Predator drones, and he jokes about it.


* * * * * * * 


Updated the next day: More of the same




Though on the downswing in the United States, physical discipline is still common in homes and schools and spanking, in particular, is widely supported. Here’s a snapshot of the situation:

AT HOME: Corporal punishment is technically legal in all 50 states…..

AT SCHOOL: Nineteen states allow corporal punishment in public and private schools. Federal data collected for 2009, the most recent available, estimates 184,527 students without disabilities were physically disciplined in schools across the country that year. The numbers reveal boys are more likely than girls to receive corporal punishment, and it was disproportionately applied to blacks.

PUBLIC OPINION: A Harris poll last year found that 81 percent of Americans say parents spanking their children is sometimes appropriate, while 19 percent say it is never appropriate. Two-thirds of parents said they had spanked their children while a third said they had not.

RESEARCH: Dozens of studies have examined the effect of corporal punishment or child abuse on behavior and mental health, with mixed results. A 2012 study published in the journal Pediatrics found harsh physical punishment such as pushing, grabbing, shoving, slapping, hitting in non-abusive households increased the odds a child would develop mood, anxiety or personality disorders and alcohol or drug addiction.


—Tracy Connor


Much more at the link: 



Saletan: What kids really learn when their parents hit them

One teacher was so well known for her corporal punishment that boys made paddles for her in wood shop. She hung the paddles in her classroom. They had holes drilled through them for extra velocity and bite.

I can tell you what kids learn from being hit. They learn about hitting, and about you….

 When somebody’s hitting you, what you think about is being hit. And that’s what you remember afterward. Every child absorbs this differently. Some kids think they deserve it. (Presumably this includes the boys who made paddles in wood shop.) Others get upset. Others, like me, feel nothing but contempt. But all of us think about the hitting. We remember the punishment, not the crime.

That shouldn’t surprise anyone who has looked at research on child development, or who has reflected on parental experience. You start out thinking that you’re going to teach your child a lesson. You talk, or you gesture, or you spank, or you withhold. You’re trying to convey a message. But your kid doesn’t focus on the message. He focuses on you. What he experiences is the talking, the gesturing, the spanking, or the withholding. That’s what he learns. You’re not an instructor. You’re a model.

Study after study documents this pattern. It suffuses every interaction between adults and children: love, cooperation, exploitation, violence….

fresh produce



In his first one-on-one interview since this summer’s supermarket saga began, Arthur T. Demoulas tells The Boston Globe that Market Basket’s business operations are on stable footing, with sales back to 100 percent of where they were a year ago.

That’s in stark contrast, of course, with the near-complete shutdown of business for six weeks in July and August, after Demoulas’s June firing as CEO saw workers and customers protest for his reinstatement. Demoulas, who was still a major shareholder, ultimately reached a deal to buy out the chain on August 27.

Demoulas said in a Labor Day press conference that he is committed to keeping Market Basket’s compensation and prices—key reasons employees and customers respectively fought for his return—in place. He reiterates those commitments in the Globe interview.

The deal to buy Market Basket is being financed by more than $1 billion in debt. It’s been reported that more than $500 million is coming in the form of private equity financing. Fortune Magazine identified the private equity firm in late August as the Blackstone Group.

The debt will likely have some effect on Market Basket, as Demoulas has previously said—and repeats to the Globe—that it could lead the company to slow expansion plans after opening pending new stores.

Some have wondered how debt to or even partial ownership by a private equity firm would ultimately impact Market Basket’s business model. Blackstone is not taking on an ownership stake, the Globe reports. And even if it had…well, it’s not like the company’s ownership situation could be less harmonious than it had been for the last quarter century.

Read the Globe’s full interview with Arthur T. Demoulas here.

Read our full coverage of the Market Basket saga.


How Market Basket Put Itself Together Again

What the Struggle Means for Labor

It Wasn’t Just About ‘Artie T.’

Arthur T.: ‘You Empowered Others to Seek Change’

Arthur T. to Buy Market Basket

Timeline: Summer of Market Basket

PR Lessons That Should Have Been Learned in Advance

Inside Market Basket’s Business Model

More Coverage

Adam can be reached at Follow him on Twitter at @adamtvaccaro 

Arthur T. DeMoulas, Market Basket, sales, operations, costs, payroll, the Blackstone Group, Boston Globe, interview, fresh produce


Blog Ten PM, Wednesday

(9:02)(Nardis, Patricia Barber)

Ten PM, Wednesday September 10th, 2014: I have finally returned and settled in. 

I do not know how productive I will be tonight, but in theory I have two free days in front of me for the purposes of catching up and planning for the future. 

I took a hiatus today, as I drove with my wife in search of new digs. Yes, we finally have the house on the market and it’s been viewed four times in as many days, which is better traffic than we expected. If someone meets our asking price, we will be looking for an apartment to retire to and in which to live out the rest of our days, with hopefully assisted living and nursing home phases painlessly short and simplified at worst. 

It is time to pull a mini-Thoreau and simplify, simplify. We  have been purging and culling for weeks, have dumped some insignifica via the tried-and-true yard sale route; we have foisted what we can foist on adult children, friends, neighbors and the weekly trash pick-up. In two days, a trucking company comes by and, for about $150, moves out — to consignment, re-sale and donation —  a garage full of gathered furniture we no longer need, use or want. Thus far, we have spent far more than we ever hope to recover.  We are Westerners, Americans… we have too much cargo.

The house itself, a four-floor townhouse condo, was improved over the years with a re-done kitchen courtesy of our D-I-Y daughter and son-in-law, complete with new appliances courtesy of Sears.  Hardwood flooring was put in throughout. The interior has been re-painted more times than I can count. Much of it and was done in years past by my wife.  We have outgrown it, outlived its usefulness  have too much space, too many floors, and we have too many years.  We expect to break even on the mortgage which has been re-financed three times, after we write a check for $3-5 grand including the realtors’ fee. I consider us lucky to be out from under the thumb of such debt. Whether the vagaries of the future renters’ market will be kind to us is an unknown, but we’re not buying ever again. I’d be okay with camping, but my wife’s idea of roughing it is “Motel 6”. We’re not participants in anyone’s mad race to “prep” for the end of the world as we or anyone else knows it or envisions it or plans for it because the end of our world will probably come gradually with some elders’ ‘sundowning’, increasing immobility physically and financially, declining health with or without exacerbations or external interference.  If the power structures of the world want to accelerate that process singly or in combinations of genetically-engineered viruses or foodstuffs, radiation, global nuclear anything, cloud-seeding and other forms of weather tinkering,  or galloping inflation, God bless us all: we’ll be out in the yard playing with our grandkids. 

