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The United States and the global status quo are rapidly approaching a breaking point. Viewed from the scale of history we’re milliseconds away. 







After I finish the book I’m working on, which should occupy a major chunk of the fall and perhaps into the winter, I’m going to undertake another project.  I‘d like to squeeze in some serious landscape photography with my Canon and I may do a wee bit next week (see above), but that’s not the project I’m talking about.  
What I’m talking about is a variant on having a “bucket list”; I think everyone knows what a “bucket list” is.  I’m not sure if that term translates well across the many languages and dialects of the world, so a simple explanation is that a bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket. Before you die. 
I’m pretty close to kicking the bucket, so such a list might be important to me, but it’s not; I’m broke, and not in the best of health, so accomplishing things like jumping out of airplanes, or driving the Nurburging, or touring exotic places, is not going to happen. 
So I’m going to go it one better. 
When we die, we get re-incarnated, at least according to some belief systems. I think it’s pretty clear: people have been writing about it for millennia.  This is not going to be a debate about or an exploration of reincarnation, though that might make a good blog entry. There are countless theories and approaches.  
I think the formula E=mc squared encapsulates it pretty well. 
But the problem is that when we get reincarnated, we forget everything we learned on this go-around.
I don’t know about you, but some of my learning has come at a large and/or painful price, so I’d like to retain it. 
So I’m going to be working on a system that will enable us to miniaturize a package that we take with us on that journey into the next cycle.   
Think of it like a 128 gigabyte thumb drive buried deep in your soul, one that’s filled with learnings but also with yearnings, or things you learned about yourself, your seats of excellence, your passions, what enchants you, those things that complete you, those things you were unable to get to do this time around.  Here I’m not talking about mundane things but those things of great meaning and power, ways of serving people, nuances of love, nuggets of understanding, insights which you will further evolve and build on.  
When you get to your new destination (after you unpack, figure out who’s in charge, where your meals are coming from, and what the first phase of your development is going to be), you can plug in your thumb drive.  You will have to ask for help. Undoubtedly, there’ll be a whole new operating system and programming language and there will be lots of things to learn. 
You will have to dust off the cobwebs (someone wiped off the placental fluid), and you will probably have a wide-eyed gaze of awe and incomprehension for some time, and it’s my understanding that there is but a short window of only a few years in which you can recall things you brought with you on your thumb drive. 


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For me, such things would include the desire to learn to play a musical instrument.  I came close this time; if I had had an earlier start…  I had a fascination with architecture that never went anywhere.  I could have been a restaurateur, or learned more about healing. I’d do a top-flight jazz brunch where people could convene.  It’s all about presentation to the senses of your guest and your Beloved.
I’d get someone who was proficient with psychological testing and multiple intelligences to befriend my parents.  I’d get them a copy of Summon The Magic (the revamped and updated edition). 
I’d make sure I had a lot of opportunity for physical exercise, free play, outdoor exploration, hiking, etc.
I’d make sure my parents arranged for my education in interpersonal communication, long-term enrollment in aikido, and more. 
The techniques for accomplishing this feat of metempsychotic legerdemain have yet to be worked out.  I’d start with a list, of course, but that’s only the start (and would need to be revised and flexible). The process would almost certainly involve some very intense meditation, repeated visualization, mental telepathy, remote viewing, astral projection and more. There are people in the world who practice and teach such things, and there are people in the world who are working on teleportation and time travel. 
Is it possible? Who knows? I’m still agnostic about extra-terrestrials. 
Those whose goal is a totalitarian police state insist on pushing these boundaries. 
Shouldn’t people who love life do the same?
This isn’t about learning how to talk to the dead. 
It’s about learning how to talk to the living.