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Every once in a while, you get reminded of what you’d worked so hard to put behind you.

There is some simple maxim that keeps popping up about the road being paved with good intentions and I’m sure it was with good intuitions that I received, unexpected and unannounced, for Valentine’s Day, from my older sister, a small selection of “goodies” she’d recovered when she was the executor of my parent’s estate and cleaned out their mobile home after they passed.

A half a century ago, I was transitioning through boyhood, out of a small private day school where my step-mother watched over me from her desk just outside the principal’s office.

I doubt my sister is aware of the day that my step-mother drove precipitously close to me as I rode my bike home; she timed it perfectly as I rounded the diving right turn on the shoulderless two-lane back-country brookside road.

I doubt my sister is aware of the day in the back yard when I finally realized I had grown to a size that, if it exerted itself, could stand up to the ear-twisting, head-slapping, arm-twisting re-direction of my attentions and intentions.

But my sister is surely aware of the loud arguments at dinner time about whether my parents could afford to send me to prep school, and she surely is aware of the fact that I came this close to getting thrown out of the place when they did find the money. I’m sure she read the letters and report cards she sent on. And I trust my sister is aware of the degree and frequency with which the old man was implored by his wife to use the belt.

Folded neatly in the stack was a single-page interim report noting two classes which I was in danger of failing, the first from the geometry teacher who checked off the boxes “poor attention in class”, “superficial or careless homework preparations”, “apparent lack of interest”, “failure to follow suggestions”, and “lack of determination and sustained effort”.

The second report was from the English teacher Warren K. Hall who noted I’d done poorly on the two assigned texts, and had failed to muster the short story terms of plot, character, theme, irony, etc.) and that I’d been reprimanded for my smart-aleck attitude; “that attitude has disappeared and I trust I will see no more of it this year.” [Cue Pink Floyd. And Arthur Silber on Alice Miller’s work ] This is the same school from which Obama’s senior adviser Valerie Jarrett graduated. The report was dated 11/27/63, just two days after the assembled children of North Farm House joined housemaster David C. Burnham, the former Marine, in his living room to watch “Jack Ruby” shoot Lee Harvey Oswald, another Marine.

Also in the stack from my sister was an envelope with three letters to me from my father dated March 3rd, May 6th, and May 12th of 1964. The first implored me to write to my brother who’d been unceremoniously thrown out of the house and told to join the military for reasons never disclosed to me during that last half-century; my father’s letter and noted his address at Lackland AFB with the admonishment that every number in the long string of numbers was important and that, it being impossible to get me home to see him before he left… probably because I was confined to campus as punishment for one of my transgressions, attached to my requirement of 18 hours of forced hard labor chipping and scrubbing out the hard-baked carbon crust on the inside of the campus steam-production boilers) …  I ought to drop him a note. This brother is now fighting for his life in a hospital in the Southwest (near one of those underground military bases alleged to be FEMA’s most sensitive installation) due to the ravages of Agent Orange; he is so estranged from his family that he will not talk to me.

But Dad’s missive in ‘64 inquired whether the son of the scion of the Phelps-Dodge copper mining fortune was home from school on the same schedule as me and the son of two well-known Bennington College poets who went on to Phillips Andover, and the letter asked if I liked the chaplain from Yale [the OSS/military intelligence officer and former CIA agent who was a member of Skull and Bones who was touring the pulpits of New England] and it also asked if I had noticed that “some clergymen seem to get through to you and some don’t”.

[Dad, if they let you have a media player where you are, you may want to listen to this.]

Then, after two paragraphs of sermon, the first on communications and the second on faith, he said “I have been trying to communicate with you but I don’t seem to get through to you. Why?”

Later: “Incidentally, the boys at Eton get lashes or beatings if they do not conform. Interesting to note that three out of four students voted against abolishing this punishment.  What’s the scoop?  What gives? I am waiting to hear from you….”

Two months later: “Perhaps the way to make up for my poor correspondence is to write another letter today….”

A week later, he sent on a copy of a report card with the note that my step-mother said I must be improving since I got only one warning instead of three. He added the admonishment that I had failed to send a Mother’s Day card.

Deeper in the stack from my sister was the letter dated 6/22/64 from David C. Burnham, Director of Academic Counseling [yeah, my in loco house parent] to let my parents know that I had been placed on academic probation and that, should I choose to return, a “stiffer approach” to my shortcomings would be taken.

Also in the stack was a photocopy of the tear-sheet from the Lawrence Eagle Tribune with this short story.

Enclosed also was the original letter I had typed to my mother dated 2/9/76 after my father had disowned me for divorcing my wife, meeting another woman, fathering a child out of wedlock, and so on. I said that “from the moment I met [her], I know that our loving each other would not be easy for either of us, or for others…. Yet being a thing in our hearts, it made it that much easier for us… and more of a dream, a goal…. We have shared the burdens, and the joys.  Our biggest pain is that some cannot see the love we have for each other.”

Recently we celebrated our 40th anniversary.

One of the ways in which we celebrated it, aside from sharing  some great meals, trading gifts (I gave her a jade pendant and she gave me two great kids, her forgiveness and a gift card to the local bookstore) was to watch the new movie “Boyhood”. [ “Dad, there’s no real magic in the world, right?”]


All of the above forms some kind of weirdly shimmering backdrop to the current events of the day in which “miscreants” are labeled as having been radicalized.  

My own world and background is nebulous, almost weightless, compared to that of individuals whose world has been turned upside down by war, whose children have been murdered, whose very culture is demonized and poisoned with depleted uranium, whose peoples have been the focus of brutally sadistic torture designed by the very people the chaplain from Yale chose not to preach to or about. But they do lecture us about our own integrity and our own failings.






De-radicalization involves psychological therapies, religious instruction and even job training.



Hicks, the parking space terrorist

But Hicks, who walked into the flat of three students in Chapel Hill, NC and shot them, execution style, was not a Muslim. He comes from Christian heritage. He is not black or brown, but white. His name is not Ahmed, but Craig.

That changes everything.

Neither the police nor the media would describe his crime as a hate crime, let alone terrorism, although his terrorism is unique in a way. His type resides on the top of the food chain in terms of race, gender and other criteria. Yet, somehow he is politically frustrated. Go figure.

He is not a member of a radicalised generation born into oppression, foreign invasion, poverty and other untold humiliation. If that was the case, one can, at least to a degree fathom the hate, deconstruct the anger, or even rationalise that violence is a natural outcome of  a certain reality.

Hicks is of the Fox News demographic, gun touting unreasonably and immeasurably angry, white American. Self-proclaimed atheist or otherwise, it matters little.

Police and media whitewashing

To add insult to injury, the Chapel Hill police reacted mere hours after the terrorist act saying that an “ongoing dispute over parking may have led to a triple shooting”. The media embraced the statement with little questioning. That was clearly Hicks’ statement to the police, which was adopted as fact. The term terrorism was completely absent from mainstream media discourse.

Obama finally reacted to the heinous crime, but only after being urged on by a visibly moved Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “As political leaders, we have responsibilities for the murders committed in the countries where we are in charge. We have to show our stance. If you stay silent when faced with an incident like this, and don’t make a statement, the world will stay silent towards you,” Erdogan said.

Obama, belatedly issued a shot statement, vague and uncommitted.

The media’s insistence on the parking dispute story has become the dominant narrative. The tastelessness and insensitivity reached new heights when a US Inside Edition TV show produced a report on how to “safely” find a parking spot while avoiding dispute.

“Finding a parking space can be one of the things that pushes people over the edge, but there is always a way to find a spot at the mall,” said the show host Deborah Norville. Behind her, on a large screen, the three murdered Muslims. She didn’t even bother to mention their names, or list their contributions to their community. Their charity work alone was more than all the good that Hicks and his gun-touting “atheists” types can ever do for their community in a lifetime.

If the murderer was a Muslim or a black man, Norville’s report would have had a different title: “How do you spot a terrorist?” maybe, or “What to do about gang violence in my neighbourhood?” perhaps.

Holding US media accountable

But if the victims are Muslims, which could be millions of Iraqis, thousands of Palestinians, or three Muslim students in North Carolina, the discourse shifts away from generalisations, politics or any context that may in fact help us understand the issue better.

So Hicks, we are told, killed the students “execution style” because of a dispute over parking spaces.

The same way that Chris Kyle – “The American Sniper” – made 164 confirmed “kills”, killing “savages” because that’s what national heroes do.

And US wars and sanctions on Iraq killed, starved and wounded millions to bring democracy to the Arabs.

This selectively insane logic will persist however, because there are millions of unrepentant politicians, extremist media pundits and well-armed men and women who refuse to see the recklessness of their “logic”.

They will continue to feed violence – which unlike what Hicks is led to believe – didn’t start on 11 September 2001 – and spit out the most dangerous of militant phenomena: al-Qaeda, IS and all the rest…..”


Also in the background of the day’s events and the small package from the past is the fact that I am just finishing the reading of Annie Jacobsen’s book Operation Paperclip. I am going to have to re-read it, perhaps twice, to discover the author’s intent. Available bios are slim, and I haven’t yet collected the reviews.  She is a very good writer and her book(s) have received praise from all the right places. I haven’t read “Area 51” yet but I’ve scanned enough about it to understand that there is a new wrinkle offered up on what really happened and who was behind the infamous Roswell incident. I’ve leave that for another day, and I’ll be writing much more in depth about Annie’s book in the future.

My curiosity is raised to a higher degree because no where does she mention Henry Kissinger, Allen Dulles, “The Secret Surrender”, Prescott Bush, or Skull and Bones. She does tell the story of Frank Olsen; her book was published in 2014, and she dismisses the fellow who flew out of the window as deserving his fate because he was himself a violator of the Nuremberg Code and part of the team of “covert poisoners”, and thus deftly avoiding in one paragraph any reference whatsoever to Hank Albarelli’s book from five years earlier entitled A Terrible Mistake”.

See also http://truth-out.org/archive/component/k2/item/88113:the-real-roots-of-the-cias-rendition-and-black-sites-program 

as well as 


But I digress… (to borrow a phrase from the former Ed Encho, Donn Marten).

What has this digression have to do with the above?

It’s about radicalization.

While there are lots of things that have been written about Operation Paperclip, one of the elements Jacobsen does share with us is the fact that some of the folks whom the intelligence apparatchniks from before, during and after World War Two — our great fight against the original Axis — brought home with them came equipped with the scientific approach to war crimes, medical experimentation, bio-chemical warfare, rocketry, and secret underground complexes. In doing so, they embraced the idea that to fight evil one must become evil, or at least engage in evil acts (is there a difference?). And so we got Fort Detrick, the militarization of space, the ability to deliver weapons of mass destruction widely or anywhere, and lots of deep, dark places holding deep, dark secrets.

And then they lecture us about fighting the radicalization of others.

Much of what Annie Jacobsen talks about in her book can be confirmed easily with a search engine and some time in a bookstore or a library.  [You can even discover a lot of what she left out; I’ll tak more about that in another blog entry.]

What follows below should be taken with a grain of salt and the knowledge that some links no longer work.  Much work has been done by a lot of people. Some of them are grad students, some of them are investigative journalists, and some of them are controversial (ex: Richard Sauder).  Caveat lector.

Bring a long ball of twine as you enter the metaphorical labyrinths of the old Reich and the new one.





It is not accidental that Lloyd Duscha mentioned the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ increased interest in underground bases and construction in the post-World War II period.

In the closing stages of WW II, the U.S. military overran the Third Reich and confiscated a treasure trove of Nazi technology, engineering facilities and research laboratories.

The American military also apprehended and detained large numbers of Nazi scientists, engineers and technicians, many of whom were brought to the United States under the auspices of the infamous “Project Paperclip” and integrated into American industry, research institutes and into the military and other official agencies.