Today we saw two of them because we were seeking information elsewhere about housing potentials, and partly to visit the place where they regularly get visited by flocks of turkey, some deer, and occasionally something bigger or more dangerous. There, they also gather fresh eggs, tend to ten birds, work the garden which yesterday produced a basket of fresh tomatoes and a jar of homemade spaghetti sauce by the child of the woman who taught me how to make it from scratch and who got taught by her mother who got taught by her mother and so on. Ah, the benefits of marrying the daughter of a son of a Sicilian-American. Maple syrup, bonfires, a goat and/or pig, and other ventures are foreseen and/or present. We also had our first street hockey game with a six-year old boy, and took pictures and video of the four-year-old girl piloting the Kubota around the acreage, albeit at slow speed ; these are children of an environmental engineer and his bride, a fourth-grade elementary teacher with two masters’ degrees and an attic-full of sports trophies that go from when she was in the sixth grade until the year after she retired as a professional. You think big things aren’t expected out of these kids? 

So for the next little while blog output will be spotty and ragged. The usual “Occurrences Domestic And Foreign” will start to fall back into a three-times-a-week glossy overview; I’m gonna let you do more of the digging. Some of the big “re-posts” of others’ work will continue to happen at both The Sullen Bell and BoyDownThe Lane.  [I use short-hand in my own mind…”Occur”, “Bell” and “Boy”.]  

And, when I get time to focus and concentrate, I have several things on my plate and soon on yours: 

a piece on communications today, based on looking back at a book that captivated me in grad school on Mass Communications that should prove interesting when we examine what’s happened since then (1980) and now in terms of what we know about what experts were predicting and saying over three decades ago. Back then, computers were new, the mainstream media were changing, cable was coming into its own, and there was discussion about computerized communication through networks. Today we live immersed in surveillance, social media, massive use of media for a wide range of purposes — including propaganda; and we are walking and talking receivers with multiple forms of information input no matter where we are;

thoughts on books I have ordered and will eventually read — in between packing and moving, if we do (if we don’t get our price, we’re staying right here); these include one on television, and another on socialism

Socialism? did he say?  Yes, I can’t escape the issue, and it seems to be chasing me. Recently I discovered someone who said in his book that he thought he could tell and sell what socialism is (and isn’t) better than it had been done in the past — a point that seems clear. 

I can perhaps finally understand what it is and what appeal it has; as I’ve said, it’s obvious some substantial change is needed. 

What has this to do with Obama or anything else? I haven’t a clue. I am prepared to consider and confront my own biases and prejudices, but I’m not sure what they are. 

I think I have an open mind, but I know also I have a questioning mind and a demanding one — i.e., standards and principles I will not step back from. 

At the same time I can say honestly and also intriguingly that I may have just finally understood in my own mind what I am.  

In other words, what other label would I write and use in describing myself….

I’m sure there are readers out there…

oh yeah, here is where I have to divert and talk about and to my readers….. 

(7:10) No Doubt About It, Jimmy Smith

It’s been some time since I finally figured out how to get this blog out of second gear. 

Beep, beep.

In the process of learning more about this particular vehicle I am driving (WordPress at BlueHost), I am learning some things. I don’t have a formal IT background or even much schooling… okay, I did once fork over too much money for one short and fast-paced semester at a fly-by-nite school of information technology that worked out of a corner office in a strip mall next to an aikido studio (no connection to my own aikido training, though I did once look more deeply than the front window) run by some people than knew infinitely more than I did and employed an intake counselor who was an almost perfect mix between a used car salesman who knew how to push buttons and a woman who looked a lot like the woman I once knew who worked as a secretary in the front office when I worked in the back office and who had a set of knockers the nature of which it was almost impossible to not look at.  I dropped out at the end of that first semester. I learned something about DOS. Today I own OS. But I digressed too far….

I finally figured out the fact that I hadn’t checked the right box to activate a system wherein you could register as users. You know more than I, or see something different than I do, because suddenly e-mails announcing the fact that I had a new reader were streaming in.  They do so regularly now. 

A former reader was one of the first people to put my blog on his page at Facebook. Others have followed and done the same thing. At least one person tweets at least some of my blog entries. I’ve been listed on blogrolls (thanks, folks). 

So I want to say to all of you, simply, thank you. I am honored and humbled. I’ve gotten thousands of new readers, and I know there are many others though those links. Those of you who chose to follow honor me, and I shall work to honor you with honest, open, transparent news, views, reports, guest blogs (material I’ve re-posted) etc.  

Honor me again by letting me point out some things that will help us turn this blog triad into something useful and meaningful:

I hate spam. Who doesn’t? I understand the need for exposure, but unilaterally I do and retain the right to label something as spam. If you sent it, don’t take it personally; it’s just an indication that you have to be more creative. On the whole, it’s just a boring chore, cleaning out the spam closet. It’s like getting direct mail and heading straight for the trash bucket,  or hanging up on robo-callers. No, thanks; not interested. 

Linkbacks are starting to work like or look like spam. They are off-purpose, diffuse our focus, and look and act like confetti and noise.  Frankly, a lot of them are simply announcing a place to acquire something lots of people might like to acquire. I did think that maybe I should create a special page that allows linkbacks of all variety and call it a readers’ self-promotion page. Write me if you think that’s a good idea. It’s like painting the brick wall at the end of the block a fresh coat of white once a month so the graffiti artists can come by and do their art. 

I used to think it’d be alright and pretty benign to go ahead an approve a linkback that offered readers a free place to buy Viagra, Cialis or something similar. I figured ‘no harm done, it’s sold on television too’. But slowly and increasingly I will delete those. I already say no to anything that offers a pharmaceutical of any sort.  I’ve said no to places that offer payday loans. (nope, not here….) 

Increasingly, I’ll say no to anything and anyone that isn’t directly on topic for the blog or the blog entry

I think it’s wonderful that you have a business outlet on the Internet.  But I’m not doing business here. 

I don’t traffic in much outside of news, opinion, daily issues, global issues. and personal perspectives. Maybe I’ll branch out.  But not now. 

Yes, I want your feedback, good, bad or indifferent. Don’t hesitate to say it. I don’t have to approve every comment, and probably won’t. But how can I know, or you know, until and unless you say it?

