fooling ourselves

fooling ourselves

There can be no simpler or greater proof of what has seemed to be an obvious “seeding” or baiting of “conspiracy theory”-leaning folks than what has appeared in mainstream media withing the past 24 hours. 

It started with the WaPo article posted yesterday which looked like a Maginot line of incomplete and leading elements begging people to speculate. 

It continued yesterday with Entertainment Tonight’s typical salacious and leering approach. 

It continued Monday night with the appearance of Time Magazine’s online article “Justice Antonin Scalia’s Death Attracts Conspiracy Theorists”

That magazine is, of course, one of the pillars of the Luce media empire. Luce and friends were members of Skull and Bones. Elements of its media empire were actively involved at several levels and in several instances in the cover-up of the assassination of JFK in Dallas, an event which spawned the infamous CIA memo that coined the phrase “conspiracy theory”. For further edification, I point you to the essays contained in the book “A Certain Arrogance”; pay special attention to the name C. D. Jackson.

Any murder mystery is solved deductively and forensically based on the evidence. Part of the evidence is to discern who is helping to uncover it and preserve it, and who is helping to obscure it, destroy it, or prevent further investigation and analysis. 

That the mainstream media could toy with the theme or idea of the murder of a Supreme Court Justice is preposterous, given the 1985 novel Murder in The Supreme Court written by the only child of the 33rd President, the very same haberdasher aided by critical Jewish money during his campaign and who gave us the national security state, the CIA, a parasitical newborn in the Mideast, and the signal honor of being the only nation to assassinate entire cities with atomic weaponry. 

That the mainstream media could laugh and point fingers — ( calling out “Scalia death truthers” and “wingnuts” ) at people who ask questions about the safe-keeping and hospitality shown a man whose lifetime appointment to the high court carries with it a complement of Federal marshal’s personnel and assets after the publication in 1992 by a lawyer of  a highly-visible-and-successful book turned into a movie whose plotline involved the dual assassinations of two Supreme Court justices (“The circumstances surrounding their deaths, as well as the deaths themselves, shock and confuse a politically divided nation.”) — screams an ignorance or complicity.  

Such a lack of historical and cultural awareness on the part of “journalists” cannot be incompetence. 

I do not know that the former Justice Scalia’s life was ended in any manner other than peacefully dying of a failed cardiovascular pump in the middle of the night. I am not going to suggest any theory.

But given the announced use of domestic propaganda, “cognitive infilitration” and the naming of those who are interested in Constitutional fidelity as something akin to ‘enemies of the state’, what is going on here culturally, politically and in terms of political manipulation and social engineering is reminiscent of a OODA loop which has been played out in a high-speed, multi-component socio-cultural “furball” .

When we see that a leading oligarch and funder of Democratic candidates has been active in fomenting riots in Baltimore and massive infusion of foreigners into Europe , when the operative meme for the past decade has been the purposeful creation of chaos, civilized behavior has been turned into a furball.

Given that the OODA loop has been widely adapted by people in the world of intel and global security, in net-centric warfare, and by people ranking as high as the Secretary of Defense and the Vice Presidency [see Real-World or Exercise?]; and given that several of the leading “cyber” juggernauts like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Palantir are all deeply tied into the Central Intelligence/DARPA/NSA world [see The CIA and Google]; and 

given that three of those are actively involved in the ownership and operation of mainstream media [Amazon owns the Washington Post, Facebook is “the highest-read social network on the Web, with over 20 billion visitors per month, as of 2015″, and Google operates multiple platforms including Google News]; and

given the kind of social footprint  taken up by the technological oligarchs;

what are the chances that synchronization of information warfare on the American people is occurring and that the wide field of political perception is rife with covert manipulation? [See Ted Cruz Psy Op by Thierry Meysan. ]


the facts on 9/11 insider trading found here and here ;

the article written by Dave McGowan on 9/12

the “Kennebunkport warning”

the article on General “Jack” Wheeler III by a fellow West Point graduate; and 

the decades of research that has been done on the assassinations of Senators, Presidential candidates, leading advocates for peace and social change, and Presidents;  

don’t you think our government and the media is playing us all for fools?