Read Project Paperclip File 1

Read Project Paperclip File 2

Read Project Paperclip File 3

The cases of such Project Paperclip notables as Wernher von Braun, and other “ex”-Nazis who were put to work building rockets and missiles for the military and NASA, are well known.

The American political and military establishments were very impressed with Nazi V-2 and buzz bomb missile technology, and brought Von Braun and his team to the USA at war’s end to continue and advance the research and design they had done under Hitler’s Third Reich.

The development of the manned space program, satellite technology, deep space probes, intercontinental nuclear missiles and cruise missiles are all fruits of their work.

But Project Paperclip had another aspect which has received almost no publicity. And that aspect had to do with the underground facilities that the American military discovered when they entered the remnants of the Third Reich in the concluding stages of open military hostilities between the Allied and Axis powers in the European theater.

I have two declassified Project Paperclip memoranda in my files that specifically request four men with expertise in underground construction, one of whom is Xaver Dorsch.

Project Paperclip File Xaver Dorsch File

The other men are not known to me, but Xaver Dorsch is. He was the director of the so-called Todt Organization in the closing phase of WW II.

The Todt Organization was originally headed by Fritz Todt, whence the name. Fritz Todt was the designer and creator of the well-known German autobahn system of highways.

The Todt organization served a somewhat analogous function in the Third Reich to that of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or the U.S. Navy Seabees in the present American military system.

In other words, it was a civil engineering agency that supported the operations of the German military, though, unlike the case of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or the U.S. Navy Seabees in the American system, the Todt Organization was not a formal part of the German military structure.

However, it did play a crucial role in the Nazi war effort and constructed many facilities for use by the German military and industry. Some of the underground structures that it built were impressively large and sophisticated.

In 1942 Fritz Todt was killed in an airplane crash and by war’s end control of the agency had effectively passed to Xaver Dorsch. In the closing stages of the war, Hitler specifically tasked Dorsch with developing a series of huge, underground, industrial manufacturing facilities.

Allied bombing raids were shredding German manufacturing and the Nazi command wanted to shift production underground, out of reach of American and British bombs. The collapse of the Third Reich ultimately put an end to those plans.

I remain persuaded, however, that a great deal of what the Allies found when they went into Germany remains classified to the present day, and that includes the full extent of the underground facilities built by the Todt Organization.

Xaver Dorsch was taken prisoner by the American military on 7 May 1945. I have two moderately lengthy documents that he wrote for the Americans, evidently as part of his debriefing by them.4 One was produced in 1946, the other in 1949-1950.

The documents deal with the administrative structure and operational activities of the Todt Organization during the war. I strongly suspect that Dorsch supplied a great deal more information to his American captors during that period that has yet publicly to see the light of day.

Xaver Dorsch may even have worked directly for the American military on the construction of secret, underground bases in the USA, just as he had done for the Nazis during the Third Reich.

It is a fact that he was in American military captivity and was requested specifically by Project Paperclip.

During the course of my research I spoke with an expert who is personally familiar with some of the Nazi underground constructions in Europe and his observation to me was that they were very well made facilities.

One of the best accounts of such facilities that I have found in the open literature is the anecdotal history related by Colonel Robert S. Allen that details what General Patton’s army discovered when it entered Germany in the closing stage of World War II.

Col. Allen revealed that Patton’s forces found four large underground bases in the vicinity of the grim Nazi concentration camp near Ohrdruf, Germany; other underground facilities were reported in nearby towns. Col. Allen provided the following description:

The underground installations were amazing. They were literally subterranean towns. There were four in and around Ohrdruf…. None were natural caverns or mines. All were man-made military installations. The horror camp had provided the labor. An interesting feature of the construction was the absence of any spoil. It had been carefully scattered in hills miles away.

Over 50 feet underground, the installations consisted of two and three stories, several miles in length and extending like the spokes of a wheel. The entire hull structure was of massive, reinforced concrete. Purpose of the installations was to house the High Command after it was bombed out of Berlin. The Ohrdruf installations were to have been used by the Signal Communications Section.

One, near the horror camp, was a huge telephone exchange equipped with the latest and finest apparatus. Signal Corps experts estimated their cost at $10,000,000.

This place also had paneled and carpeted offices, scores of large work and store rooms, tiled bathrooms with both tubs and showers, flush toilets, electrically equipped kitchens, decorated dining rooms and mess halls, giant refrigerators, extensive sleeping quarters, recreation rooms, separate bars for officers and enlisted personnel, a moving-picture theater, and air-conditioning and sewage systems. Begun in 1944, the installations had been completed but never occupied. [5]

The Regenwurmlager in Poland

Another spectacular example of Nazi underground engineering prowess was the subterranean Regenwurmlager complex that still sprawls for many miles deep beneath the countryside of western Poland. Several years ago Paul Stonehill wrote an eye-opening article about this site, replete with color photos, in FATE magazine. [6]

The Regenwurmlager was an obvious Nazi analog on the eastern German border region to the well-known Maginot Line that the French had built in their eastern border region, in that it also, like the Maginot Line, was comprised of many miles of underground tunnels and electric train lines connecting bunkers, fortifications and other critical military facilities.

Amazingly, the full extent of the huge complex is not known, even today. It is not known if either the Poles or the Russians have ever fully explored the many miles of tunnels and underground emplacements.

According to Stonehill, the facility has many secret or hidden entrances, and an underground subway system with an electric train on rails that ran through a tunnel approximately 100 to 165 feet below the surface.

On the surface, there were numerous military fortifications and bunkers crammed with weaponry, connected by secret passages to a sprawling labyrinth of tunnels below ground, said to be 30 miles or more in length.

Stonehill reports that Adolf Hitler is alleged to have visited the Regenwurmlager in 1937, riding in on the underground subway train. [7]

It happens that the Regenwurmlager complex of military bunkers and underground tunnels and subway trains was located in territory that was overrun by Soviet troops in the closing stages of World War II, so the American military may never have examined the facility.

However, I consider it very likely that Xaver Dorsch would have had personal knowledge of this facility, and it is quite likely that he extensively briefed his American captors on the large Regenwurmlager system of underground tunnels and bunkers.

This book cannot provide an exhaustive treatment of Nazi underground facilities, but the examples provided suffice to demonstrate that 65 to 75 years ago, Nazi engineers already had a sophisticated capability to construct elaborate, large facilities underground.

The American military understood this clearly at war’s end, and urgently wanted to bring Nazi experts to the USA to build underground facilities here also.




a repository for documents pertaining to the underground dispersal projects and the associated concentration and forced labor camps conducted by the Nazi government and German businesses during World War I








On April 16, 1996, the New York Times reported on a mysterious military base being constructed in Russia: “In a secret project reminiscent of the chilliest days of the Cold War, Russia is building a mammoth underground military complex in the Ural Mountains, Western officials and Russian witnesses say. Hidden inside Yamantau mountain in the Beloretsk area of the southern Urals, the project involved the creation of a huge complex, served by a railroad, a highway, and thousands of workers.”

The New York Times article quotes Russian officials describing the underground compound variously as a mining site, a repository for Russian treasures, a food storage area, and a bunker for Russia’s leaders in case of nuclear war. It would seem that the Russian Parliament knows as little about Russian underground bases as the Congress knows about Mount Weather in the United States. “The (Russian) Defense Ministry declined to say whether Parliament has been informed about the details of the project, like its purpose and cost, saying only that it receives necessary military information,” according to the New York Times.

“We can’t say with confidence what the purpose is, and the Russians are not very interested in having us go in there,” a senior American official said in Washington. “It is being built on a huge scale and involves a major investment of resources. The investments are being made at a time when the Russians are complaining they do not have the resources to do things pertaining to arms control.” Where’s the Money Coming From? The construction of the vast underground complex in Russia may very well become a cause of concern to the Clinton Administration. The issue of ultimate purpose for the complex, whether defensive (as with Mount Weather) or offensive (such as an underground weapons factory) is not the only issue Mr. Clinton has to worry about.

The real cause for concern is that the US is currently sending hundreds of millions of dollars to Russia, supposedly to help that country dismantle old nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, the Russian parliament has been complaining to Yeltsin that it cannot pay $250 million in back wages owed to its workers at the same time that it is spending money to comply with new strategic arms reduction treaties. Aviation Week and Space Technology reported that “It seems the nearly $30 billion a year spent on intelligence hasn’t answered the question of what the Russians are up to at Yamantau Mountain in the Urals. The huge underground complex being built there has been the object of U.S. interest since 1992. ‘We don’t know exactly what it is,’ says Ashton Carter, the Pentagon’s international security mogul.

The facility is not operational, and the Russians have offered ‘nonspecific reassurances’ that it poses no threat to the U.S.” U.S. law states that the Administration must certify to Congress that any money sent to Russia is used to disarm its nuclear weapons. However, is that the case? If the Russian parliament is complaining of a shortage of funds for nuclear disarmament, then how can Russia afford to build the Yamantau complex?

Are the Russians building an underground city akin to Mount Weather with American taxpayer’s money?

Could American funds be subsidizing a Russian weapons factory?

Hopefully Congress will get a firm answer to these questions before authorizing further funding to Russian military projects.

(c) Copyright 1996 ParaScope, Inc.



Lots and lots more here:



The secret weapons complex was found near Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp in Austria 




In 2001, a California defense contractor built a small replication of the Nazi Bell device, and it produced effects just as Igor Witkowski and Nick Cook had reported on the original project. The Nazi Bell replication was built by SARA under funding from Joe Firmage’s ISSO startup, and developed around an applied engineering model of Einstein’s Unified Field Theory. In short, it was a modern attempt at a scale replication of the original Nazi Bell experiment, based largely on their interpretation of the original Bell design.

The Nazi Bell replication is important because it offers validation for the research of Igor Witkowski and Nick Cook, but also because it demonstrates the application of theories proposed by Dr. James Corum and John Dering that offer explanations for not only the Nazi Bell experiment, but for the Philadelphia Experiment and the Hutchison Effect as well. In short, these are Unified Field Theory effects, which explains their strange side effects and unpredictable nature.

The Nazi Bell replication that Coruma and Dering participated in was related to WW-II German research, but the modern replication had been financed by Joe Firmage’s ISSO startup for about 1.2 million dollars, and wasn’t an exact replica of the original device. SARA’s version was much smaller (about 100 watts) and they’d modified the design, since they didn’t actually know many of the details of the original Bell’s construction.

SARA tested their mini-version of the Bell and found that it effectively produced a gravitational back-EMF that they couldn’t shield against. That’s important, because SARA does electromagnetic shielding on the B-2 bomber, and even with their expertise they tried everything imaginable before realizing that it was a time-space distortion effect. They shut the experiment down when ISSO funding dried up, although the claim is that if the cash is available, they still have the unit ready & waiting for more tests.

The Nazi Bell replication effort is also important because it validates the role of higher-dimensional models of physics in the development of advanced propulsion technology. Einstein’s Unified Field Theory, largely the base of the Nazi Bell replication effort, is a direct ancestor of today’s M-Theory (Brane-Theory) models, which are predicting warp-drives and other cutting-edge technologies.

The Nazi Bell replication offers advice on engineering Unified Field Theory effects as well: Dering has repeatedly suggested that Gabriel Kron’s work both identifies and eliminates higher-dimensional effects from traditional electrical equipment to increase efficiency, and it has done so since Kron introduced his model to the engineering community in the 1930’s, which would explain why UFT effects are not present in conventional electrical equipment. By understanding how his models eliminate UFT effects in today’s equipment, it may be possible to design experimental devices that instead maximize these effects for research purposes.

Gabriel Kron is generally considered to be one of the most important contributors to modern electrical engineering, and he viewed these effects as wasteful interference that reduced the efficiency of all types of systems, especially those containing rotating magnetic fields. The models that he developed sought to eliminate higher-dimensional interference in order to bolster the efficiency of electrical equipment. In other words, warping time-space takes energy, and Kron wanted electric motors to spin a driveshaft, not the space-time around it.