Comment are generally welcome.  If you don’t want to comment or want something a bit more private, use the contact page and initiate an e-mail exchange. Please refrain from attaching link backs to the comments page, as well as to the “about” pages. I’ll starting looking for the proper changes to make there.

I’m sure there are readers out there who remain confused about what I am.  I understand completely. I am still confused on what I am.  

Am I a liberal? No, but I once was.  

Am I a conservative? Yes, again. But that doesn’t make me a Republican, a neo-con, or in any way enamored with any of the current US Republicans. 

Am I a libertarian?  I have had libertarian leanings and flirtations, but I’m not sure I could tell you what a libertarian is.  Oh, I can find the textbook definitions for any of these, just as well as you can. but I am not sure they apply or fit.  I don’t let myself get fixated, painted, or pounded into an oddly-shaped corner; just as soon as I am, I turn to flubber and change into something else. 

Just recently, thanks to Google, I just discovered a label that may actually fit. No, I’m not going to tell you what it is, or even how I discovered it.  


But I will. 

In time. 

This is a good a place as any to tell you one thing and ask you another. The first thing is what I have to tell you.

Some of you have undoubtedly discovered my last name. It’s not hard. It’s hardly hidden in plain sight. It matters not whether you know it or not. But, for those who do, the first three letters of my last name have nothing to do with what they appear to be. Don’t go there; many make the same mistake. 

One even asked my wife the other day… Are you one of us? .. and her answer, and mine, is “no”. 

If you’ve gone that far, you can go the rest of the way and discover the real truth; it’s out there. Instead of three letters, it’s about three heads. 

If you get that, you know the truth. 

The second thing is about what I have to ask you.  One or two of your readers might know a dear and close friend of mine about whom we shall only use the name Jimiray. If you know Jimiray; this pertains to you. If you don’t know Jimiray, it doesn’t. Jimiray was one of the first people to put my blog on his page at Facebook. I’ve lost touch with him. If you know him, tell him merely that I think of him often.

It’s almost 1 A.M. as I finish this.  Other than a few bumps in the road in the near-future, the future for me and these blogs looks rosier. I have some serious work to do on them and the process in the near-future but that will have to wait until the near-future sorts itself out.

I see that, while I was unable to be paying attention, the fellow in the White House addressed America and the world about ISIS, that the Ray Rice video may be becoming something sufficient enough to take our attention away from the people who are telling the world that the US has been making things up faster than we can consume them through TV and the social media, and that the real truth about Stonehenge  may not be fully known (perhaps that’s why Obama was there recently?). 

But that will have to wait until the morning.  

What we all ought to do today is to take a few minutes and remember those who died on 9.11 and because of it. 


Wayne Madsen Reports on ISIL and ISIS

September 8-9, 2014 — ISIL/ISIS: Another contrivance brought to you by Mossad, MI6, and the CIA – Part I

First of a Two-Part Series

From AQI to ISIL

As President Barack Obama prepares to announce what could be a long and drawn-out U.S. military strategy to defeat the Islamic State jihadists who have seized control of large portions of Syria and Iraq, it is important to highlight the roots of this organization. The insurgents, who are considered more dangerous than Al Qaeda by many Pentagon and U.S. intelligence specialists, have disturbing links to intelligence services of the United States, Israel, and Britain.

The deeper one digs into the operations surrounding the “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” (ISIL), or, as it is variably called, “Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham” (ISIS), “Al Dawlah” (the State), or “Da’ish” (a concatenation of “al-Dawla al-Islamiya fi Iraq wa al-Sham”, the more the Islamist insurgent group’s links to Western and Israeli intelligence are revealed. ISIL is  an outgrowth of the Organization of Jihad’s Base in the Country of the Two Rivers or Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. As with the current leader of ISIL, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, questions surrounded the background of Zarqawi.

Zarqawi’s real name was Ahmed Fadeel Nazal al-Khalayleh. He was born in the Jordanian town of Zarqa. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was an alias as much as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is an alias today for the leader of ISIL. Al Baghdadi, a native of Samarra, Iraq, is actually Ibrahim ibn Awwad ibn Ibrahim ibn Ali ibn Muhammad al-Badri al-Samarrai. Before he joined the mujaheddin war against the Soviets, Zarqawi was known as a drunk and drug abuser, hardly material for the fundamentalist Islamists bankrolled by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf emirates.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, claimed by some Middle East sources to be a Mossad agent, with beard [left] and with unidentified woman [right]. Some reports claim that al-Baghdadi is an Israeli Jewish Mossad agent named Elliot Shimon. If true, it goes a long way to explain why John McCain and his staff, which is thoroughly penetrated by agents-of-influence for Israel, felt secure in arranging a meeting between the Arizona senator and, reputedly, the head of a group deemed more radical and “anti-American” than Al Qaeda.

Zarqawi proclaimed himself the “Emir of Al Qaeda in the Country of the Two Rivers” and he quickly became public enemy number one for U.S. occupation forces. Zarqawi was recruited in Jordan by “The Base” or “Al Qaeda” to serve in the ranks of Arab legions fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan. As the late British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook pointed out, “The Base” or “Al Qaeda” was a Central Intelligence Agency database containing the names of various CIA recruiters, financiers, exporters, and other personnel required to maintain the flow of mercenaries, weapons, and money to Afghanistan and Pakistan to sustain the campaign against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was also known to the CIA by his agency cover name “Tim Osman,” and by his Arab Afghani volunteers as “the Hero of Jaji,” a battle in which Bin Laden was victorious against the Soviets. Bin Laden ran the Maktab al-Khidamar – the MAK – for the CIA and Saudis. MAK ensured the flow of fighters, money, and weapons to the Afghan insurgency on behalf of the CIA’s Al Qaeda base.

After the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan, Zarqawi, who befriended Bin Laden, returned to Jordan but was jailed by the authorities for setting up Jund al-Sham, a “caliphate” liberation movement with the goal of establishing an Islamist state in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Cyprus, and southern Turkey. It turned out that Junda al-Sham was thoroughly infiltrated by Jordanian intelligence, which informed the CIA about all the group’s members. Zarqawi was released by Jordan in 2001. He traveled to Afghanistan to battle against the U.S. occupation forces there and he eventually found his way into Iraq where he organized jihadists for the forthcoming U.S. invasion. CIA “evidence” that Zarqawi was in Iraq was used to justify the 2003 U.S. invasion of the country. Jordanian intelligence and the CIA also had evidence that Zarqawi was involved in the 2005 bombings in Amman of the Radisson SAS Hotel, the Grand Hyatt, and the Days Inn. The attacks were used by Jordan and the U.S. to beef up America’s military presence in the country.

