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running through walls

 running through walls

“… People are waking up and swimming to the surface through layers of deception. They’re returning to themselves. They’re recognizing group-ism for what it is: a meltdown into self-sabotage. The artifact is the collective. The self is real. Power, choice, and freedom never go away. They may hide, but they can be resurrected. Then the whole fake game crumbles.”






A.I. Will Eliminate Millions of Jobs. Time to Prepare. | RealClearScience

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

A useful overview of artificial intelligence.

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By Georgios Petropoulos, a resident fellow at Brugel with extensive research experience from among other things, holding visiting positions at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Banque de France in Paris and the research department of Hewlett-Packard in Palo Alto. Originally published at Bruegel


As new technologies yield humans with much longer battery lives, killer apps and godlike superpowers, within the next six decades, if Harari is right, even the finest human specimens of 2017 will in hindsight seem like flip phones.

How Upgrading Humans will become the next Billion-dollar Industry 

Market Watch | 08 April 017




‘For the first time in history it will be possible to translate economic inequality into biological inequality.’



Daniel Siegel, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UCLA, speaks on 

“Interpersonal Connection, Self-Awareness and Well-Being: The Art and Science of Integration in the Promotion of Health”



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I find it bewildering that a brilliant mind like Dr Siegel is sharing scientific information that has such transformative implications for health and well being is speaking to an audience where a large percentage of members are multi-tasking on their laptops instead of paying focused attention.




The Feynmann Technique




Feynmann on curiosity




Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

Simon Sinek has a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership — starting with a golden circle and the question “Why?”

His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers …

Includes 17 minute TED video.


His books include Start with Why and Leaders Eat Last.






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I received via US Postal Service (so thus duly recorded by The Borg inside the Beltway) a copy of “American War Machine” by Peter Dale Scott (https://rowman.com/ISBN/9780742555945 ), much of which has already been published on the World Wide Web, as he notes in the section entitled “Acknowledgements”.  It will take its place on my bookshelf next to other similar tomes by this pre-eminent practitioner of deep state research, next to David Ray Griffin, James Douglass and their brethren in spirit (after I am done reading it). I’m just about to turn the page to page 1. 

But the Sharpie yellow accent tool leaped off the desk before I could turn the page:

“At eighty-one, I do not expect to write another as long and as complex as this one. But I feel a great sense of gratitude for the number of young people doing similar research in these areas. This allows me to feel confident that, no matter what hapens ot America’s government, the search for truth is currently flourishing — and will, I believe, continue to gain in strength.”

The world owes a huge debt of gratitude to Peter Dale Scott and no one will ever measure up to his stature and standard, but they use to say that about Lou Gehrig. Scott’s accomplishment will only spur someone like you. 





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Levaquin Hamburg-er




New Jason Bourne movie trailer








Find a mentor.

If you can’t find one…

find two or three.

Adam Marelli 









Renowned artist Doug Auld joins James on this edition to discuss the social and political dimensions of his life’s work. Auld’s most recent and controversial collection, Those Who Blew the Whistle (2016), consists of 50 unique portraits of “people willing to bring upon themselves enormous controversy and upheaval for seemingly little to no reward.”

More, along with artwork and the podcast, at the link:





Speaking of art (in this case at the intersection of automotive engineering and history), here is the daily Hemmings.com newsletter for Friday April 22nd, 2016.







Have we gone stark-raving nuts?”, Presidential wannabe Cruz said in reference to a matter which got Curt Schilling fired, Twitter glowing red-hot, and numerous LGBT groups promising to boycott North Carolina.

Cruz, who is not without his own pecadilloes (they are very difficult to avoid if one is human), spoke in a form of Newspeak and perhaps could have said “Have we gone stark-raving nut-less?”, or perhaps “Have we lost our political cojones?”, our right to speak out.

We live in a world driven by social engineering, sound bites, the Tavistock model, and the political and financial whims of a cult of people who own their fealty to “science”, their own warped sense of the right to exert power in a vaccum, and Lucifer. [I’ve already pointed out where you can do your own research or follow that which has been already completed and published.] Thus it is difficult to express something sane and appropriate in an atmosphere this pre-poisoned, but let me give it a whack:


We need to preserve the personal safety, sanctity and sovereignty of everyone from the moment of conception until sometime well after they have passed on from this fleshy existence into the plane of the unknown.


Personal safety concerns don’t require much exposition. You know what I mean if you have ever been assaulted verbally, physically or sexually. The “right to carry” comes in here (thus setting off another controversy) but let’s not go there yet.

Let’s start at the moment of conception and work backwards for a moment. There is a great debate about whether the fetus has riights — Killary suggests that the Constitution does not recognize the legal rights of the marriage of sperm and egg (and legal rights often don’t honor the deeply spiritual)— but there are plenty of people who were conscious, mindful, and prayerful as they set about the work of creating a clone of themselves.

My God, there’s a lot wrapped up in that moment, no?

You bring to that moment all that you are and hope to be and merge it with the hopes, the past and the future of someone whom you regard highly, respect and love deeply. Lots of people don’t take that approach, but that’s their loss.

Perhaps you live in a way that suggests that such monentsm attitudes or mindfulness is disposable trash. If you are doing things like war, contamination, social and personal degradation, fighting over political control, etc., odds are that you already have a throw-away mentality. If you can’t encounter yourself amid the mysteries, joys and terrors of life, how can you encounter another human being?

Reading some of the writings of and about Jesus and Mary Magdalene that didn’t make it past the Nicean edit, or having experienced the moment of mystical union, the unwinding and re-winding of the coils of ancient and future cellular-level matter [find a copy of Quantum Healing: Exploring the Frontiers of Mind/Body Medicine, Deepak Chopra, M.D., Bantam New Age Books, 1989]….

“When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside, and the above like the below, and when you make the female and the male one and the same, then you shall enter the Kingdom.” #22, Gospel According to Thomas

you may then be blessed with the opportunity to watch h/she whom you have created — in your moment of passion and deep, mindful love and spiritual awareness — grow up and evolve.

You are now charged with the education and training of said soul — though the laws may require that you cede much of that to others, you need not give up your self or that role — including especially the training and education in how to protect one’s own safety, sanctity and sovereignty. [Though it was not available to me, nor had I experienced and understood enough early on to make it a committed discipline for my children, I heartily recommend enrollment in a right and proper dojo with an aikido sensei or master. [Consult the bibliography of my e-book “Summon The Magic”.]

[By the way, did you know that, because that content is now encased in pdf format, you can freely alter the size of its appearance for reading ease?  Moreover, and this is a blessing for me because I no longer have to consider the fact that the entirety ought to have an index, a search function is built into each pdf. Thank you, Lord, for the grace of surviving long enough to buy an iMac and learn how to use it.]

So you are busy preserving the personal security, sanctity and sovereignty of your own flesh and blood….

Doesn’t it follow that you must necessarily act to preserve the personal security, sanctity and sovereignty of all children?