Download PDF



Video: U.S. Underground City, Roadway SystemSunday, March 3, 2013 7:01


[a very large file]






[I’ve taken the liberty of capturing this into a pdf for easier reading:  Nazi Underground Empire  ]




Are you, your family or your community at risk of turning to violent extremism? That’s the premise behind a rating system devised by the National Counterterrorism Center, according to a document marked For Official Use Only.

The document –and the rating system –is part of a wider strategy for Countering Violent Extremism, which calls for local community and religious leaders to work together with law enforcement and other government agencies. The White House has made this approach a centerpiece of its response to terrorist attacks around the world and in the wake of the Paris attacks, announced plans to host an international summit on Countering Violent Extremism on February 18th.’





“… The final panel will focus on secure and resilient communities, and it will, in particular, begin by looking at the role of civil society, particularly youth and women preventing violent extremism.  It will look at community-police relations and community-security force relations as a critical element of prevention.  And it will finally broaden that conversation to address social, economic and political marginalization, including the effects of integration of minority communities. 

The event will close with remarks by National Security Advisor Ambassador Susan Rice. ….”



Susan_Rice is, you know, a Rhodes Scholar married to an ABC-TV producer, daughter of the second black governor of the Federal Reserve System, and is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Aspen Strategy Group. She was described by Justin Raimondo as “one of the most militant [pdf] of the New Interventionists who infest the Obama administration’s foreign policy shop”.

Sounds like the “in loco parentis” and parental pre-emptive misdirection I received in my boyhood… “lashes or beatings” for predicted non-conformity.

And of course the bitter hypocrisy of it all is that it is the authoritarian leadership of the US, born of the criminal bankers, the Skull and Bones crowd, the intelligence apparatchiks themselves, aided by the people and the techniques they imported from Nazi Germany, that has created, nurtured, armed, mind-controlled and set loose the very miscreants they rant about so they have an excuse to trash the world and rape it of its beauty, integrity and humanity.

This is what you aspire to do with yourself and the world when you are radicalized through membership in secret societies.


How can you have any pudding if you don’t beat your meat?

mythical software (with two addenda)

The voice of the semi-official spokeswoman for the ruling clique, Martha Raddatz, crackles resonantly as if she had a personal investment when she announces the mortal attack on Major General Greene, a two star major general and the highest ranking official to have been killed in the Afghanistan war.

Martha Raddatz had had her ticket punched in all the right places, having been married to Ben Bradlee Jr. and the Obama Administration’s former FCC Commissioner, having held down a slot on the New York Times best-seller list, and having been spoofed on SNL. She also sports a hip hop ring tone.

But this isn’t about Martha: it’s about a mythical software with special powers and whether, as is claimed here by a “former Palantir field service rep”, it was being used on-scene at the Boston Marathon during the bombing.


Was there a field test of this technology during a pre-planned drill that was a cover for an op?  Or was, as is claimed, the technology in use to help catch the perps?

Who has funded the technology, and for what purposes?  Who are the company’s clients? What military contractor groups have access to the technology? How many police, security or governmental organizations are now using this technology in a domestic application? What has happened to the people who know?

What is truth, and what is purposeful disinformation or misdirection?



Greene was simply the highest ranking of the soldiers picked as targets the day that the “guardian angels” of NATO were apparently paying their attention elsewhere during yet another example  “of what has come to be known as a “green on blue” attack–that is, Afghan trainees at the base killing their Western trainers”. The role of a “guardian angel” is to “watch people’s backs and hopefully identify people that would be involved in those attacks,” Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told reporters during an Aug. 14 briefing at the Pentagon.

[ http://foreignpolicy.com/2012/08/14/guardian-angels-in-afghanistan/ ]

Here’s a detailed look at Major General Greene’s background in military skills, technology and engineering. The Pentagon, in their ultimate wisdom, decided he needs some time in a battle zone. His expertise was at the forefront of anti-IED technology, a suite of tools that process “huge amounts of battlefield data”. “The project used a controversial piece of military technology called Palantir.




“…The Washington Times first reported in July about an internal battle within the Army. Commanders and intelligence officers in Afghanistan complained in messages to Army headquarters about the Defense Common Ground System.

Some asked for permission to buy Palantir, an off-the-shelf software platform that specializes in linking disparate bits of information to form a clear picture of the battlefield.

In some cases, Army officials involved in shielding the Defense Common Ground System from possible budget cuts viewed Palantir as a competitor and worked to shut off the requests.

Thursday’s news conference offered a different view.

The generals said the Defense Common Ground System, which has been in development for a decade, grew out of a giant gap in intelligence collection: There was no single database to bring together information in Afghanistan and look for links among suspected enemy fighters.

“We had a difficult time [in] what we were collecting and even what it was collecting, when it was collecting and where it was collecting,” said Maj. Gen. Stephen Fogarty, who heads the Army Intelligence and Security Command. He has held senior posts in special operations, Central Command and Afghanistan.

“Data from all that collection resided in different databases that were often incompatible,” Gen. Fogarty said.

A different tale

Maj. Gen. Harold J. Greene, the Army’s deputy for acquisition and systems management, said the Defense Common Ground System “replaced nine different intelligence systems.”

“This really is a change in methodology,” Gen. Greene said. “It reduces the amount of hardware we have to buy and the footprint on the ground.”

Intelligence processing has become especially important in fighting terrorists such as the Taliban, who wear no uniforms and hide among the population, making them difficult to identify.

“It’s really the Army intelligence-analyst weapon system,” Gen. Fogarty said. “DCGS has been used effectively in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world by both conventional and our special operations forces. We believe it enhances soldiers’ situational awareness and improves commanders’ ability to protect the force.”

The Times has obtained a series of messages from combatants that tell a far different story.

Officers lauded Palantir for its ability to zero in on data that helped soldiers find roadside bombs, the No. 1 killer of troops in Afghanistan. They complained that the Army-issued Defense Common Ground System was too slow.

A November 2011 memo from the 82nd Airborne Division provides an example:

“Solving very hard analytical problems takes several days when using existing tools against these data sources,” the message states. “In our experience in using the Palantir platform against the same problems, we were able to reduce this time to a few hours. This shortfall translates into operational opportunities missed and unnecessary risk to force.” …

“Every intelligence officer wants the best capability available,” Gen. Fogarty said. “People have preferences. We have some very aggressive analysts. Frankly, they drive us to continue to improve the system.”

He asserted that once a brigade opts to use Palantir “that data is not completely available, is not interoperable” with other intelligence systems.

“The ease of use [with Palantir], that has been very important to them,” he said.”






The deceased general’s daughter was a vice president at ManTech_International


“… The commander in chief has said nothing about the incident, leaving it to the Defense Department and his own press secretary, Josh Earnest, to discuss it…..”







The Boston Globe acknolwedged that the Police had deployed “air patrols, K9 units, and more than 1,000 uniformed officers and soldiers along the 26-mile course and the finish line,” but it made no mention of the private contracting of soldiers-for-hire like the Craft International.

Meanwhile, Reuters reported that a top official for the Massachusetts state Homeland Security Department, Undersecretary Kurt Schwartz, told a group at Harvard University that his agency had “planned” for a possible bombing attack on the marathon, even running a “table-top” exercise about such an event a week before the race.


See also:





http://fas.org/irp/doddir/army/fm3-11-22.pdf (See Pages D-4 and D-4)




The rabbit’s hole in re: Chris Kyle





“Part of the reason green-on-blue attacks have subsided since 2012 is because security measures were put in place to prevent such incidents following the spike (there were only two  green-on-blue attacks in 2008, five in 2008 and 2009, and 16 in 2011, according to a tally compiled by the Long War Journal). Among the changes to security were “guardian angels,” or NATO soldiers who watch over NATO and Afghan troops. Then-U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced the plan in August 2012, according to Foreign Policy.”



Program Executive Officer for Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors…

Maj. General Harold Greeene spent four years as the U.S. Army’s Project Manager, Battle Command.



intelligence, electronic warfare, and sensors,

Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md.





Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors in BattleCommand




Palantir Valued at $2.5 Billion or More

By EVELYN M. RUSLI date published MAY 6, 2011 12:05 PM



“… In addition to Facebook, Thiel has made early-stage investments in numerous startups (personally or through his venture capital fund), including Booktrack, Slide, LinkedIn, Friendster, Rapleaf, Geni.com, Yammer, Yelp, Inc., Powerset, Practice Fusion, MetaMed, Vator, Palantir Technologies, IronPort, Votizen, Asana, Big Think, Caplinked, Quora, Rypple, TransferWise, Nanotronics Imaging, Stripe, and Legendary Entertainment. Slide, LinkedIn, Geni.com, and Yammer were founded by Thiel’s former colleagues at PayPal: Slide by Levchin, Linkedin by Reid Hoffman, Yelp by Jeremy Stoppelman, and Geni.com and Yammer by David Sacks. Fortune magazine reports that PayPal alumni have founded or invested in dozens of startups with an aggregate value of around $30 billion. In Silicon Valley circles, Thiel is colloquially referred to as the “Don of the PayPal Mafia“, as noted in the Fortune magazine article.[29] Thiel’s views on management are highly regarded,[by whom?] especially his famous observation that start-up success is highly correlated with low CEO pay.[citation needed]

Thiel founded Palantir Technologies funded by the CIA’s venture capital arm In-Q-Tel.[30]

Thiel believes in the importance and desirability of a technological singularity.[37]

Thiel is listed as a member of the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group, a private, annual gathering of intellectual figures, political leaders and business executives.[55] 



“…. the government now has software made by Palantir Technologies, a Silicon Valley company that’s become the darling of the intelligence and law enforcement communities.

The day Fikri drives to Orlando, he gets a speeding ticket, which triggers an alert in the CIA’s Palantir system. An analyst types Fikri’s name into a search box and up pops a wealth of information pulled from every database at the government’s disposal. There’s fingerprint and DNA evidence for Fikri gathered by a CIA operative in Cairo; video of him going to an ATM in Miami; shots of his rental truck’s license plate at a tollbooth; phone records; and a map pinpointing his movements across the globe. All this information is then displayed on a clearly designed graphical interface that looks like something Tom Cruise would use in a Mission: Impossible movie.

As the CIA analyst starts poking around on Fikri’s file inside of Palantir, a story emerges. A mouse click shows that Fikri has wired money to the people he had been calling in Syria. Another click brings up CIA field reports on the Syrians and reveals they have been under investigation for suspicious behavior and meeting together every day over the past two weeks. Click: The Syrians bought plane tickets to Miami one day after receiving the money from Fikri. To aid even the dullest analyst, the software brings up a map that has a pulsing red light tracing the flow of money from Cairo and Syria to Fikri’s Miami condo. That provides local cops with the last piece of information they need to move in on their prey before he strikes.

Fikri isn’t real—he’s the John Doe example Palantir uses in product demonstrations that lay out such hypothetical examples. The demos let the company show off its technology without revealing the sensitive work of its clients. Since its founding in 2004, the company has quietly developed an indispensable tool employed by the U.S. intelligence community in the war on [of] terrorism. Palantir technology essentially solves the Sept. 11 intelligence problem. The Digital Revolution dumped oceans of data on the law enforcement establishment but provided feeble ways to make sense of it. In the months leading up to the 2001 attacks, the government had all the necessary clues to stop the al Qaeda perpetrators: They were from countries known to harbor terrorists, who entered the U.S. on temporary visas, had trained to fly civilian airliners, and purchased one-way airplane tickets on that terrible day.