Beginning in 2003, Zarqawi was accused of carrying out a number of terrorist attacks against Western interests inside Iraq, as well as in Casablanca, Madrid, and Istanbul. Zarqawi’s base of operations in Iraq was in the northern Kurdistan region, in the area now claimed by ISIL and Baghdadi. In May 2004, AQI released a video in which American Nick Berg was claimed by the CIA to have been beheaded by a masked Zarqawi. The video allegedly posted by AQI was “found” on the Internet by the Washington, DC-based Search for International Terrorist Entities Institute or “SITE,” run by Rita Katz, an individual with close ties to Israel’s Mossad. The Berg beheading was the only video said to have been made by Zarqawi. Zarqawi’s other media releases in which he issued threats against the West were audio recordings. Although the CIA stated that it confirmed Zarqawi’s voice on the Berg beheading video there were no independent verifications of Zarqawi’s voice being on either the videotape or the various audio recordings.

Zarqawi’s exploits in Iraq were hyped further after he was said to have personally beheaded in September 2004 American contractor Owen Eugene Armstrong, an employee of Gulf Supplies Commercial Services of the United Arab Emirates and the beheading of British engineer Ken Bigley in October 2004; ordered the 2002 assassination of U.S. diplomat Lawrence Foley in Jordan and the bombing in August 2003 of the Canal Hotel in Baghdad, the headquarters of the United Nations, which killed the UN Secretary General’s special envoy Sergio Vieira de Mello and 21 other people. Zarqawi became the name the U.S. associated with almost every Sunni terrorist attack in Iraq, including the 2006 bombing of the Shi’a al-Askari Mosque in Samarra, Shi’a shrines in Karbala and Najaf, and thousands of killings of Iraqi civilians. A document later found in one of Zarqawi’s Iraq safe houses revealed plans for him to goad the U.S. into attacking Iran. Such a plan would have fit in nicely with Israel’s long range goals.

In his February 5, 2003 address to the UN Security Council, Secretary of State Colin Powell, who lied about Iraq possessing biological weapons of mass destruction and mobile bio-warfare laboratories, also stated that Saddam Hussein was linked to Zarqawi. Iraq’s intelligence service later stated that it could not even locate Zarqawi in Iraq. If Saddam had captured Zarqawi he would have, at the very least, offered him up to Jordanian intelligence, which Powell indicated the U.S. had contacted in order to see Zarqawi extradited by Iraq to the United States. However, Zarqawi was as much a threat to Saddam as he was to the U.S. or Jordan, so had Saddam captured the jihadist leader, he would have likely been tortured for information and then executed on the spot and on Saddam’s personal orders.

In the 2006 Senate Report on Prewar Intelligence, the Senate Intelligence Committee concluded: “Postwar information indicates that Saddam Hussein attempted, unsuccessfully, to locate and capture al-Zarqawi and that the regime did not have a relationship with, harbor, or turn a blind eye toward Zarqawi.” It turned out that the “intelligence” linking Zarqawi to Saddam had emanated from the Pentagon’s notorious Mossad mole, Undersecretary of Defense for Policy and Plans Douglas Feith, who leaked the information in a classified memorandum to Stephen Hayes, the columnist for the neo-conservative Weekly Standard.

Zarqawi: The man and the myth

Some U.S. intelligence sources claimed that Zarqawi was a “myth” invented by the neocons to justify continued U.S. military operations in Iraq. Iraqi Sunni and Shi’a leaders rarely agree, however, a Sunni insurgent leader told The Daily Telegraph that he believed that Zarqawi was an American or Israeli agent and Iraqi Shi’a leader Muqtada al Sadr claimed that Zarqawi was a fake takfir (a Muslim who declares that other Muslims, such as the Shia’s, are heretics) in the employment of the United States. Shi’a imam Sheikh Jawad Al-Khalessi repeated that accusation that Zarqawi was a myth in 2005. According to The Washington Post, General Mark Kimmitt, the U.S. Central Command’s chief public affairs officer in Iraq stated in a 2004 internal CENTCOM briefing that “The Zarqawi PSYOP program is the most successful information campaign to date.”

The Afghan Northern Alliance claimed that Zarqawi was killed in a 2002 missile attack in Afghanistan. There were a number of reports of Zarqawi having been killed by either U.S. missiles or bombs in 2003. Some reports claimed that Zarqawi had lost a leg in Afghan combat operations. Other reports said he had both of his legs. The “Zarqawi” in the Berg beheading video had both legs and an autopsy X-ray of the person said to have been Zarqawi and who was reportedly killed in a 2006 U.S. air strike showed a fracture to the lower right leg said to have been lost in Afghanistan.

Zarqawi was captured in Iraq by coalition forces in 2004 but released. The explanation given at the time was that the Iraqis and Americans failed to recognize America’s public enemy number one in Iraq. Zarqawi’s eventual successor as the head of AQI, al-Baghdadi, was also captured by U.S.  forces in in Iraq in 2004 and held at Camp Bucca from February to December 2004 before being released. Al-Baghdadi took over the AQI operation in May 2010 after his predecessor Abu Omar al-Qurashi al-Baghdadi, actual name Hamid Dawud Mohamed Khalil al Zawi, was killed in a U.S.-Iraqi rocket attack. In 2007, Bin Laden intermediary Khaled al-Mashhadani claimed Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, the predecessor to the current ISIL chief, was a fictional character designed by the West and Iraq’s government to give an Iraqi face to a foreign-led insurgency. Mashhadani said audio statements attributed to Abu Omar were being read by an Iraqi actor. The Abu Omar recordings were all released by the SITE Institute.

U.S. forces claimed they killed Zarqawi near Baqubah, Iraq in a June 7, 2006 targeted killing by two precision-guided bombs.

