Summon The Magic

So, as it says over at,

“Shouldn’t we learn how to better control and care for our own minds before they become targets of those whose values are not in keeping with our own?”.

just precisely how do we learn all that?

Well, I’ve been working on that, and I’m going to share it with you, for better or worse.

What will follow, in fits and starts, is an e-book I’ve entitled “Summon The Magic: How to Be a Better Athlete (or anything else you want to be).”

I don’t suggest that I am an expert.

Indeed, there has been a vertibale explosion in our popular and scienitifc understanding of what goes on within mind, body and spirit, and I’ve tried to keep pace with it. I’m still reading; the science is still exploding like a nova.

Ars longa; vita brevis.

I got curious as I watched my kids grow up, struggle with school, athletics, adolescence, the choices about colleges etc.,and I began to talk to other people and I began to read. I haven’t stopped, but my kids have their own kids now.

Along the way, I’d excerpt entire paragraphs, even pages at a time, using the old Macintosh I’d bought for my kids in high school. I’d print them up and mail them off to them in college. When my daughter came home after graduation in the old Mazda 6 we’d bought her for the long ride up north, there in the trunk was a binder with all those pages in order.

Some time later, I began to look for professional assistance and suggestion from people with credentials and made a few chapters available to small handfuls of people.  I felt I had something to which people needed to be exposed. In the interim, I had a heart attack, emergency open heart surgery for a valve replacement, an peri-operative left-sided motor stroke, the rehabilitation process, and eight years of post-op follow-through.   My motivation for getting up out of that rehab bed and learning to walk again was the need to take what I am about to present here to you to this level…. to bring it to the point where it was polished enough that it could be widely shared.

It’s still not polished, or perfect. For openers, as noted, the field of the cognitive sciences is moving faster than I can type. What is presented here is now almost 20 years old, though there are clues as to how you can leap ahead.

If you are an adult with a post-graduate education, you can zip through this quickly and probably add something.

If you are a young parent who’s never been exposed to this kind of science, psychology or “coaching”, you may benefit significantly.

If you have children, or are an older adolescent, then this will hopefully be something that will serve you well for years.

If you are a teacher or a coach, you will have some extra fodder for your own leadership and educational ventures.

What will follow, in fits and starts, is an e-book I’ve entitledSummon The Magic: How to Be a Better Athlete (or anything else you want to be).”

In PDF format, it will contain the intro, a complete expanded table of contents, a “mind map” of the content (and its explanation), a folder full of various focused short topical bits including a series of “mind mints” (like fortune cookie strips for the mind, body and spirit), numerous posters, and the complete book (the chapters are called tabs, from the original three-ring binder format) from A to S.

Still in development is some excerpted material from within three books by Dr. Joe Dispenza. It willprobably show up as Tab T.

While the focus is on athletics, it is also immediately applicable to music or other artistic performance, as well as other pursuits.  Tab S covers this, as does earlier chapters. There is a complete bibliography.  Almost everything is footnoted as to its source. Some parts of the material were written by me. The material is all either direct quotes from the annotated source, or paraphrased and blended from two or more sources, or synthesized from several. I was after text that kids would read and which would appeal and work and which would get them to read more…  to find that source book and engage it.

The book cites the idea of “mind sprints” but hopefully makes it all an enjoyable exercise in the development of mind, body and spirit. I hope that you will spend some time getting to look into this material and that you share it with others who can help you determine its value and use.

Today’s offering will include the introduction, the expanded table of contents, the bibliography, and the first chapter, all in pdf format.


Expanded Table of Contents


Tab A (Intro & Overview)