An organization like the CIA or FBI can have thousands of different databases, each with its own quirks: financial records, DNA samples, sound samples, video clips, maps, floor plans, human intelligence reports from all over the world. Gluing all that into a coherent whole can take years. Even if that system comes together, it will struggle to handle different types of data—sales records on a spreadsheet, say, plus video surveillance images. What Palantir (pronounced Pal-an-TEER) does, says Avivah Litan, an analyst at Gartner (IT), is “make it really easy to mine these big data sets.” The company’s software pulls off one of the great computer science feats of the era: It combs through all available databases, identifying related pieces of information, and puts everything together in one place.

Palantir has built a customer list that includes the U.S. Defense Dept., CIA, FBI, Army, Marines, Air Force, the police departments of New York and Los Angeles, and a growing number of financial institutions trying to detect bank fraud. These deals have turned the company into one of the quietest success stories in Silicon Valley—it’s on track to hit $250 million in sales this year—and a candidate for an initial public offering. Palantir has been used to find suspects in a case involving the murder of a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement special agent, and to uncover bombing networks in Syria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. “It’s like plugging into the Matrix,” says a Special Forces member stationed in Afghanistan who requested anonymity out of security concerns. “The first time I saw it, I was like, ‘Holy crap. Holy crap. Holy crap.’ ”


… Before joining Palantir, Karp had spent years studying in Germany under Jürgen Habermas, the most prominent living representative of the Frankfurt School, the group of neo-Marxist philosophers and sociologists. After getting a PhD in philosophy from the University of Frankfurt—he also has a degree from Stanford Law School—Karp drifted from academia and dabbled in stocks. He proved so good at it that, with the backing of a handful of European billionaires, he set up a money management firm called the Caedmon Group.

[Ed.: See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frankfurt_school and the reference to Habermas by Elihu Katz, the c-author of “Media Events”: http://www.thesullenbell.com/2015/01/05/communications-21st-century/ ]


Palantir’s name refers to the “seeing stones” in Lord of the Rings that provide a window into other parts of Middle-earth. They’re magical tools created by elves that can serve both good and evil. Bad wizards use them to keep in touch with the overlord in Mordor; good wizards can peer into them to check up on the peaceful, innocent Hobbits of the Shire. As Karp explains with a straight face, his company’s grand, patriotic mission is to “protect the Shire.”

Most of Palantir’s government work remains classified, but information on some cases has trickled out. In April 2010, security researchers in Canada used Palantir’s software to crack a spy operation dubbed Shadow Network that had, among other things, broken into the Indian Defense Ministry and infiltrated the Dalai Lama’s e-mail account. Palantir has also been used to unravel child abuse and abduction cases. Palantir “gives us the ability to do the kind of link-and-pattern analysis we need to build cases, identify perpetrators, and rescue children,” says Ernie Allen, CEO of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The software recently helped NCMEC analysts link an attempted abduction with previous reports of the suspect to the center’s separate cyber-tip line—and plot that activity on a map. “We did it within 30 seconds,” Allen says. “It is absolutely a godsend for us.”

In Afghanistan, U.S. Special Operations Forces use Palantir to plan assaults. They type a village’s name into the system and a map of the village appears, detailing the locations of all reported shooting skirmishes and IED, or improvised explosive device, incidents. Using the timeline function, the soldiers can see where the most recent attacks originated and plot their takeover of the village accordingly. The Marines have spent years gathering fingerprint and DNA evidence from IEDs and tried to match that against a database of similar information collected from villagers. By the time the analysis results came back, the bombers would be long gone. Now field operatives are uploading the samples from villagers into Palantir and turning up matches from past attacks on the spot, says Samuel Reading, a former Marine who works in Afghanistan for NEK Advanced Securities Group, a U.S. military contractor. “It’s the combination of every analytical tool you could ever dream of,” Reading says. “You will know every single bad guy in your area.”

Palantir has found takers for its data mining system closer to home, too. Wall Street has been particularly receptive. Every year, the company holds a conference to promote its technology, and the headcount swelled from about 50 people at past events to 1,000 at the most recent event in October. “I saw bankers there that don’t go to any other conferences,” says Gartner’s Litan. The banks have set Palantir’s technology loose on their transaction databases, looking for fraudsters, trading insights, and even new ways to price mortgages. Guy Chiarello, chief information officer for JPMorgan Chase (JPM), says Palantir’s technology turns “data landfills into gold mines.” The bank has a Palantir system for fraud detection and plans to use the technology to better tailor marketing campaigns to consumers. “Google (GOOG) unlocked the Internet with its search engine,” Chiarello says. “I think Palantir is on the way to doing a similar thing inside the walls of corporate data.”

Using Palantir technology, the FBI can now instantly compile thorough dossiers on U.S. citizens, tying together surveillance video outside a drugstore with credit-card transactions, cell-phone call records, e-mails, airplane travel records, and Web search information. Christopher Soghoian, a graduate fellow at the Center for Applied Cybersecurity in the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University, worries that Palantir will make these agencies ever hungrier consumers of every piece of personal data. “I don’t think Palantir the firm is evil,” he says. “I think their clients could be using it for evil things.”

Soghoian points out that Palantir’s senior legal adviser, Bryan Cunningham, authored an amicus brief three years ago supporting the Bush Administration’s position in the infamous warrantless wiretapping case and defended its monitoring domestic communication without search warrants. Another event that got critics exercised: A Palantir engineer, exposed by the hacker collective Anonymous earlier this year for participating in a plot to break into the PCs of WikiLeaks supporters, was quietly rehired by the company after being placed on leave….”




Special forces and Marines are embracing the commercial software Palantir for analyzing battlefield intelligence even as the Army seeks to downplay its effectiveness, according to a new report from government auditors.




911stealth E-4B Washington Pentagon

Mark Howard Gaffney

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAVz3cHCqjk (7:37)

“… The E-4Bs are usually assigned to Offutt Air Force Base, near Omaha, Nebraska, which is also the home of STRATCOM, i.e., the Strategic Command (formerly SAC, the Strategic Air Command). The squadron is under the operational control of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,xxv although it is maintained by the First Airborne Command and Control Squadron (ACCS), a part of the 55th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing. Incidentally, the Wing’s motto is Videmus Omnia, which means: “We see all.” ….”




More on Palantir:

http://vidgrids.com/u/palantir [An online video search platform…. Just press “search” to find all the videos on Palantir]

Palantir’s advisors include Condoleezza Rice and former CIA director George Tenet…

“They’re in a scary business,” says Electronic Frontier Foundation attorney Lee Tien. ACLU analyst Jay Stanley has written that Palantir’s software could enable a “true totalitarian nightmare, monitoring the activities of innocent Americans on a mass scale.”















‘Big Data’: Bilderberg Firm Palantir Works for NSA Spy Agenda

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdrPwnK-P40 (14:21)

EXPOSED: DHS Planned Drill Targeting Patriot Groups w/ Backpack Bombs Before Boston Marathon Bombing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOk6_x1HFWY (11:42)



“… Palantir sells a powerful line of data-mining and analysis software that maps out human social networks for counter-intelligence purposes, and is in huge demand throughout government and in the financial and banking industries. Its customers includes the CIA, the FBI, the U.S. Special Operations Command, the Army, Marines and Air Force, as well as the police departments of New York and Los Angeles.

The NSA, which intercepts and analyzes global communications traffic, is a highly likely client as well. It was “eyeing” Palantir in 2009, according to the Wall Street Journal. One laudatory media profile called it “the darling of the intelligence and law enforcement communities.” …[snip]

In 2005, In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s venture capital fund, invested about $2 million in the company, and CIA officials began introducing Palantir to other intelligence agencies and the Pentagon. It is currently valued at around $8 billion, according to Karp.

“Palantir was developed to address the most complex information analysis and security challenges faced by the U.S. intelligence, military, and law enforcement communities,” In-Q-Tel says on its website. The “Palantir platform,” it adds, “uniquely leverages [the] innate human ability” to identify patterns in information “with advanced computational power to accelerate the analysis of data at massive scale.”

C4ISR Journal, a specialty publication on defense technologies, explains that Palantir now uses these programs to work “with defense and intelligence agencies to merge signals intelligence, imagery, message traffic and other documents in a database that analysts can use to search for information.”

A detailed profile in the Wall Street Journal described how Palantir “tags, or categorizes, every bit of data separately, whether it be a first name, a last name or a phone number,” thus allowing analysts to “quickly tag information themselves as it arrives in the form of field reports from spies overseas, and to see who else in the agency is doing similar research so they can share their findings.”

Palantir has been particularly useful in tracking terrorist and insurgent networks in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere that build improvised explosive devices (IEDs), which would make it ideal to track the Tsarnaev brothers’ network in Boston.

And it so happens that one of Palantir’s top executives, Michael Leiter, is an “analyst” for NBC News as well as MSNBC.

Leiter, who started at NBC last fall, is the former director of the National Counter Terrorism Center, the inter-agency situation room in Northern Virginia where the U.S. government synchronizes all of its intelligence analysis. As I pointed out in a recent article in Salon, he is almost always introduced in connection with the NCTC rather than as someone affiliated with Palantir. This is misleading, to say the least…..”

[Ed.: As may be the author….]





“… Writing for The Guardian in 2011, Brown exposed a plan by three technology security companies — HBGary Federal, a subsidiary of ManTech International, Palantir, and Berico Technologies — to hire out their information war capabilities to corporations which perceived threats in organizations, like WikiLeaks, an organization that publishes secret information, and people, such as Glenn Greenwald, an American journalist, who revealed many of Edward Snowden’s accounts about mass public surveillance.

Brown wrote that the connection was part of a program called Romas/COIN. Writing for Project PM, he explained the nefarious capabilities of this program:

“Unprecedented surveillance capabilities are being produced by an industry that works in secret on applications that are nonetheless funded by the American public – and which in some cases are used against that very same public. Their products are developed on demand for an intelligence community that is not subject to Congressional oversight and which has been repeatedly shown to have misused its existing powers in ways that violate U.S. law as well as American ideals.”

HBGary’s CEO Aaron Barr was forced to step down as a result of the revelations…..”








Leaked Palantir Doc Reveals Uses, Specific Functions and Key Clients

January 12th, 2015 

Via: TechCrunch:

Palantir’s data analysis solution targets three industries: government, the finance sector and legal research. Each of these industries must wrestle with massive sets of data. To do this, Palantir’s toolsets are aimed at massive data caches, allowing litigators and the police to make connections otherwise invisible. For example, a firm hired by the Securities Investment Protection Corporation used Palantir’s software to sort through the mountains of data, over 40 years of records, to convict Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff (of all things).

The document confirms that Palantir is employed by multiple US Government agencies. One of the company’s first contracts was with the Joint IED Defeat Organization in 2006. From 2007-2009 Palantir’s work in Washington expanded from eight pilots to more than 50 programs.

As of 2013, Palantir was used by at least 12 groups within the US Government including the CIA, DHS, NSA, FBI, the CDC, the Marine Corps, the Air Force, Special Operations Command, West Point, the Joint IED-defeat organization and Allies, the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

ISIS and McCain

September 17-18, 2014 — ISIL/ISIS: Another contrivance brought to you by Mossad, MI6, and the CIA – Part III 

McCain’s consorting with terrorists exposed


[Parts I and II are here: http://boydownthelane.com/2014/09/11/wayne-madsen-reports-isil-isis/ ]

WMR’s knowledgeable sources have revealed the extent of Senator John McCain’s links to the terrorist organization Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham [not Syria, as falsely reported by the corporate media] and the “Islamic State.”


McCain’s Middle East adviser Elizabeth O’Bagy, who falsely claimed to have had a PhD from Georgetown University, accompanied McCain on an unofficial trip to Syria last year where the two met with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi [circled in red at right] and Mohammed Nour of the Northern Storm Brigade of the ISIL-linked Al Nusra Front [circled in red at far right]. Standing next to Salim Idriss, the former head of the Supreme Military Council of the “Free Syrian Army” who now lives in exile in Doha, Qatar, is O’Bagy, wearing a head scarf and pink sweater.