Enter Al-Baghdadi II

While Zarqawi was hyped as one of America’s most dangerous enemies, the man who eventually succeeded him as the head of ISIL in Syria, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, became one of America’s trusted allies. Al-Baghdadi, along with the leaders of the Al Nusra Front, initially placed their forces under the umbrella of the Free Syrian Army. In May 2013, U.S. Senator John McCain, a chief water carrier for the neocon interventionists and Israeli interests, covertly met with Syrian rebel leaders after crossing into rebel-held Syrian territory from Turkey. McCain was accompanied by General Salem Idris, the head of the Free Syrian Army’s Supreme Military Council, as he met with the commanders of a number of Syrian rebel units. One of these rebel commanders was none other than Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the current head of ISIL. McCain’s office has denied that Al-Baghdadi was present at the meetings but photographic evidence of the ISIL chief’s meeting with McCain and the U.S.-supported Free Syrian Army officials is overwhelming.

Senator McCain with America’s “allies” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi [circled in photo at left, seated, and in photo at right, standing behind McCain’s right shoulder], the head of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), and Mohammed Nour [circled, photo at right, standing far right], the head of the Northern Storm Brigade of the Al-Nusra Front. Suggestions by Western intelligence of a break between ISIL and Al-Nusra are false. After achieving its battlefield success, Al Nusra swore allegiance to Al-Baghdadi and ISIL. Israel has a working relationship with the combined insurgent forces in the Golan area and in other parts of Syria, as well as in Lebanon where ISIL and Mossad jointly target Hezbollah forces.

America’s response to ISIL’s threat to turn Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and other countries into an Islamic Caliphate are as perplexing as American indifference over proclaimed caliphates by initially U.S.-supported Islamist radicals in Libya and by Boko Haram in Nigeria and Ansar Dine in Mali. The lackadaisical attitude by the CIA and the White House over these groups, which kidnap, rape, torture, burn, bomb, and behead their way into international headlines is exactly what would be expected from a scenario in which radical Islamist groups were created by the CIA, Mossad, and MI-6 to create permanent conflict situations between the West and Islam and between Muslims themselves.

In Part II, the ISIL’s links to the CIA, Mossad, and MI-6 are examined. 



September 9-10, 2014 — ISIL/ISIS: Another contrivance brought to you by Mossad, MI6, and the CIA – Part II

Second of a Two-Part Series

“Al-Baghdadi II” — a contrivance of Mossad and Western intelligence agencies

There is a wealth of material to strongly suggest that America’s “public enemy number one” during its occupation of Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and the “two al-Baghdadis” — Omar and Abu Bakr — who followed him, were psychological warfare creations of the CIA, Mossad, and the British MI-6 Secret Intelligence Service.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, or “Al Baghdadi II,” released audio statements claiming that he is the new caliph of the Islamic State, that he will march on Rome to conquer the Mediterranean region, including all of Spain and Italy for his caliphate, and that he will kill Russian President Vladimir Putin and Pope Francis I. There are elements in Wall Street and in the power centers of Washington, London, and Jerusalem that would not mind at all if Putin and the Pope were “eliminated,” and if by ISIL, all the better for Western globalization plans.

But is al-Baghdadi II real or as much a fake as was Zarqawi?

Nabil Na’eem, a former top Al Qaeda commander and founder of the Islamic Democratic Jihad Party in Lebanon told Beirut’s Al-Maydeen television network that ISIL is a creation of the CIA and Mossad. Na’eem also stated that the intent of ISIL is to implement Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s “Clean Break” policy that dates from the 1990s. Al-Baghdadi II is reported to have undergone Mossad military and Islamist theology training in Israel for a year. Na’eem also said that the commander of the Al-Nusra Front, Mohammed al-Jawlani, who swore allegiance to ISIL, is a CIA operative.

A videotaped speech by Al Baghdadi at the Great Mosque of al-Nuri in Mosul, in which he claimed to be the caliph of all Muslims was deemed a fake by an Iraqi government official.

There is every indication that ISIL has significant links to Israel. Although there are claims to the contrary, ISIL absorbed most of the ranks of the Al Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra (Al Nusra Front) Islamist insurgent group in Syria. Al Nusra Front has coordinated its seizure of Syrian army positions along the Golan Heights border with the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). Rather than hit back at Al Nusra positions on the Syrian side of the Golan frontier, the Israelis attacked Syrian army positions, giving a boost to the Syrian campaigns of Al Nusra in particular and ISIL in general. There are reports that the Israeli military has been given the coordinates of Syrian army and Hezbollah forces, as well as “Committees for the Defense of the Homeland” militia forces of Alawites, Shi’as, Christians, and Druze, by Al-Nusra/ISIL to launch missile and drone attacks from the Israeli side of the border.

Israel is so sanguine about ISIL, the Israeli daily Ha’aretz has reported that Israeli authorities routinely permit Israeli tourists, armed only with cameras and binoculars, visit the Golan Heights and peer out over the valley of Quneitra to witness Al-Nusra/ISIL jihadists fighting the Syrian army. Israel has even supplied large telescopic viewers for Israelis to peer down on the fighting in the valley. Israelis, some who bring their lunch, coffee, and lawn chairs, spend the entire day watching Arabs killing other Arabs. The Israeli complacency about the jihadists suggests a deal having been worked out between the Israeli government and the Syrian jihadists not to bring the conflict across the Golan frontier into Israel. Or, the Syrian jihadists are under some type of operational control by Mossad and the IDF and are under strict orders to not attack Israeli targets.

After Al-Nusra/ISIL rebels seized control of UN peacekeeping facilities in the Golan, Philippines Army chief General Gregorio Catapang stated that the UN’s French Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, Herve Ladsous, ordered 81 Philippines troops to hand their weapons over the the jihadists. Although the Philippines troops refused Ladsous’s order and were subsequently permitted to “escape” into Israel, there was no information on the fate of 45 Fijian peacekeepers captured by Al-Nusra/ISIL. Nor was Ladsous forthcoming on what happened to the Fijians’ weapons.

Catapang also stated that the UNDOF (United Nations Disengagement and Observation Force) Commander, General Iqbal Singh Singha of India, wanted the Philippines peacekeepers to hand over their weapons to the jihadists because of a demand by the rebels that they would harm their Fijian captives if they did not surrender their weapons. Catapanga’s Fijian counterpart, Fiji Army Chief Brigadier General Mosese Tikoitoga, stated that it was Singha who ordered the 45 Fijian peacekeepers, most if not all of them being Christians, to surrender to Al Nusra/ISIL, along with handing over of their weapons to the terrorists. Al-Nusra/ISIL has stated that it intends to try the Fijians under Islamic shariah law for “war crimes.” Without the UNDOF force present in the Golan, Israel is now able to violate the UN cease fire agreement at will and move weapons and personnel across the Syrian frontier in support of Al-Nusra/ISIL.

It is now being reported that Singha and Ladsous also ordered Irish peacekeeping troops who served at the Breiqa UN encampment with the Philippines troops to also surrender to Al-Nusra/ISIL, enriching the Islamist terrorists with even more captured weapons. The Irish troops were permitted to “escape” into Israel with the assistance of the IDF.

Ultimately, the decision to order the Philippines and Fijian troops to surrender to Al-Nusra/ISIL would have rested on Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman, a former U.S. ambassador to Lebanon and Undersecretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs who is a rock solid member of the neocon and Israel agent-of-influence infrastructure who wormed his way from the State Department into the UN. Feltman was champion of arming Syrian rebels, including the Islamists, against the Assad government and Hezbollah volunteers from Lebanon. Feltman also served in the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv in the 1990s during the time when U.S. ambassador Martin Indyk, another agent-of-influence for Israel, lost his security clearance after a compromise of classified U.S. information to the Israeli government. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, yet another water carrier for Israel, quickly restored Indyk’s security clearance after a watered-down “investigation.” WMR learned from a U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv source that the compromise involved the embassy’s encryption codes, including those used for secure telephone units to discuss classified information within the U.S. government. Feltman and Indyk are both Jewish and Albright is the daughter of Czech Jewish parents.

Ha’aretz photograph of Israeli tourists viewing fighting between Al Nusra-ISIL guerrillas in the Quneitra valley. The tourists are well within jihadist rocket range from their perches on the Golan Heights. The Islamist radicals refrain from attacking Israeli positions.

The grand master of Israel’s Zionist policies, former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, recently stated that Iran was a bigger threat than ISIL. Prospective Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton recently lavishly praised Kissinger in a review of his new book, “World Order.” Kissinger’s comments came after reports that the U.S. military was coordinating its attacks on ISIL in northern Iraq with Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces that were aiding Kurdish Peshmerga forces in Iraqi Kurdistan and a day after Iran’s Supreme Ayatollah ordered Iran’s forces to cooperate with the United States in attacking ISIL. Kissinger, in his usual role as an agent-of-influence for the Jewish state, sloughed off ISIL as a “group of adventurers” who would have to conquer more territory to become as threatening as Iran. Kissinger’s giving a pass to ISIL appears coordinated with Israel’s tacit support for the group. Ever since Binyamin Netanyahu commissioned the “Clean Break” policy in the early 1990s, it has been the wish of the Zionist parties in Israel to not only kill off the Palestinian peace process and absorb the West Bank, Gaza, and the Golan Heights into Israel but also create ethnic and religious divisions in various Arab countries with a goal of creating Israeli-managed statelets. That policy has come to full fruition in Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen.

There is photographic evidence that leading U.S. war hawk and neocon, Senator John McCain, met with Al Baghdadi II while on a covert visit to Syria.

Just as Zarqawi is said to have beheaded British engineer Bigley in 2004, Al-Baghdadi II is threatening to behead British contractor David Cawthorne Haines. Bigley’s videotaped beheading by AQI came after the videotaped beheadings of Americans Berg and Armstrong. Ten years later, ISIL is threatening to behead Haines after the videotaped beheadings of U.S. journalist James Foley and dual U.S.-Israeli journalist Steven Sotloff.

It was a London-accented ISIL jihadist who beheaded Foley and Sotloff. Known as “Jihad John” and said to be London rapper Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, a British-Egyptian, the alleged beheader is said to have received his inspiration from British Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary, who is permitted to use London to issue his pro-ISIL statements. This comes after British Prime Minister David Cameron issued an elevated alert for ISIL-led terrorism in the United Kingdom. It now appears that Cameron’s gambit was to scare Scottish independence referendum voters into voting for the continued “protection” of Britain.

President Obama has been reluctant to order a massive U.S. military attack on ISIL. Is that because he knows that his Saudophile CIA chief, John O. Brennan, authorized the training of ISIL guerrillas at a secret base near the town of Safawi in Jordan’s northern desert region and at another installation near the American airbase at Incirlik in Turkey? Was the initial reluctance of Britain and France to engage ISIL the result of their military instructors helping the CIA to train ISIL insurgents at Safawi and Incirlik?

There are also questions about the “journalistic” roles of Foley and Sotloff in covering the wars in Syria, Libya, and Iraq. The two both had a very questionable relationship with a combination freelancer videographer and mercenary from Baltimore named Matthew VanDyke. VanDyke fought with Islamist guerrillas against Muammar Qaddafi’s forces during the Libyan civil war and was detained by the Qaddafi government, along with Foley, for entering Libya illegally and being found embedded with rebel forces. Sotloff also covered Libya from the vantage point of the Islamist insurgent forces, some of whom have now taken control of Tripoli. VanDyke, Foley, and Sotloff also entered Syria illegally and reported only from the ranks of the Islamist guerrilla side. After email was recently  revealed between journalists for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and other publications and the CIA showing they colluded with the CIA in writing their stories, questions should be asked about Foley’s relationship with the seemingly under-capitalized but worldwide-present of Boston and why Sotloff, who wrote for a publication owned by the uber-Zionist Jerusalem Post, was embedded with Islamist takfiris and even had his Twitter photograph taken manning an insurgent truck-mounted machine gun in Syria. The Journalist Creed deters such practices, whether it is alleged journalist VanDyke fighting with guerrillas in Libya or Sotloff manning an insurgent machine gun in Syria or Foley only embedding with Islamist guerrillas in Syria or Libya.

U.S-Israeli citizen Steven Sotloff manning a Syrian insurgent machine gun.

After WMR wrote an article about the CIA’s possible use of journalists in covert operations abroad, an overturning of a longtime ban on such practices, this editor was immediately attacked by the Israeli-friendly on-line media. Obviously, a nerve was deeply hit.

As President Obama paves the way for increased U.S. involvement in civil wars that were brought about by American military intervention in both countries, ISIL is being revealed as yet another bogus organization created by the CIA, Mossad, and British intelligence to facilitate continued war and bloodshed within the Arab world. 


media manipulation to promote war


[Sullen Boy: This post is a re-post of an article on media manipulation written by an individual for whom I have some fascination and respect, arising from reading I did years ago about a now-deceased lieutenant colonel in the United States Air Force named John Boyd.

(Spinney has forgotten more about Boyd and his theories than I have ever know. Both he and his fellow Pierre Sprey, as well as Boyd himself, show a tendency towards insisting on excellence and not compromising it. Their sights were set on differing objectives; I was interested in teaching people how to use their minds more effectively.)