WMR has learned that when McCain met with Nour, the Northern Storm Brigade had already kidnapped Shi’a pilgrims in Syria, as well as a Lebanese journalist. Had any other Americans met with documented terrorists such as Nour and al-Baghdadi, unlike McCain and O’Bagy, they would have been arrested and charged with aiding and abetting a terrorist group. Several Americans are now serving long prison terms for doing much less than McCain and O’Bagy and were entrapped in FBI sting operations merely because they were Muslims.

At the time O’Bagy accompanied McCain to Syria to meet in Bab Salama with the chief of ISIL and other terrorist leaders, including 20 Syrian rebel brigade commanders representing Al Nusra and the nascent ISIL, O’Bagy worked for Kimberly Kagan, the wife of arch-neocon Zionist Frederick Kagan of the right-wing American Enterprise Institute, and sister-in-law of Robert Kagan, a resident neocon scholar at the Brookings Institution, and his wife, Victoria Nuland, the neocon Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs at the State Department. Nuland was primarily responsible for funding and coordinating the coup in Ukraine that resulted in a bloody civil war between Russian-speaking eastern Ukraine and the Nazi- and Zionist-dominated central and western Ukraine.

O’Bagy and McCain have been at the center of neocon intrigue within the Obama administration. In fact, the neocons never lost their influence inside the State Department and the National Security Council after the George W. Bush administration. In some cases, their influence increased under Barack Obama.

Working under Kimberly Kagan, O’Bagy was the Syria analyst in the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), another neocon operation in Washington that has had undue influence over U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and elsewhere. After it was disclosed that she committed resumé fraud by falsely claiming to have a PhD from Georgetown, O’Bagy was officially “fired” by ISW but continued on as the Political Director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF) NGO, a George Soros-like nonprofit that seeks donations from other NGOs, including the neocon Freedom House and the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. SETF admitted to having “sub-contracts with the U.S. and British governments to provide aid to the Syrian opposition.” O’Bagy also served as a legislative assistant to McCain. The SETF is an extreme anti-Bashar al-Assad organization that has used Pentagon-grade psychological warfare tactics to demonize the Assad government and falsely blame him for atrocities carried out by Syrian rebels, including sarin and chlorine gas attacks in Syria.

O’Bagy’s operations security (OPSEC) left something to be desired as she voraciously sent out Twitter messages during her clandestine visit to Syria with McCain in 2013. After the visit was publicized, O’Bagy deleted her Twitter messages but WMR was provided copies of them by a knowledgeable source.

O’Bagy is most infamous for writing an August 30, 2013 Op-Ed in The Wall Street Journal that was cited by both McCain and Secretary of State John Kerry. The article, titled “On the Front Lines of Syria’s Civil War,” was cited by McCain during a Senate hearing as “an important op-ed by Dr. Elizabeth O’Bagy.” Kerry also cited the article in testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, calling it a “very interesting article.”

In the article, O’Bagy, who claimed to have made a number of trips to Syria to liaise with Syrian rebels, falsely stated that Syrian “moderates” led the fight against the Syrian government. The Op-Ed called for the United States to provide “sophisticated weaponry” to the rebels and enter the civil war militarily. Obama refused to follow this advice, a decision that earned him the scorn of McCain and other neocons. McCain continues to suggest that the Syrian “moderate” rebels have a chance to seize control of Syria, an indication that he continues to fall under the spell of O’Bagy and her neocon associates.





In the Tweets [whose unexpanded graphic images as jpg’s are linked above], O’Bagy takes responsibility for everything from McCain’s attire in Syria to the individuals with whom he met. We now know that these individuals included al-Baghdadi and Nour, as well as other terrorist commanders. O’Bagy also is at pains to distance her Syrian rebel allies from Abu Sakkar, aka Khalid bin Hamad, the rebel commander who was filmed eating the heart of a Syrian soldier. O’Bagy denies that Abu Sakkar was a member of the Free Syrian Army’s Homs-based Farooq Brigages, but independent news reports stated that he was a commander of the Farooq Brigades. O’Bagy misidentified bin Hamad as Faraouq Mustaqila, a familiar tactic of the neocons and no surprise from an individual who lied about having a PhD.

ISIL and the Saudis, Qataris, and Israelis

WMR has also learned that ISIL/Al Nusra is enriching itself from ransom payments for hostages being received mostly from Qatar, a member of Obama’s newly-formed “coalition” to fight ISIL. The most recent ransom paid by Qatar to ISIL was for 45 Fijian peacekeepers captured by ISIL’s Al Nusra allies in the Golan region of Syria bordering Israel. Qatar also paid ransom payments to Al Nusra-ISIL units for some Syrian nuns and captured Lebanese Army soldiers. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is, under Obama’s “coalition,” training so-called Free Syrian Army “moderates” to fight ISIL/Al Nusra and the Assad government. In the past,  the Saudis have conducted such training to radicalize Sunni Muslim volunteers for the Syrian civil war and funnel them to ISIL units in Syria and Iraq.

Israel has been transporting Al Nusra/ISIL terrorists across the Golan frontier into Israel, ostensibly for medical treatment,  but also, as reported exclusively to WMR, for intelligence and other military training. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s recent Twitter statement that “Hamas is ISIS” has much truth. Israel’s Mossad originally created Hamas as a more radical foil for Fatah, the largest group in the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Israel now likens ISIS/ISIL, which it has supported, to its other creation, Hamas.




http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-Rm-8Irg7E (11:00)

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to Investigative Journalist Wayne Madsen about the current situation with ISIS in the Middle East and how U.S intelligence agencies played a role to there rise. Wayne Madsen is an American investigative journalist, author and columnist specializing in intelligence and international affairs. He is the author of the blog Wayne Madsen Report.

To find out more about Wayne Madsen go to http://www.waynemadsenreport.com/



See also:

The Islamic State and John McCain

Updated August 27, 2014

at: http://www.bollyn.com/index.php#article_14849 




John McCain and the Zionist Crime Syndicate

August 27, 2014

at: http://www.bollyn.com/index.php#article_14849  




And, oh dear me, the final word comes last night via Google News (even though it was written six days ago) from The Grey Lady herself, the noted Zionist mouthpiece formally known as The New York Times, which had an important walk-on role in that old cult movie starring Faye Dunaway and some handsome fellow named Redford entitled “Three Days of the Condor” ….


“… it has been vexing for Mr. McCain to be battling persistent — and false — Internet rumors that he not only helped invent the group but also knows its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed caliph of the Muslim world and America’s latest Public Enemy No. 1. 

The rumors are based partly on images of a Syrian fighter who resembles Mr. Baghdadi, seen in photographs with Mr. McCain — some originally posted on Twitter by the senator — during his visit in May 2013 to northern Syria. He met members of the Free Syrian Army, an insurgent group that opposes ISIS and that President Obama, in a speech Wednesday on his new strategy for battling ISIS, has vowed to strengthen.

Nurtured by conspiracy blogposts, social media and photo-altering tricks, the false rumors of Mr. McCain’s relationship with ISIS have taken on a life of their own…..”


Wayne Madsen Reports on ISIL and ISIS

September 8-9, 2014 — ISIL/ISIS: Another contrivance brought to you by Mossad, MI6, and the CIA – Part I

First of a Two-Part Series

From AQI to ISIL

As President Barack Obama prepares to announce what could be a long and drawn-out U.S. military strategy to defeat the Islamic State jihadists who have seized control of large portions of Syria and Iraq, it is important to highlight the roots of this organization. The insurgents, who are considered more dangerous than Al Qaeda by many Pentagon and U.S. intelligence specialists, have disturbing links to intelligence services of the United States, Israel, and Britain.

The deeper one digs into the operations surrounding the “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” (ISIL), or, as it is variably called, “Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham” (ISIS), “Al Dawlah” (the State), or “Da’ish” (a concatenation of “al-Dawla al-Islamiya fi Iraq wa al-Sham”, the more the Islamist insurgent group’s links to Western and Israeli intelligence are revealed. ISIL is  an outgrowth of the Organization of Jihad’s Base in the Country of the Two Rivers or Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. As with the current leader of ISIL, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, questions surrounded the background of Zarqawi.

Zarqawi’s real name was Ahmed Fadeel Nazal al-Khalayleh. He was born in the Jordanian town of Zarqa. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was an alias as much as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is an alias today for the leader of ISIL. Al Baghdadi, a native of Samarra, Iraq, is actually Ibrahim ibn Awwad ibn Ibrahim ibn Ali ibn Muhammad al-Badri al-Samarrai. Before he joined the mujaheddin war against the Soviets, Zarqawi was known as a drunk and drug abuser, hardly material for the fundamentalist Islamists bankrolled by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf emirates.


Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, claimed by some Middle East sources to be a Mossad agent, with beard [left] and with unidentified woman [right]. Some reports claim that al-Baghdadi is an Israeli Jewish Mossad agent named Elliot Shimon. If true, it goes a long way to explain why John McCain and his staff, which is thoroughly penetrated by agents-of-influence for Israel, felt secure in arranging a meeting between the Arizona senator and, reputedly, the head of a group deemed more radical and “anti-American” than Al Qaeda.

Zarqawi proclaimed himself the “Emir of Al Qaeda in the Country of the Two Rivers” and he quickly became public enemy number one for U.S. occupation forces. Zarqawi was recruited in Jordan by “The Base” or “Al Qaeda” to serve in the ranks of Arab legions fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan. As the late British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook pointed out, “The Base” or “Al Qaeda” was a Central Intelligence Agency database containing the names of various CIA recruiters, financiers, exporters, and other personnel required to maintain the flow of mercenaries, weapons, and money to Afghanistan and Pakistan to sustain the campaign against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was also known to the CIA by his agency cover name “Tim Osman,” and by his Arab Afghani volunteers as “the Hero of Jaji,” a battle in which Bin Laden was victorious against the Soviets. Bin Laden ran the Maktab al-Khidamar – the MAK – for the CIA and Saudis. MAK ensured the flow of fighters, money, and weapons to the Afghan insurgency on behalf of the CIA’s Al Qaeda base.

After the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan, Zarqawi, who befriended Bin Laden, returned to Jordan but was jailed by the authorities for setting up Jund al-Sham, a “caliphate” liberation movement with the goal of establishing an Islamist state in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Cyprus, and southern Turkey. It turned out that Junda al-Sham was thoroughly infiltrated by Jordanian intelligence, which informed the CIA about all the group’s members. Zarqawi was released by Jordan in 2001. He traveled to Afghanistan to battle against the U.S. occupation forces there and he eventually found his way into Iraq where he organized jihadists for the forthcoming U.S. invasion. CIA “evidence” that Zarqawi was in Iraq was used to justify the 2003 U.S. invasion of the country. Jordanian intelligence and the CIA also had evidence that Zarqawi was involved in the 2005 bombings in Amman of the Radisson SAS Hotel, the Grand Hyatt, and the Days Inn. The attacks were used by Jordan and the U.S. to beef up America’s military presence in the country.

Beginning in 2003, Zarqawi was accused of carrying out a number of terrorist attacks against Western interests inside Iraq, as well as in Casablanca, Madrid, and Istanbul. Zarqawi’s base of operations in Iraq was in the northern Kurdistan region, in the area now claimed by ISIL and Baghdadi. In May 2004, AQI released a video in which American Nick Berg was claimed by the CIA to have been beheaded by a masked Zarqawi. The video allegedly posted by AQI was “found” on the Internet by the Washington, DC-based Search for International Terrorist Entities Institute or “SITE,” run by Rita Katz, an individual with close ties to Israel’s Mossad. The Berg beheading was the only video said to have been made by Zarqawi. Zarqawi’s other media releases in which he issued threats against the West were audio recordings. Although the CIA stated that it confirmed Zarqawi’s voice on the Berg beheading video there were no independent verifications of Zarqawi’s voice being on either the videotape or the various audio recordings.