The focus of the piece by one of Boyd’s acolytes, Chuck Spinney might be titled “alternative impressions of reality”.

I haven’t altered anything except by adding a little “bold” for those who may not be familiar with Boyd’s OODA loop theory.

If you are interested, there is a great biography which serves as an outstanding introduction to the man and his works.

A search engine will bring you more, including his archived works, several off-shoots based on his work, some old briefings, and the “denser than uranium” thesis called “Destruction and Creation”.  Along the way, you might encounter some quotes on honesty and loyalty, or his famous directive on choosing direction.  Spinney has already done the archival work:

All of this important to your understanding of what is going on in the wider world. This article gives you a superb tear in the curtain.]


[source of image: ]


Photoshopping the Gaza War

A Metaphor for the Post-Information Era

Beginning in the early 1970s, advocates of de-industrialization argued that the United States was entering another economic revolution, a post-industrial era so to speak. The they named it the Information Age or the Information Revolution.  They argued that emerging information technologies would create a rich knowledge-based society, wherein the exploitation of information would yield better decisions and greater economic rewards for a than would industrial production in the United States; and therefore, industrial production could be left to less economically developed societies in the increasingly globalized economy.  To be sure, the technology industry — computers, sensors, software, connectivity — grew exponentially since the mid-1960s; it transformed the nature of our society, bringing benefits and hitherto unimaginable capabilities to many. Today, we live in a very different world than in 1960.

Yet this societal transformation also coincided with a welter of increasingly objectionable developments, including inter alia:

•rising wealth inequality and a stagnation of middle class wages;

•sluggish job creation, with most of the job growth in low wage service industries;

•a growing loss of control in government decisions, including a breakdown of comity in government, manifested by increasing paralysis and chaos, together with an increased dependence on multi-thousand page, incomprehensible omnibus legislative packages;

•a growing displacement of analysis by ideology in the economic, scientific, social, and foreign policy spheres of decisionmaking;

•more frequent and sharper recessions, caused in part by the rise of massive financial corruption and speculation, hidden by arbitrary assumptions buried deeply inside incomprehensible computer models, notwithstanding the appearance of increased scientific rigor;

•a dumbing down of the mass media to a degree that reflects the fear expressed by James Madison in his 1822 letter to W.T. Barry (i.e., “A popular government without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy, or perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”);

•a computer-driven domestic spying system, based on unreliable assumptions (especially artificial intelligence based on arbitrary Bayesian assumptions) buried in data analysis algorithms that has turned the Bill of Rights into a hollow shell;

•a well documented breakdown of decision making in the Pentagon created by the predictions of an un-auditable, corrupt bookkeeping system that is driven by the conscious bureaucratic gaming of the world’s most elaborate, computer-driven program planning system;

•and perhaps most destructively, the rise of a political system that is growing ever-more dependent on manipulating information to fuel the politics of fear and perpetual war.

To be sure, correlation or coincidence is not causation. There are many other independent causes in each of these developments, and information manipulation is as old as mankind.  Also, information technologies are neutral and can be used for good or ill. The normative question has to do with their application.  Nevertheless, the pervasive negativity in these developments embodies at least one common theme that is diametrically opposed to the central promise of the information revolution: each development can be interpreted as an outward indicator of decay in society’s collective capacity to make salutary decisions.

Since all decisions are based on the processing of information, is it reasonable to ask how the information revolution or knowledge based society could be coincident with the explosion of these kinds of developments?

The answer is obvious: these technologies have revolutionized the ability for individuals and factions to create, propagate, and hide inside alternative impressions of reality when they are competing for resources and authority.  This is true whether the competition for advantage takes place in economics, science, politics, or war.  At the very least, these alternative impressions of reality create an atmosphere of ambiguity, if not outright deception. While Sun Tzu first wrote about the benefits of deception in 400 BC or so, more recently Colonel Boyd explained why creating an atmosphere of ambiguity and/or deception is crucial in the struggle to get inside your adversary’s Observation – Orientation – Decision – Action loop in any kind of competition.  Ambiguity and deception free up room for quicker maneuvering by enabling a competitor to get inside the head of his adversary, and thereby paralyze him with a welter of unexpected ‘shaping’ operations to collapse his observations of and orientation into a mass of disconnected and disorderly images.  Boyd showed how this will cause your adversary to over and under react to changing conditions that drives him further away from his goal.  If you doubt the importance of ambiguity’s paralyzing effects on the mind, spend a Sunday morning trying to make sense out of the alternative realities that are sold as analysis and spouted with absolute certainty by the self-assured pundits and politicians on the different talk shows.

As one wag in the Pentagon said to me in the 1980s when we were discussing the mental and moral problems created by the alternative realities in DoD’s Plans/Reality Mismatch, “Welcome to the Post-Information Era; think of what Joseph Goebbels could have done with our information technologies.”

Attached herewith is a concrete example illustrating how the hi-tech game of creating alternative realities is played in the 21st Century.  In this case, it is being played for the most nefarious of reasons related to the promotion of a self-interested agenda.  The author of this report, Gareth Porter, is one of the finest investigative reporters left standing in the fight to offset the alternative foreign-policy realities created by Amerika’s ruling war party.

Exclusive: Israel’s Video Justifying Destruction of a Gaza Hospital Was From 2009

By Gareth Porter, Truthout, 06 September 2014 09:29

The video clip showing apparent firing from an annex to the hospital was actually shot during Israel’s 2008-09 “Operation Cast Lead,” and the audio clip accompanying it was from an incident unrelated to Al Wafa. (Screengrab: The Times of Israel) [seen above as the featured image]

A video distributed by the Israeli military in July suggesting that Palestinian fighters had fired from the Al Wafa Rehabilitation and Geriatric Hospital in Gaza City was not shot during the recent Israeli attack on Gaza, and both audio and video clips were manipulated to cover up the fact that they were from entirely different incidents, a Truthout investigation has revealed.

The video, released by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on July 23, the same day Israeli airstrikes destroyed Al Wafa, was widely reported by pro-Israeli publications and websites as proving that the hospital was destroyed because Hamas had turned the hospital into a military facility. But the video clip showing apparent firing from an annex to the hospital was actually shot during Israel’s 2008-09 “Operation Cast Lead,” and the audio clip accompanying it was from an incident unrelated to Al Wafa.

The misleading video was only the last in a series of IDF dissimulations about Al Wafa hospital that included false claims that Hamas rockets had been launched from the hospital grounds, or very near it, and that the hospital had been damaged by an attack on the launching site.  … continued

Posted by Chuck Spinney at 9:45 AM

Children, Family, Individual, Mind, Society

Children, Family, Individual, Mind, Society

Those five words seem to comprise the theme that you will find explored below by a range of writers, artists, philosophers and psychology-oriented folk. 

Recently I’ve encountered two new web sites that seem refreshing, new, related (almost as if they are paired, or run by the same group of people). 

They are Zen Gardner and The MindUnleashed.

The first article in this listing offers important information I think everyone should have, learn and employ; I speak from experience.  The other articles are bundled here for your exploration and thought. 

I find them intriguing. Can millions of people be wrong about something?  

Read for yourself; make up your own mind. 

Respond there, or here, or to the universe, or in how you will change. 

[If, as Deepak Chopra says, your mind-body changes itself continually, then change seems unavoidable, but your genetic structure will simply build the new model to be just like the old model unless you instruct it differently. 

How do you instruct your DNA?]


Music video:

Father and Son (4:03)



“We as human beings have a very strong self-centered aspect (even if it may not be truly ‘real’) of our beings called the ego, and many problems arise when this aspect of the human experience goes uncontrolled. Manipulation has always been a favored tool of the ego in order to get what it wants.

This manipulation can come in either a physical form or it can be seen to work on the emotional level in order to break the psyche into meeting the manipulator’s desires. Properly identifying the ways in which people emotionally manipulate others can save us much suffering in the future when identified early enough…..”





“… If eliminating the family is indeed an objective of the New World Order project, then it is by no means an easy objective to achieve. One would be hard-pressed to imagine an institution that would be more fiercely defended than the family, or to imagine a more painful experience than being separated from one’s children or parents. Any campaign to achieve that objective would need to fly under false colors, not advertised as a campaign to eliminate the family, but rather as a campaign aimed at protecting the rights and welfare of the child.” 



“… in the overlords’ view the children of the world must be made to conform to a system as limiting and spiritually confining as possible. This will include drugging, mind control, restrictive false education in militaristic institutions, treadmill like jobs, mindless diversions and constant propaganda.” 



Bonus Material!!




The Truth About Robin Williams

An hour-long video…. and read the comments too! 

Very provocative and interesting, but a touch misogynistic?! 

The Greatest Gift in the Universe (13:34)

It seems to me that blaming “the woman” [mother, wife] for one’s own weaknesses or failures is the inability to take responsibility for one’s own life.





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Octobrist videos: ISIS slices

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others began almost immediately blocking any further replays of the now-infamous Sotloff beheading video under “policies prohibiting content intended to incite violence”, based on their previous experience with the Foley event and thinking they could take away a propaganda platform from ISIS.

See of death/ and many other sources in which the allegedly-deceased are identified as agents of governmental intelligence agencies (namely MOSSAD and USAID, a known outlet for the CIA).

Since we’ve already seen — with multiple sources and references, including from leading US figures — that ISIS is a creation aided and abetted by the US and Israel, the elitist Zio-owned-or-controlled social media — designed for propaganda and other purposes of an elitist NWO police state — is really denying itself that platform.

Or is this just “posturing”?

Are we even allowed to use the word kabuki to describe what’s going on?


“Two or more images edited together create a “tertium quid” (third thing) that makes the whole greater than the sum of its individual parts.”

Maybe the CIA/Mossad school of film-making forget the part where they taught Eisenstein’s approach to montage 

The Odessa Steps Sequence (7:27)

Roger Ebert writes, “That there was, in fact, no czarist massacre on the Odessa Steps scarcely diminishes the power of the scene … It is ironic that [Eisenstein] did it so well that today, the bloodshed on the Odessa steps is often referred to as if it really happened.”[14]


Though Eisenstein studied the use of kanji, the iconographic Japanese characters, in his studies of pictorial development, and he was also exposed to Kabuki, I submit that we might use the word “Octobrist” due to his use as a propagandist in the Bolshevik revolution, after which he moved to Moscow and went to work for an institute of the proletarian artistic culture where he thought he ought to be paid while he engaged in unfettered artistic freedom until Stalin disabused him of his point of view and put him to work directing the film we know as Ten Days That Shook The World.

I remember the earlier blog entry here at BoyDownTheLane in which I explored the ties between film-making, Marxist semiotics, story and plot (except that film school students in Hollywood use the terms “fabula” and “syuzhet”).

“… The most effective kind of propaganda is intellectual montage; one that develops the emotions and thought processes towards the Marxist world-view, using the juxtaposition of images to create a “synthesis of art and science.” …  The major concern of semiotics, however, is not what film says, but how it says it; that is, what system of codes and conventions make shared meaning possible.”   



Don’t you find it ironic that Facebook, YouTube and other social media won’t let you see what many are calling an obviously faked (or at least essentially bloodless) beheading yet modern media invite you (and your children ) to watch a film trilogy with violent beatings, a “bloodbath scene”, and ‘unnecessarily graphic’ scenes that also include flogging and a public execution?

That the star is one of the subjects of this week’s ‘hacking’ of nude celebrity photos?

That the book series on which the highly-successful film series is based lived in Newton, CT (home to Sandy Hoax)?

That the film series is produced by the openly-touted-in-Jewish-media Nina Jacobson, the vice president for production at Universal Pictures?


So it is fairly clear why no one will be able to watch any ISIS beheading videos: they don’t pull at the political box office because they poorly-produced, poorly-acted and bloodless.


Back in mid-to-late October 2013 Reuters said that Facebook’s policy was that beheading videos were “permitted on its site so long as the content was posted in a manner intended for its users to “condemn” the acts rather than celebrate them.”

There have been 12 beheading videos released since 2001.  I’m sure that everyone who watches snuff films condemns them. Unless, of course, they’re bringing in hundreds of millions at the box office.

As the social media director for Popular Resistance said in talking about the Foley hoax, “We need to understand who made this video, why it was made the way it was, and question all groups that stamped their approval on the video as “government verified” and didn’t dig any deeper if we are going to make the right decisions in the coming weeks. THIS VIDEO IS NOT A SMOKING GUN that justifies war.”

It’s not even a bloody knife that brings us to the “shared meaning” of a “world-view” in which the death of another (real or faked) is an avenue to riches, control or exceptionalism.



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