Zarqawi’s exploits in Iraq were hyped further after he was said to have personally beheaded in September 2004 American contractor Owen Eugene Armstrong, an employee of Gulf Supplies Commercial Services of the United Arab Emirates and the beheading of British engineer Ken Bigley in October 2004; ordered the 2002 assassination of U.S. diplomat Lawrence Foley in Jordan and the bombing in August 2003 of the Canal Hotel in Baghdad, the headquarters of the United Nations, which killed the UN Secretary General’s special envoy Sergio Vieira de Mello and 21 other people. Zarqawi became the name the U.S. associated with almost every Sunni terrorist attack in Iraq, including the 2006 bombing of the Shi’a al-Askari Mosque in Samarra, Shi’a shrines in Karbala and Najaf, and thousands of killings of Iraqi civilians. A document later found in one of Zarqawi’s Iraq safe houses revealed plans for him to goad the U.S. into attacking Iran. Such a plan would have fit in nicely with Israel’s long range goals.

In his February 5, 2003 address to the UN Security Council, Secretary of State Colin Powell, who lied about Iraq possessing biological weapons of mass destruction and mobile bio-warfare laboratories, also stated that Saddam Hussein was linked to Zarqawi. Iraq’s intelligence service later stated that it could not even locate Zarqawi in Iraq. If Saddam had captured Zarqawi he would have, at the very least, offered him up to Jordanian intelligence, which Powell indicated the U.S. had contacted in order to see Zarqawi extradited by Iraq to the United States. However, Zarqawi was as much a threat to Saddam as he was to the U.S. or Jordan, so had Saddam captured the jihadist leader, he would have likely been tortured for information and then executed on the spot and on Saddam’s personal orders.

In the 2006 Senate Report on Prewar Intelligence, the Senate Intelligence Committee concluded: “Postwar information indicates that Saddam Hussein attempted, unsuccessfully, to locate and capture al-Zarqawi and that the regime did not have a relationship with, harbor, or turn a blind eye toward Zarqawi.” It turned out that the “intelligence” linking Zarqawi to Saddam had emanated from the Pentagon’s notorious Mossad mole, Undersecretary of Defense for Policy and Plans Douglas Feith, who leaked the information in a classified memorandum to Stephen Hayes, the columnist for the neo-conservative Weekly Standard.

Zarqawi: The man and the myth

Some U.S. intelligence sources claimed that Zarqawi was a “myth” invented by the neocons to justify continued U.S. military operations in Iraq. Iraqi Sunni and Shi’a leaders rarely agree, however, a Sunni insurgent leader told The Daily Telegraph that he believed that Zarqawi was an American or Israeli agent and Iraqi Shi’a leader Muqtada al Sadr claimed that Zarqawi was a fake takfir (a Muslim who declares that other Muslims, such as the Shia’s, are heretics) in the employment of the United States. Shi’a imam Sheikh Jawad Al-Khalessi repeated that accusation that Zarqawi was a myth in 2005. According to The Washington Post, General Mark Kimmitt, the U.S. Central Command’s chief public affairs officer in Iraq stated in a 2004 internal CENTCOM briefing that “The Zarqawi PSYOP program is the most successful information campaign to date.”

The Afghan Northern Alliance claimed that Zarqawi was killed in a 2002 missile attack in Afghanistan. There were a number of reports of Zarqawi having been killed by either U.S. missiles or bombs in 2003. Some reports claimed that Zarqawi had lost a leg in Afghan combat operations. Other reports said he had both of his legs. The “Zarqawi” in the Berg beheading video had both legs and an autopsy X-ray of the person said to have been Zarqawi and who was reportedly killed in a 2006 U.S. air strike showed a fracture to the lower right leg said to have been lost in Afghanistan.

Zarqawi was captured in Iraq by coalition forces in 2004 but released. The explanation given at the time was that the Iraqis and Americans failed to recognize America’s public enemy number one in Iraq. Zarqawi’s eventual successor as the head of AQI, al-Baghdadi, was also captured by U.S.  forces in in Iraq in 2004 and held at Camp Bucca from February to December 2004 before being released. Al-Baghdadi took over the AQI operation in May 2010 after his predecessor Abu Omar al-Qurashi al-Baghdadi, actual name Hamid Dawud Mohamed Khalil al Zawi, was killed in a U.S.-Iraqi rocket attack. In 2007, Bin Laden intermediary Khaled al-Mashhadani claimed Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, the predecessor to the current ISIL chief, was a fictional character designed by the West and Iraq’s government to give an Iraqi face to a foreign-led insurgency. Mashhadani said audio statements attributed to Abu Omar were being read by an Iraqi actor. The Abu Omar recordings were all released by the SITE Institute.

U.S. forces claimed they killed Zarqawi near Baqubah, Iraq in a June 7, 2006 targeted killing by two precision-guided bombs.

Enter Al-Baghdadi II

While Zarqawi was hyped as one of America’s most dangerous enemies, the man who eventually succeeded him as the head of ISIL in Syria, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, became one of America’s trusted allies. Al-Baghdadi, along with the leaders of the Al Nusra Front, initially placed their forces under the umbrella of the Free Syrian Army. In May 2013, U.S. Senator John McCain, a chief water carrier for the neocon interventionists and Israeli interests, covertly met with Syrian rebel leaders after crossing into rebel-held Syrian territory from Turkey. McCain was accompanied by General Salem Idris, the head of the Free Syrian Army’s Supreme Military Council, as he met with the commanders of a number of Syrian rebel units. One of these rebel commanders was none other than Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the current head of ISIL. McCain’s office has denied that Al-Baghdadi was present at the meetings but photographic evidence of the ISIL chief’s meeting with McCain and the U.S.-supported Free Syrian Army officials is overwhelming.



Senator McCain with America’s “allies” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi [circled in photo at left, seated, and in photo at right, standing behind McCain’s right shoulder], the head of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), and Mohammed Nour [circled, photo at right, standing far right], the head of the Northern Storm Brigade of the Al-Nusra Front. Suggestions by Western intelligence of a break between ISIL and Al-Nusra are false. After achieving its battlefield success, Al Nusra swore allegiance to Al-Baghdadi and ISIL. Israel has a working relationship with the combined insurgent forces in the Golan area and in other parts of Syria, as well as in Lebanon where ISIL and Mossad jointly target Hezbollah forces.

America’s response to ISIL’s threat to turn Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and other countries into an Islamic Caliphate are as perplexing as American indifference over proclaimed caliphates by initially U.S.-supported Islamist radicals in Libya and by Boko Haram in Nigeria and Ansar Dine in Mali. The lackadaisical attitude by the CIA and the White House over these groups, which kidnap, rape, torture, burn, bomb, and behead their way into international headlines is exactly what would be expected from a scenario in which radical Islamist groups were created by the CIA, Mossad, and MI-6 to create permanent conflict situations between the West and Islam and between Muslims themselves.

In Part II, the ISIL’s links to the CIA, Mossad, and MI-6 are examined.




September 9-10, 2014 — ISIL/ISIS: Another contrivance brought to you by Mossad, MI6, and the CIA – Part II

Second of a Two-Part Series

“Al-Baghdadi II” — a contrivance of Mossad and Western intelligence agencies

There is a wealth of material to strongly suggest that America’s “public enemy number one” during its occupation of Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and the “two al-Baghdadis” — Omar and Abu Bakr — who followed him, were psychological warfare creations of the CIA, Mossad, and the British MI-6 Secret Intelligence Service.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, or “Al Baghdadi II,” released audio statements claiming that he is the new caliph of the Islamic State, that he will march on Rome to conquer the Mediterranean region, including all of Spain and Italy for his caliphate, and that he will kill Russian President Vladimir Putin and Pope Francis I. There are elements in Wall Street and in the power centers of Washington, London, and Jerusalem that would not mind at all if Putin and the Pope were “eliminated,” and if by ISIL, all the better for Western globalization plans.

But is al-Baghdadi II real or as much a fake as was Zarqawi?

Nabil Na’eem, a former top Al Qaeda commander and founder of the Islamic Democratic Jihad Party in Lebanon told Beirut’s Al-Maydeen television network that ISIL is a creation of the CIA and Mossad. Na’eem also stated that the intent of ISIL is to implement Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s “Clean Break” policy that dates from the 1990s. Al-Baghdadi II is reported to have undergone Mossad military and Islamist theology training in Israel for a year. Na’eem also said that the commander of the Al-Nusra Front, Mohammed al-Jawlani, who swore allegiance to ISIL, is a CIA operative.

A videotaped speech by Al Baghdadi at the Great Mosque of al-Nuri in Mosul, in which he claimed to be the caliph of all Muslims was deemed a fake by an Iraqi government official.

There is every indication that ISIL has significant links to Israel. Although there are claims to the contrary, ISIL absorbed most of the ranks of the Al Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra (Al Nusra Front) Islamist insurgent group in Syria. Al Nusra Front has coordinated its seizure of Syrian army positions along the Golan Heights border with the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). Rather than hit back at Al Nusra positions on the Syrian side of the Golan frontier, the Israelis attacked Syrian army positions, giving a boost to the Syrian campaigns of Al Nusra in particular and ISIL in general. There are reports that the Israeli military has been given the coordinates of Syrian army and Hezbollah forces, as well as “Committees for the Defense of the Homeland” militia forces of Alawites, Shi’as, Christians, and Druze, by Al-Nusra/ISIL to launch missile and drone attacks from the Israeli side of the border.

Israel is so sanguine about ISIL, the Israeli daily Ha’aretz has reported that Israeli authorities routinely permit Israeli tourists, armed only with cameras and binoculars, visit the Golan Heights and peer out over the valley of Quneitra to witness Al-Nusra/ISIL jihadists fighting the Syrian army. Israel has even supplied large telescopic viewers for Israelis to peer down on the fighting in the valley. Israelis, some who bring their lunch, coffee, and lawn chairs, spend the entire day watching Arabs killing other Arabs. The Israeli complacency about the jihadists suggests a deal having been worked out between the Israeli government and the Syrian jihadists not to bring the conflict across the Golan frontier into Israel. Or, the Syrian jihadists are under some type of operational control by Mossad and the IDF and are under strict orders to not attack Israeli targets.

After Al-Nusra/ISIL rebels seized control of UN peacekeeping facilities in the Golan, Philippines Army chief General Gregorio Catapang stated that the UN’s French Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, Herve Ladsous, ordered 81 Philippines troops to hand their weapons over the the jihadists. Although the Philippines troops refused Ladsous’s order and were subsequently permitted to “escape” into Israel, there was no information on the fate of 45 Fijian peacekeepers captured by Al-Nusra/ISIL. Nor was Ladsous forthcoming on what happened to the Fijians’ weapons.

Catapang also stated that the UNDOF (United Nations Disengagement and Observation Force) Commander, General Iqbal Singh Singha of India, wanted the Philippines peacekeepers to hand over their weapons to the jihadists because of a demand by the rebels that they would harm their Fijian captives if they did not surrender their weapons. Catapanga’s Fijian counterpart, Fiji Army Chief Brigadier General Mosese Tikoitoga, stated that it was Singha who ordered the 45 Fijian peacekeepers, most if not all of them being Christians, to surrender to Al Nusra/ISIL, along with handing over of their weapons to the terrorists. Al-Nusra/ISIL has stated that it intends to try the Fijians under Islamic shariah law for “war crimes.” Without the UNDOF force present in the Golan, Israel is now able to violate the UN cease fire agreement at will and move weapons and personnel across the Syrian frontier in support of Al-Nusra/ISIL.

It is now being reported that Singha and Ladsous also ordered Irish peacekeeping troops who served at the Breiqa UN encampment with the Philippines troops to also surrender to Al-Nusra/ISIL, enriching the Islamist terrorists with even more captured weapons. The Irish troops were permitted to “escape” into Israel with the assistance of the IDF.

Ultimately, the decision to order the Philippines and Fijian troops to surrender to Al-Nusra/ISIL would have rested on Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman, a former U.S. ambassador to Lebanon and Undersecretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs who is a rock solid member of the neocon and Israel agent-of-influence infrastructure who wormed his way from the State Department into the UN. Feltman was champion of arming Syrian rebels, including the Islamists, against the Assad government and Hezbollah volunteers from Lebanon. Feltman also served in the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv in the 1990s during the time when U.S. ambassador Martin Indyk, another agent-of-influence for Israel, lost his security clearance after a compromise of classified U.S. information to the Israeli government. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, yet another water carrier for Israel, quickly restored Indyk’s security clearance after a watered-down “investigation.” WMR learned from a U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv source that the compromise involved the embassy’s encryption codes, including those used for secure telephone units to discuss classified information within the U.S. government. Feltman and Indyk are both Jewish and Albright is the daughter of Czech Jewish parents.


Ha’aretz photograph of Israeli tourists viewing fighting between Al Nusra-ISIL guerrillas in the Quneitra valley. The tourists are well within jihadist rocket range from their perches on the Golan Heights. The Islamist radicals refrain from attacking Israeli positions.

The grand master of Israel’s Zionist policies, former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, recently stated that Iran was a bigger threat than ISIL. Prospective Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton recently lavishly praised Kissinger in a review of his new book, “World Order.” Kissinger’s comments came after reports that the U.S. military was coordinating its attacks on ISIL in northern Iraq with Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces that were aiding Kurdish Peshmerga forces in Iraqi Kurdistan and a day after Iran’s Supreme Ayatollah ordered Iran’s forces to cooperate with the United States in attacking ISIL. Kissinger, in his usual role as an agent-of-influence for the Jewish state, sloughed off ISIL as a “group of adventurers” who would have to conquer more territory to become as threatening as Iran. Kissinger’s giving a pass to ISIL appears coordinated with Israel’s tacit support for the group. Ever since Binyamin Netanyahu commissioned the “Clean Break” policy in the early 1990s, it has been the wish of the Zionist parties in Israel to not only kill off the Palestinian peace process and absorb the West Bank, Gaza, and the Golan Heights into Israel but also create ethnic and religious divisions in various Arab countries with a goal of creating Israeli-managed statelets. That policy has come to full fruition in Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen.

There is photographic evidence that leading U.S. war hawk and neocon, Senator John McCain, met with Al Baghdadi II while on a covert visit to Syria.

Just as Zarqawi is said to have beheaded British engineer Bigley in 2004, Al-Baghdadi II is threatening to behead British contractor David Cawthorne Haines. Bigley’s videotaped beheading by AQI came after the videotaped beheadings of Americans Berg and Armstrong. Ten years later, ISIL is threatening to behead Haines after the videotaped beheadings of U.S. journalist James Foley and dual U.S.-Israeli journalist Steven Sotloff.

It was a London-accented ISIL jihadist who beheaded Foley and Sotloff. Known as “Jihad John” and said to be London rapper Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, a British-Egyptian, the alleged beheader is said to have received his inspiration from British Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary, who is permitted to use London to issue his pro-ISIL statements. This comes after British Prime Minister David Cameron issued an elevated alert for ISIL-led terrorism in the United Kingdom. It now appears that Cameron’s gambit was to scare Scottish independence referendum voters into voting for the continued “protection” of Britain.

President Obama has been reluctant to order a massive U.S. military attack on ISIL. Is that because he knows that his Saudophile CIA chief, John O. Brennan, authorized the training of ISIL guerrillas at a secret base near the town of Safawi in Jordan’s northern desert region and at another installation near the American airbase at Incirlik in Turkey? Was the initial reluctance of Britain and France to engage ISIL the result of their military instructors helping the CIA to train ISIL insurgents at Safawi and Incirlik?

There are also questions about the “journalistic” roles of Foley and Sotloff in covering the wars in Syria, Libya, and Iraq. The two both had a very questionable relationship with a combination freelancer videographer and mercenary from Baltimore named Matthew VanDyke. VanDyke fought with Islamist guerrillas against Muammar Qaddafi’s forces during the Libyan civil war and was detained by the Qaddafi government, along with Foley, for entering Libya illegally and being found embedded with rebel forces. Sotloff also covered Libya from the vantage point of the Islamist insurgent forces, some of whom have now taken control of Tripoli. VanDyke, Foley, and Sotloff also entered Syria illegally and reported only from the ranks of the Islamist guerrilla side. After email was recently  revealed between journalists for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and other publications and the CIA showing they colluded with the CIA in writing their stories, questions should be asked about Foley’s relationship with the seemingly under-capitalized but worldwide-present GlobalPost.com of Boston and why Sotloff, who wrote for a publication owned by the uber-Zionist Jerusalem Post, was embedded with Islamist takfiris and even had his Twitter photograph taken manning an insurgent truck-mounted machine gun in Syria. The Journalist Creed deters such practices, whether it is alleged journalist VanDyke fighting with guerrillas in Libya or Sotloff manning an insurgent machine gun in Syria or Foley only embedding with Islamist guerrillas in Syria or Libya.


U.S-Israeli citizen Steven Sotloff manning a Syrian insurgent machine gun.

After WMR wrote an article about the CIA’s possible use of journalists in covert operations abroad, an overturning of a longtime ban on such practices, this editor was immediately attacked by the Israeli-friendly on-line media. Obviously, a nerve was deeply hit.

As President Obama paves the way for increased U.S. involvement in civil wars that were brought about by American military intervention in both countries, ISIL is being revealed as yet another bogus organization created by the CIA, Mossad, and British intelligence to facilitate continued war and bloodshed within the Arab world.



paranoia, espionage, PsyOps and UFO’s

paranoia, espionage, psychological warfare and UFO’s





This link is to a web page that contains multiple links, information on how to buy or rent the two-disc DVD, four links to information about the four producers, information on the book, seventeen articles or reviews, and a trailer that runs almost three minutes. 


Mirage men: an adventure into paranoia, espionage, psychological warfare and UFO’s,


Mark Pilkington, SkyHorse Publishing (Herman Graf Books), New York 2010.

A book review

(Of interest especially as it dovetails into Marrs’ work on NASA et al

[library book: see photocopies on shelf])


See also Kennedy’s executive order on space


This book jumped off the shelf in my hand at the library, as frequently occurs; the section for new nonfiction books is centrally located in the lobby and I always see what they have to offer. The title alone grabbed my attention. I had to return the book, of course, but made hasty notes and photocopies of some of the content.

The first thing that caught my eye was on page 6, a report of a brief New York Times item dated 14 December 1944 which read: “a new German weapon has made its appearance on the Western air front, it was disclosed today. Airmen of the American Air Force report that they are encountering silver colored [sic] spheres in the air over German territory.” Having been a student in the past of the Battle of the Bulge, I knew that the Nazis had a few earlier production jet aircraft with which they hoped to dominate the skies over the Ardennes forest. People in Europe have been have a greater awareness of what are termed “foo fighters”; these are discussed on pages 6 and 7, along with other UFO sightings in United States including Pilkington’s own sighting over Yosemite, and an early reference to an “American with an intelligence background and interest in the unidentified flying objects told me that they were US mature military reconnaissance drones, perhaps lending weight to the China Lake theory. A psychic who claim to have done “remote viewing” work for the United States government (psychic spying) told me that the spheres were extraterrestrial in origin and were well known to certain government groups.”

I took note of the following quote on page 13: “… creating noise, a surplus of information and bogus documentation–data-chaff known in the business as disinformation–is a favorite technique of the intelligence and counterintelligence agencies.

On page 16 near the bottom, the author offered up a standard response to anxious calls about strange things in the sky: “My standard response was to suggest that the witness keep watching the light until they became too cold or too bored to continue. Then they were to go back outside the same time the following night: if the light was still there then they didn’t need to call me back.”

On page 21, lines 6 and seven: “UFO researchers knew everything about UFO’s except what they are, why they are here, where they come from and who steering them.” One could make fascinating parallels between this and many discussions about 9/11.

The author used what I thought was a powerful phrase when he discussed the beginning of America’s obsession with flying saucers in the summer of 1947 (Kenneth Arnold’s observation of nine fast flying objects near Mount Rainier in Washington state), and makes note that that was the same year in which the US says US Air Force was established as a separate military service, that the OSS was transformed into the CIA, and the Truman Doctrine and the Voice of America became the Cold War’s first acts of ontological aggression.

Almost in the same vein, the author asks a number of pointed questions, in particular about the Roswell incident. The discussion, running across pages 41, 42 and 43, notes the official US Air Force version of events presented in “The Roswell Report: fact versus fiction in the New Mexico desert” (1995), a report which was written by Col. Richard Weaver whose job prior to his retirement at about the same time was as Deputy for Security and Investigative Programs for the United States Air Force. “This meant he was a disinformation specialist and, in the early 1980s, he just happens to have been one of Richard Doty’s superiors at the Office of Special Investigations. [See also http://www.exopolitics.org/Exo-Comment-41.htm ] About a paragraph later, he notes:

“If it wasn’t an unconventional balloon or rocket that crashed, why did Roswell Army Air Force Base transmits a press release that launched a thousand unidentified flying objects? Because a saucer crash was considered an innocuous cover that would effectively mask sensitive experiments? We can be sure that the press release was transmitted with specific intent.… Why would such an lead unit, for which tight secrecy was an everyday reality, put out a press release about something as potentially sensitive as a flying disc or even a secret weather balloon project? Why would they mention the incident at all rather than just thank rat rancher Mac Brazell and ask him to keep his mouth shut as a matter of national security? And if it was an accident, why did base commander Col. William Blanchard, on whose watch the incident took place, and Deb enjoying a highly illustrious career? given the political climate of the time and the press excitement about flying saucers in the weeks following the Arnold sighting, is it possible that the story was deliberately planted? Within the American military there were serious concerns that the flying saucers represented an advanced Soviet technology. perhaps announcing that one had been captured might send ripples back to the Soviets, ripples that could be then traced by the relevant intelligence bodies. Or perhaps the announcement was intended to lure Soviet moles to Roswell or Wright field to find out what was really going on….”

Again, there are fascinating parallels with 9/11.


Pages 42 and 43 has a discussion of the book The Flying Saucer which was published in 1948 and written by British author Bernard Newman, which based on the descriptions in Pilkington’s book, appears to be predictive propaganda (or the aforementioned ontological aggression).

On page 49: “in late 1962 Pres. Kennedy – who, some say, was killed before he could review revealed the truth about UFOs to the American public–authorized a foreign-exchange of cosmic proportions. A team of 12 specially trained humans whose identities were subsequently erased (or “sheep-dipped” as they say in the intelligence business), would return with Ebens [ members of an extra-terrestrial race with whom United States government was communicating regularly] to their planet in a program called Project Crystal Knight.” [Google returns many hits on that term. It is of curious interest and nomenclature given what I have read recently about the presence of Nazis in the US space program.] “Preparations were made for a face-to-face meeting between Eben and human ambassadors and on 24 April 1964 two Eben spacecraft entered Earth’s atmosphere. One of them landed close to Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. A team of senior US government officials boarded the craft and were presented with a holographic device known as the Yellow Book, which contained a complete history of planet Earth. The personnel exchange was agreed for the following year and in July 1965, the human away team entered and even the craft while another ET, nicknamed EBE 2, stayed behind. The ET’s planet, named Serpo By the human visitors, is 38 light years from Earth, in the Zeta Reticuli star system….”

The interviews of those aboard EBE2 at Los Alamos were discussed on page 167; alas, I failed to photocopy that page.


On page 71: “Folklorists have a word for the process whereby folktales bleed into reality; they call it “ostention”. But when these tales are given a kickstart by the intelligence agencies, I think we can simply call it deception.)

An example of the above is presented on page 74 in detail of the aswang [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aswang ], a superstitious belief exploited by Edwin Lansdale’s team in the Philippines to create terror among indigenous and insurgent groups. “Local superstitions were also exploded during the Vietnam war, where the Army’s sixth PSYOPS Battalion regularly broadcast an audio recording called “the wailing soul” through speakers mounted on backpacks or helicopters. Praying on Vietnam ease traditions of the unquiet dead, tape contained a conversation between the little girl and the wandering soul of her dead father, who’d been killed while fighting the Americans. The recording, which made heavy use of urea reverb effects and traditional Vietnamese funeral music, was so effective that also spooked American soldiers patrolling the jungle at night.

Lansdale’s aswang and a wandering soul were just two of the countless psychological deception operations carried out during the hot years of the Cold War. Tom Braden, former head of the international organizations division of the directorate of plans, (now the national clandestine line service), which oversaw most of the CIA’s PSYOPS, covert action and propaganda work, wrote in 1973 that there were “ so many CIA projects at the height of the Cold War that was almost impossible for man to keep them in balance”.

In the fight against communism, maintaining a firm but gentle grasp on hearts and minds at home–the proverbial iron fist inside a velvet glove–was as important as winning them over abroad. Although the National Security Act expressly forbade the CIA from conducting activities on American soil, it seemed to have no trouble finding ways to do so, setting up a veritable empire of false companies–nicknamed “Delaware’s” after the state in which they were registered–and employing “quiet channels”, companies and institutions who were on the right side, to get their people into key positions on newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations, businesses and grassroots organizations across the nation. While the CIA worked on the ground, the bigger picture was shaped by an even more secretive organization, about which little was known until almost 50 years after its dissolution.

The Psychological Strategy Board (PSB) was signed into existence by Harry Truman in 1951, tasked with coordinating psychological operations at home and abroad, and ensuring that America and Americans looked, sounded and thought right. If this sounds Orwellian, then that’s because it was: even the contents of its first strategy paper are still classified, the traces of it can be found referenced in other documents. According to one, the PSP’s role was to develop “a machinery” to promote “the American way of life”, and to counter “doctrines hostile to American objectives”. To do so they would take in open quotes all fields of intellectual interests, from anthropology and artistic creations to sociology and scientific methodology”.

In May 1952, the PSB took over Packet, the CIA’s psychological warfare program, aimed at persuading foreign leaders that the American way was superior to anyone else’s way, particularly the Russians. Maintaining America’s charisma abroad required the control, procurement and production of everything from scholarly “seminars, symposia, special tomes, learned journals [and] libraries,” to church services, comic books, “folksongs, folklore, folktales and itinerant storytellers”. The PSP’s message was broadcast over TV and radio, and from ships and aircraft; even the use of three-dimensional moving images was considered for added realism.”

[Footnotes for the PSB material note two sources: “The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence” by John Marks and Victor Marchetti (1974), and “Who paid the Piper? CIA in the cultural Cold War”, by Francis S Saunders (1999). The footnotes note that the first book “was considered so potentially damaging that 168 sections, including whole pages, were delete it by the CIA before its publication could be authorized. Marchetti resigned from the CIA in 1969. By the end of his 14 year career he had become special assistant to CIA director Richard Helms.”]

The epigraph on page 78:

“Symbols should convey the Line of Persuasion. They must convey a preconceived notion already developed by the deception target… Sport anglers do the same by applying scents, motion, and color to indicate the lure is an easy meal.”


A primer for deception analysis: psychological operations’ target audience analysis,

Lieut. Col. Ricka Stroh and Major Jason Wendell, Iosphere, Fall 2007.

In early 1952 CIA director Walter B Smith [Ike’s World War Two aide-de-camp, “Beetle”] wrote to Raymond Allen, director of the Psychological Strategy Board:

“I am today transmitting to the National Security Council a proposal in which it is concluded that the problems associated with unidentified flying objects appear to have implications for psychological warfare as well as for intelligence and operations. I suggest that we discuss an early board meeting the possible offense of and defense of utilization of these phenomena for psychological warfare purposes.”

On page 84 there is a discussion of psychological warfare and, inside an extended quotation (whose attribution I have lost because I failed the photocopy page 83), there is another interesting note with an eerie parallel to 9/11:

“… At any moment of attack, we are now in a position where we cannot, on instant basis, distinguish hardware from phantom, and as tension mounts we will run the increasing risk of false alerts and the even greater dammit dammit danger of falsely identifying the real as phantom.”

On pages 115-116,: “Believing that the military and the intelligence agencies were behind the entire flying saucer phenomenon struck me as being no less misguided or paranoid than any of the other wild tales circulating within the UFO lore. It seemed clear that the US Air Force, the Navy, the CIA, the NSA and who knows which other members of this cryptic alphabets soup had knowingly deceived the public and, at times, each other, about UFOs. Each had, in their own way, exploded the phenomenon to their own ends and, in doing so, shape the way that the mythology had unraveled. Whether theUFOs were flying overhead, crashing to the ground, hailing us or kidnapping us, there were human fingerprints all over them.”

On pages 116-117: “In 1953 the CIA Robertson Panel had recommended that civilian UFO organizations should be closely monitored (for ‘ monitored’ we can probably read infiltrated), mentioning the aerial phenomenon research organization (APRO) and Civilian Saucer Investigations (CSI) by name. If the wiser members of the UFO community were aware that there were being watched and sometimes interfered with by the government, they tended to believe that it was because they were getting too close to the truth of extraterrestrial visitation. Three decades later, a very different picture of government involvement began to emerge, one that most ufologists, perhaps understandably, chose to it nor. It all hinged on ufology’s first whistleblower, a heroic researcher turned traitor and pariah: enter William Moore.

Bill Moore was one of the most respected players in the field. He’d been largely responsible for digging up the Roswell story after four years 40 years of obscurity, and his best-selling book the Roswell incident had contributed to the fields increasingly presentable public image. But that by the time of his presentation at the 1989 mutual UFO network (MUFON) conference at the Aladdin casino hotel in Las Vegas, the UFO community was in total disarray: the conference reflected what was, essentially, a Civil War. As the relatively sober minded official MUFON event took place at the Aladdin, a splinter conference was being held nearby at another site. The speakers here advocated the more extreme, “ Darkside” of the UFO phenomenon, Morning of the successful alien colonization of the planet and a vast government conspiracy to cover it up while providing human genetic material to the extraterrestrials, harvested in terrifying abductions, in exchange for advanced military technologies.”

Pages 126-127 offer up a description of effective psy ops communications tradecraft Involving encoded bits of information transmitted with postcards, untraceable phone numbers, recognition signals, passwords, “the inevitable manila envelope”, etc.

Pages 153-154 offer up a discussion of “the fabled black, silent helicopters of conspiracy lore”, their ARPA genesis, the company who makes them, and their use by domestic police departments, as well as tests at area 51, deployment to Laos, and their return to Edwards AFB for dismantling. The paper trail ended inside a CIA front organization, and the author states that “the technology for such a craft was fully functional by late 1972 ….”

Page 159 contained a good description of “set dressing”, an old example of whihc was the use of rubber tanks in the UK to deceive Germany about the site of the D-Day landings.

Page 178 has a good breakdown of the sub-agencies involved in Air Force PsyOps under AFOSI (Air Force Office of Special Investigations) which include electronic warfare operations (EW Ops), network warfare operations (NW Ops), and influence operations (IFO). Influence operations include “military deception (MILDEC), operations security (OPSEC), psychological operations (PSYOP), counterintelligence (CI), public affairs operations (PA), and counter propaganda”.

On page 179, there is (again with an eerie parallel to 9/11) a description of a project which served to focus and divide the UFO community, creating a wall of noise around the subjects that made serious research difficult; many people who might want to take the subject seriously were dissuaded from doing so.” On page 186 is a discussion among several people of digital trickery and special effects.

The epigraph at the top of chapter 12 reads as follows:

“The purpose is… conditioning of billions of human minds, through direct access to their television screens… whoever controls information governs the world… the message is no longer obvious; instead it is impressively seductive.”

Lofti Maherzi, Algerie Actualite, 13-19 March 1985

On page 193-194: “Back in 1953 the CIA’s Robertson panel had recommended that a ‘broad educational program’ should be put in place to “strip the unidentified flying objects of the special status they have been given in the aura of mystery they have unfortunately required”. Among the companies named to work on these educational programs was Walt Disney Incorporated and according to one of its lead animators, two years later this is exactly what happened. Ward Kimball was one of Walt Disney’s inner circle of animators and designers. He created Jiminy Cricket for Pinocchio and the crows in Dumbo, and won Oscars for two of his Disney shorts. In the mid-1850s Kimball wrote in directed three TV specials featuring the German rocket scientist Werhner von Braun…. Ward Kimball was also a keen UFO enthusiast and remained one throughout his life. In 1979 he made an unscheduled appearance at the Mutual UFO Network’s annual conference, where he told the audience that in 1955 the US Air Force had approached Walt Disney with suggestions of making a documentary film aboutUFOs. the Air Force promised to supply Disney with real UFO footage, and Disney said his animators to work designing a leading characters to appear in it. The Air Force never delivered on the UFO footage, leaving Disney to cancel the project, although some of the aliens appeared in a 15 min. film about UFOs that was never publicly shown. [Emphasis mine.] Page 262 mentions some Masonic symbolism at Disney World in California.

Page 195-196 have a description of holography. “Allan Sandler was treated to a particularly impressive holographic demonstration in a screening room with a small stage at one end. The curtains parted and a man walked onto the stage to introduce the Pentagon’s new, state-of-the-art holographic projection technology. All of a sudden, a small bird flew out from the wings and landed on the man’s shoulder; he smiled and both of them disappeared. They were the demonstration.”

Chapters 13, 14 and 15 ought to be presented in their entirety; the latter two are the meat and potatoes of the book, “where the dog died”, but available space, cash, and pertinent copyright laws prevent me from presenting them here; perhaps Mr. Pilkington should be invited to participate in the Deep Politics Forum. In chapter 16, he addresses the allegation that he was himself working for MI6 while he conducted his research. Page 260 mentions a UFO museum, perhaps not unlike the one on the sixth floor in Dallas, to further bake and salt an “epistemological pretzel”.

On page 272: “In The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence Victor Marchetti and John Marks discussed the problem of “emotional attachment”, which because particularly acute for agents working in special operations. They describe a team in the late 50s training Tibetans loyal to the Dalai Lama for an uprising to reclaim their country from the Chinese, a mission that was fundamentally hopeless and led to many deaths. Several of the CIA trainers later adopted the prayers and beliefs of their charges. Emotional attachment, they note, is particularly prevalent in special operations, whose officers “often have a deep psychological need to belong and believe. This, coupled with the dangers and hardships they willingly endure, tends to drive them to support extreme causes and seek unattainable goals.

Is this how it happens? Is there something so deeply appealing, so deeply right about the UFO, about the idea of saviors from outer space, of technological age of Angels, of our future time traveling selves, that it also infects everybody that comes in contact with? Do we need to believe that someone else out there can save us, or least give us hope that we, as a species, as a planet, can survive the Pope actual chaos of life on earth?…” The author notes that “when carriers … get into corridors of power, as they sometimes do, then there’s every possibility that their infection… might spread. And from there it wouldn’t take much for the contagion to get dangerously out of hand.”

Finally on page 274, Pilkington suggests that the entire thing is “enough to make Sherlock Holmes unplug his modem”.



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